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Приключения Пиноккио.

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At that moment the showman came in. He was
a very big man. His beard was as black as ink.
His mouth was big and round like a ball. His eyes
were like two big red plates. He had a big whip
in his hand. The puppets were very frightened.

“What is all this noise?” he cried.

“Please, please, sir!” said Pinocchio. “I am
sorry! It wasn’t me...”

“Stop talking! We’ll talk to you after the show,”
said the showman.

After the show he said to Harlequin and Punchinello:

“Bring that puppet into the kitchen. I’ll put
him on the fire and make a good dinner."

The puppets brought Pinocchio to the kitchen.

“Papa, oh, Papa, come, oh, come, and save your
Pinocchio!” he cried. “I don’t want to bum. I don’t
want to burn in the fire!”

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