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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Pinocchio walked and walked and suddenly he
saw a little table with a lamp on it. There was a
little old man at the table. The old man was Geppetto, Pinocchio’s father. Pinocchio was so happy
that he wanted to laugh, and he wanted to cry at
the same time. He ran up to the table and kissed
the old man.

“Oh, my dear Papal I’m with you at last! Now
we’ll always be together, always, always!”

“Oh, are you really my dear Pinocchio?” said
the little old man.

“Yes, yes, I am Pinocchio, really Pinocchio!
And you are not angry with me. Oh, my dear Papa, how good you are!”

Then Pinocchio began to tell his story. And
Geppetto said:

“I saw you too when I was on the sea. But I
could not come back. Then the big Dogfish swallowed me. It was two years ago.”

“But how could you live here all that time?“
asked Pinocchio. “What do you eat here? Where
did you get the lamp?"

“I’ll tell you everything,” answered Geppetto.
“On the day when the Dogfish swallowed me, he
swallowed a big ship, too. There were many things
in it: meat and chickens, sugar and sweets. I am
not hungry."

“But, dear Papa,” said Pinocchio, “now we
must get out of here."

“We must go through the mouth of the Dogfish,
jump into the sea, and swim away.”

“You talk well, my dear Pinocchio, but I can’t
“I am a good swimmer,” said Pinocchio. “You
can get on my back.”

They began to walk back. At last they came to
the mouth of the Dogfish. It was open, because
the Dogfish was asleep, and he always slept with
his mouth open. “This is a good time to run away,”
said Geppetto. They began to walk down the great
tongue of the Dogfish. When they came to the end
of it, the puppet said to his father:
“Get on my back and put your arms round my

Pinocchio jumped into the water with his father on his back and began to swim. He swam
and swam and at last they came home.

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