«I’ve always wanted to ask my cat - does fish taste better on a carpet than in a dish?» - Всё время хочу спросить своего кота - рыба на паласе вкуснее, чем в миске?
 Wednesday [ʹwenzdı] , 08 December [dıʹsembə] 2021

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Приключения Пиноккио.

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In the morning they came to Boobie-land. The
old man stopped his donkeys, and the boys got out
of the carts. Only boys lived in the country, The
oldest were fourteen and the youngest were seven
or eight years old. They made a great noise in
the streets. They sang and danced. Some boys
played the drums; others ran up and down. Some
walked on their hands with their feet in the air;
other boys laughed and jumped. In every street
there were theatres, and boys could stay there all
day. On the walls of the houses Pinocchio saw the
words: “Long live playgrounds! Down with
arithmetic. down with schools!”

Pinocchio soon made friends with everybody. He was so happy!

So the hours, the days, the weeks and the months

Five months passed, and the happy days of the
puppet were over.

“How?” my readers will ask me. I’ll tell you at
once, my little readers.

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