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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Pinocchio jumped into the water again. He
swam and swam. Suddenly he saw an island in
front of him and a cave.

“I’ll go into the cave,” he thought. But suddenly something carried him up into the air. He was
in a great net in which there were very many

Then a fisherman came out of the cave. There
was green grass on his head. His face was green,
and his eyes were green. His long beard was green

He pulled his net out of the sea and cried:

“I’ll have a nice dinner of fish today.”

“I’m so glad that I’m not a fish,” thought Pinocchio.

The fisherman carried the net with the fish into the cave. It was dark in the cave. In the middle
of the cave Pinocchio saw a large fire. There was
a frying-pan on the fire.

“Now we’ll see what fish we have!” said the
green fisherman. He put his hand into the net and
pulled out some fish. Then he pulled out Pinocchio.

“What is this?” he cried. “A fish?”

“I’m a puppet!” said Pinocchio.

“A puppet?” said the fisherman. “That’s a new
fish. I’ll eat you and see if you are a good

“Eat me? But I’m not a fish. I can talk like

“Very well. Then you are a fish which can
talk. I’ll put you in the frying-pan with the other

Poor Pinocchio began to cry. The fisherman
took some fish and threw them into the frying-pan.
Pinocchio couldn’t speak, he was so frightened.
The green fisherman took him by the head and...

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