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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Geppetto lived in a small room. There were not
many things in it. He had only one chair, a bed
and an old table.

He put the piece of wood on the table, then he
took a knife and began to make his puppet.

“What name shall I give him?” he said. “I
think I’ll give him the name of Pinocchio. It
is a very nice name.”

At first Geppetto made the puppet’s hair. Then
he made his head and then his eyes.

When the eyes were ready, they looked at Geppetto. Then he began to make the nose. Suddenly
the nose began to grow. And it grew, and grew,
and grew. It became a very, very long nose. He
cut the nose off, but it grew again. He cut it off
again, and it grew again.

“This puppet wants a long nose,” he said. Then
he began to make the mouth. When the puppet’s
mouth was ready, it began to laugh at him.

“Stop it!” said Geppetto. But the mouth
laughed and laughed.

“Stop it, I say!” cried Geppetto. The mouth
stopped laughing, but the puppet put out its
tongue. The tongue was very long

Geppetto worked and worked. When the face
was ready, he made the body, then the arms and
the hands. .

Suddenly somebody took Geppetto’s cap off his
head, He looked round and what did he see? He
saw his cap on the puppet’s head.

“Pinocchio! Give me back my cap, do you hear

But the cap was on Pinocchio’s head, and he
didn’t want to give it back to his father Geppetto.
Geppetto was very angry with him, but he could
do nothing. So he began to make the puppet’s

When the puppet’s legs and feet were ready,
Pinocchio hit his father on the nose with his foot.

“You are a very bad boy!” said Geppetto to
him. “You are very, very bad!”

Then Geppetto began to teach him to walk. He
showed him how to put one foot before the other.

Soon Pinocchio began first to walk and then
to run round the room. Then he jumped into the
street through the window and ran away from his
father Geppetto.

Geppetto ran after him.

“Stop him, stop him!” cried Geppetto. But it
was too late. Pinocchio ran too fast.

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