«Never be afraid to appear too decent to someone.» - Никовда не бойтесь показаться слишком порядочным
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Приключения Пиноккио.

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After this the boys caught a big dog. They
pulled him to the place where Pinocchio was and
cried: “Catch him, catch him!” And the dog ran
after Pinocchio. Pinocchio ran away.

The dog was very, very big; Pinocchio was
frightened and ran to the sea.

He could hear the dog behind him. The sea was
near. The puppet jumped — one, two, three — and
fell into the water. The dog couldn’t stop and ran
into the water. But the dog couldn’t swim well.
Soon his head went under the water.

When it came up, the dog cried:

“Help! Help! Save me, Pinocchio!”

The puppet was sorry for the dog, so he said:
“All right, I’ll save you. But you mustn’t run
after me.”

“I won’t run after you, but be quick, Pinocchio!”

The puppet caught the dog’s tail with his hands
and pulled him out of the water.

“Good-bye, Alidoro!” cried Pinocchio.

“Good-bye, Pinocchio!” cried the dog. “Thank
you very much. You saved my life. I won’t forget

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