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Приключения Пиноккио.

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When they came to the sea, Pinocchio saw no

“Where is the Dogfish?” he asked.

"He is busy,” said one of the boys.

The boys all laughed. Pinocchio was angry and

“Why did you tell me this story about the Dogfish?"

“We don’t like boys who like to go to school.”
Pinocchio was very angry with the boys. And
soon they began to fight with him. They threw
their note-books and school-books at him. But Pinocchio was very quick: the books all fell into
the sea.

Suddenly one book hit a boy’s head, and he
fell down on the ground.

“He is dead!” cried the other boys and ran

Poor Pinocchio stayed with his schoolmate. He

“Open your eyes and look at me! Why don’t you
answer? I didn’t do it! I didn’t hit you! What shall
I do now? Why did I listen to my bad schoolmates? The teacher and my Mamma often said to
me: ‘Don’t make friends with bad boys!’ But I didn’t listen to them. What shall I do now?”

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