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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Pinocchio wanted to help his father, so he swam
all night. In the morning he saw an island in the
sea. He swam to the island. The sun was bright
and the sky was blue. The puppet put his clothes
in the sun: he wanted to dry them. Then he began
to look at the sea. Where was the little boat? He
looked and looked but could see nothing—only
the blue sky and the blue sea. There was no little
boat with a little man in it. He began to cry. But
at that moment he saw a big fish in the sea.

“Are there any towns on this island, sir Fish?” asked Pinocchio.

“Yes, there are," answered the Fish. “You’ll
find a town not far from here.”

“And how can I get there?”

“You must go to your left.”

“You swim about the sea all day and all night.
Didn’t you see a little boat with my Papa in it

“I think the Dogfish ate him up last night," said the Fish.

“Is the Dogfish very big?” asked Pinocchio.

“Big! He is as big as a house!”

“Oh!” cried the poor puppet. Then he put on
his clothes quickly and said:

“Good-bye, sir Fish, thank you very much.”

He went to the left and soon came to a little
town. There were many people in the town. They
were all very busy. Everybody was at work.

“Oh!" said lazy Pinocchio at once. “I see that
this town is not for me. I don’t like to work.”

But he was very hungry. How could he get
some food? He could ask for a little work or he
could beg. But his father always said to him, “It
is very bad to beg, everybody must work.”

Then Pinocchio saw a man with a small cart.
Pinocchio went up to him and said:

“Will you give me some money? I’m very

Help me to pull this cart, and I’ll give you
some money. It isn’t very heavy,” said the man.
“Oh, no! I won’t do the work of a donkey!"
cried the puppet.

“Then, my boy,” said the man, “if you are so
hungry, eat your laziness.”

Pinocchio begged and begged, but the people
all said:

“How can you beg? Go and look for work!”

At last he saw a nice little girl with two jugs
of water.

“Will you give me some water to drink?” asked

“Drink, my boy, if you want to!” said the girl.

Pinocchio drank some water. Then he said:

“Thank you, I don’t want to drink now, but
I’m so hungry.”

The girl said at once:

“Help me to carry home these two jugs of water, and I'll give you a piece of bread.”

Pinocchio looked at the jugs and didn’t answer.

“Then you’ll have some nice soup,” said the
kind girl.

Pinocchio looked at the jugs again, but said

“And after the soup I’ll give you some nice

When Pinocchio heard this, he cried:

“I’ll carry the jugs to your house!”

The jugs were heavy, so the puppet carried
them on his head.

They went into the house. Pinocchio sat down
at a small table, and the girl put bread, soup and
sweets in front of him.

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