«Don’t follow me, I’ve lost my way!» - He едь за мной, я заблудился!
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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Pinocchio cried and cried over his nose, and
he cried because he could not go through the door
of the room.

The Child with the Blue Hair made Pinocchio’s
nose grow longer, because she wanted to teach
him a good lesson. Children mustn’t tell lies. But
he cried so much that she was sorry for him. She
asked a large bird to come and help Pinocchio.
The bird came and began to work at Pinocchio’s
nose. Soon it was the same as it was before.

“What a good Fairy you are!" said the puppet.
“I like you so much!"

“I like you, tool” answered the Fairy. “Stay
with me! You’ll be my playmate, my little brother,
and I’ll be your little sister"

“But my poor Papa?”

“He’ll be here today.”

“Oh!" cried Pinocchio and jumped up. “Little
Fairy, may I go and meet him?”

“Yes, go! Go through the forest, and you’ll meet

Pinocchio went into the forest. In front of the Big Tree he stopped, because he saw somebody
behind it. Two figures came out on to the road. And
who were they? His two ‘friends’, the Fox and the

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