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Приключения Пиноккио.

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They walked, and walked, and walked. In the
evening they came to the house of the Red Craw*

“Let us stop here a little,” said the Fox. "We’ll
eat and rest for an hour or two. Then we’ll start
again. We must be in the field early tomorrow

They went into the house and sat down to dinner.

The Cat and the Fox ate very much. But Pinocchio only took a piece of bread. The poor boy
thought about the tree with gold pieces on it and
could not eat.

After dinner the Fox said to the Crawfish:

“Give us two good rooms: one for Pinocchio
and the other for me and my friend. We’ll sleep a
little and then we’ll start.”

Pinocchio got into bed and fell asleep at once. In his sleep he saw a field. A lot of trees grew in
the field. A lot of gold pieces grew on the trees.
He wanted to take those beautiful gold pieces and
put them in his pocket. Then somebody knocked at the door of his room and he opened his

It was the Crawfish. He said:

“It’s time to get up.”

“Are my friends ready?” asked Pinocchio.
“Ready? They went away two hours ago.”
“Why did they go away?”

“Because the Cat’s kitten is ill.”

“And where will my good friends wait for me?”
“At the field, in the morning. They told me to
ask you for the money for your dinner.”

Pinocchio gave the Crawfish one gold piece
for the dinner, said good-bye to him and took the
road to the field.

It was very dark on the road.

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