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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Next morning Pinocchio went out of the house
with the school-book under his arm. He wanted
to go to school.

“At school today I’ll learn to read,” he thought.
"Tomorrow I’ll learn to write. And after that I’ll
learn how to count. When I know how to read,
write and count, I’ll begin to work. I’ll soon have
a lot of money. With my first money I’ll buy a
beautiful new coat for my Papa. He was so kind
to me, he sold his coat and bought a school-book
for me. I’ll be kind to him, too.”

Suddenly Pinocchio heard music at the end of
the street. He stopped and listened.

He didn’t know what to do. “Shall I go to
school, or shall I go and listen to the music?” he

“Today I’ll listen to the music and tomorrow
I’ll go to school,” said the lazy boy.

He came up to a big wooden house. There was
a big placard near the door. There were many
people there. A man read the placard to the people:
"Great Puppet Theatre"

Pinocchio wanted to go to the puppet theatre
but he had no money. How could he get money for
a ticket? He wanted to see the show very much.
He thought and thought. At last he knew what
to do. He sold his school-book to one of the boys
in the street and bought a ticket.

Pinocchio liked Harlequin and Punchinello
very much. He laughed all the time. Suddenly
Harlequin stopped and looked at Pinocchio.

“Is that Pinocchio?” he said to Punchinello.

“Yes, it’s Pinocchio,” cried Punchinello.

“It’s Pinocchio! It’s Pinocchio!” cried all the
puppets. “It’s our brother Pinocchio!”

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