«Master doesn’t teach, he sets up situations.» - Мастер не учит, а создаёт ситуации
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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Звезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активна


At last he found Geppetto’s house. He went in
and closed the door. He was cold and hungry. He
was so hungry that he could not stand. So he sat
down near the warm fireplace. He was very cold,
so he put his feet near the fire. Soon he was warm,
and he fell asleep. But his wooden feet were so
near the fire that they burnt away. Pinocchio felt
nothing; he slept and slept. Suddenly somebody
knocked at the door. Pinocchio opened his eyes.

“Who is there?” asked Pinocchio.

“Me,” answered a voice.

It was Geppetto’s voice.

Pinocchio wanted to jump up and open the
door, but he fell down.

“Open the door!” cried Geppetto from the street.

“Oh, Papa, I can’t,” answered the puppet.

“Why can’t you?”

“Because I have no feet.”

“Open the door, I tell you!” said Geppetto.

“I can’t stand up! Oh, what shall I do? What
shall I do?”

At last Geppetto jumped into the room through
the window. He was very angry at first. But when
he saw his Pinocchio without feet, he was, very
sorry for him. He took him in his arms and kissed

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