«Life is a motion. Some, simply use their brains, others fall on deaf ears.» - Жизнь - это движение. Только кто-то шевелит мозгами, а кто-то хлопает ушами
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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Now I must tell you that Pinocchio’s best friend
was a bad boy. His name was Romeo, but he was
as long and thin as a candlewick, so his friends
called him 'Candlewick’. He was the laziest boy in
the school, but Pinocchio liked him very much.

When Pinocchio came to Candlewick’s house,
he said to him:

“Tomorrow you must come to breakfast at our


“Tomorrow will be a great day for me. I’ll not
be a puppet tomorrow. I’ll become a boy like you
and all the other boys.”

“I am sorry,” said Candlewick, “but I want to
go away!”

“Go away where?”

“Very far, very far, very far away; to Boobieland. Come with me, Pinocchio! That’s the best
country for us boys. There are no schools there!
There are no teachers! There are no books! Nobody
learns in that country. Only think, the autumn
holidays begin on the first of January and are over
on the last day of December. That is the country
for me!”

“But what do the doys do in Boobie-land?”
asked Pinocchio.

“They play games and dance all the time. When
night comes, they go to bed. In the morning they

begin to play and dance again. Will you come with

“No, no, no and again no,” said Pinocchio.
“I must be a good boy. I must go home now. Goodbye, Candlewick!”

“Wait for two minutes, Pinocchio. Think well!
Do you know that there will be more than a hundred of us? An old man will take us all to that
country. He has a lot of donkey carts.”

“I am very sorry, but I can’t go with all the
boys to that great country. I must go home now,”
said Pinocchio,

But he didn't go home. He thought a little and
then asked:

“Do the. holidays there really begin on the first
of January and are they over on the last day of

“Oh, yes, oh, yes!” cried Candlewick.

“Then I’ll go with you to Boobie-land."

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