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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Pinocchio came to the Fairy’s house and
knocked at the door.

He waited and waited. At last a window
opened, and Pinocchio saw a big Snail.

She said to him:

“Who is there at this late hour?”

“Is the Fairy at home?” asked the puppet.
“The Fairy is asleep. But who are you?”
“And who is Pinocchio?”

“The puppet who lives in the Fairy’s house.”
“Oh,” said the Snail. “Wait for me there. I shall
come down and open the door.”

“Be quick! I am very cold!”

“My boy, I am a snail, and snails can’t be

The night was very bad. It rained cats and
dogs? Poor Pinocchio was very cold and wet. He
waited an hour for the Snail, then two hours. He
waited all night. Only in the morning the Snail
opened the door.

“The Fairy is asleep,” she said.

“I am so hungry,” cried Pinocchio. “Bring me
something to eat!”

“At once,” said the Snail.

Pinocchio waited three hours for the Snail. At
last she came back with a gold plate on her head.
There was bread, a chicken and four apples on the

“This is your breakfast,” she said.

The puppet was very glad to see these good
things. He began to eat.

Suddenly the Fairy came into the room.

'You were a bad boy again,” the Fairy said.
“But I think it will be the last time.”

“I’m very sorry," said Pinocchio. “I’ll be a good
boy and I’ll learn well.”

The Fairy was very glad.

At the end of the year she said to Pinocchio:

“Tomorrow you won’t be a wooden puppet, you
will be a boy! Tell your schoolmates to come here
tomorrow. They will have breakfast in our house,
I’ll make two hundred cups of milk. I’ll buy a hundred cakes and five hundred sweets. We’ll sing,
dance and play!”

Pinocchio was very happy, but there is always
a ‘but'.

Then the Fairy said to Pinocchio:

“Now go and ask your schoolmates to come
for breakfast tomorrow. Come back home at once.”

“I’ll be back very soon,” answered the puppet.

Pinocchio said good-bye to his good Fairy and
went out of the house.

When Pinocchio’s friends heard about the cakes
and sweets, they all said:

“We’ll come tomorrow, thank you very much!”

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