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Приключения Пиноккио.

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Pinocchio saw a small house and an old man
in front of it.

“Tell me, good man, do you know anything
about the poor boy that another boy hit and who
fell down?” asked Pinocchio.

“A fisherman brought him to the house, and
now...” answered the man.

“And now is he dead?”

“No, he is alive, he went home.”

Pinocchio was so happy that he began to jump
and dance. Then he asked the old man:

“Do you know who hit the boy?"

“One of his schoolmates—Pinocchio...”

“And who is this Pinocchio?” asked the puppet.

“He is a bad boy. Do you know him?”

“A little,” answered the puppet.

“And what do, you think of him?” asked the
old man.

“I think that he is a very good boy. He wants
to learn, he listens to his father.”

When the puppet told all these lies, his nose began to grow. Then he cried:

“Good man, I told you a lie. I know Pinocchio
very well. He is a very bad boy. He is lazy. He
doesn’t listen to anybody. He doesn’t go to school.
He goes away with his schoolmates and plays?

At that moment his nose became the same as it
was before.

“Now I’ll go to my good little Fairy," he thought.

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