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Приключения Пиноккио.

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The next day Pinocchio went to school. The
schoolboys began to laugh at him. They laughed
at him all the time.

But one day Pinocchio hit one of them. After
that they all began to like him and made friends
with him.

And the teacher liked him, too, because Pinocchio always did his homework.

But some of his friends didn’t like to learn.
They were lazy boys.

The good Fairy often said to Pinocchio:

"They are bad schoolmates. They will do something bad to you.”

Pinocchio only laughed.

One day on his way to school, he met some of
his schoolmates. They came up to him and said:

“There is a big Dogfish in the sea, not far from
here. We want to see him. Will you come with

"No, I want to go to school.”

“We can go to school tomorrow.”

“But what will the teacher say?”

“The teacher will say what he likes.”

“And my Mamma?”

“Mammas know nothing,” answered those bad
little boys.

“I’ll go and see the Dogfish after school.”

“Do you think that the Dogfish will wait for
you?” said one of the boys.

“How far is it from here to the sea?” asked the

“We can go there and be back very quickly.”

“Then let’s go!” cried Pinocchio.

And the boys with their books and note-books
under their arms ran to the sea.

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