«Sawdust is in my head - that’s Ok! Blondes are made of that - yeah, yeah, yeah!» - В голове моей опилки - не беда! Так устроены блондинки - да, да, да!))
 Monday [ʹmʌndı] , 17 January [ʹdʒænjʋ(ə)rı] 2022

Большой англо-русско-английский словарь

транскрипция, произношение, примеры употребления, фразеологизмы,синонимы и антонимы

  • Личные имена (about some 7,000 names) (EN)


    Aimée f.

    French: originally a vernacular nickname meaning ‘beloved’, from the past participle of French aimer to love (Latin amãre; cf. AMY). It has been in use, although never very common, since the Middle Ages. It is now also sometimes used, with or without the accent, as a given name in the English-speaking world.

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