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    Agatha f.

    English: Latinized version of the Greek name Agathē, from the feminine form of the adjective agathos good, honourable. This was the name of a Christian saint popular in the Middle Ages; she was a Sicilian martyr of the 3rd century who suffered the fate of having her breasts cut off. According to the traditional iconography, she is depicted holding them on a platter. In some versions they look more like loaves, leading to the custom of blessing bread on her feast day (5 February). The name was revived in the 19th century, but has faded again since.

    Cognates: French, German: Agathe. Italian, Scandinavian, Polish: Agata. Spanish: Águeda. Czech: Agáta. Hungarian: Ágota. Norwegian also: Ågot. Swedish also: Agda.

    Pet form: English: Aggie.

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