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Содержит слово: up

Фразы, идиомы, фразовые глаголы, сленг , примеры предложений

Идиоматические выражения,фразы

a mark-up 1. накрутка (торговая наценка)
The cost is increased by the sales mark-up.
a pick-me-up 1. встряска (бодрящий напиток)
I needed a pick-me-up so I stopped at a bar on my way home.
a put-up job 1. подстава
Don't you see? It was a put-up job to discredit me. I know nothing about the stolen money.
a send-up 1. пародия; пасквиль
The play is a send-up of the 18th-century monarchy.
a slap-up meal 1. пир горой
The retiring chairman was given a slap-up meal on his last day at the firm.
all dressed up and/with nowhere to go 1. как дурак с чистой шеей (остаться ни с чем)
Rob rang up and said he had to work late, so there I was all dressed up with nowhere to go.
fed up to the back teeth (informal) 1. сыт по горло
I'm fed up to the back teeth with this routine work. I need a challenge.
mutton dressed (up) as lamb (derog) 1. молодиться (в одежде)
Do you think this skirt is too short? I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.
rub smb (up) the wrong way 1. гладить против шерсти (раздражать)
He's always rubbing me (up) the wrong way.
bang-up (adj inf) 1. потрясный; шикарный: балдежный
John did a bang-up job painting the house. We had a bang-up time at your bash.
bark up the wrong tree 1. обратиться не по адресу
You're barking up the wrong tree if you think you will be able to influence the judge.
blow up in smb's face 1. лопнуть как мыльный пузырь
The government's attempts at reform have blown up in its face, with demonstrations taking place aII over the country. The thief's plan to rob the bank blew up in
bottoms up (informal) 1. пей до дна!
Bill raised his glass of wine and said, "Bottoms up!"
bring up the rear 1. плестись в хвосте; замыкать шествие
Hurry up, Tom! Why are you always bringing up the rear?
buttoned-up (Am) 1. замкнутый; официальный; «застегнутый на все пуговицы»
The American lawyers were more open, less buttoned-up than their British counterparts.
chalk smth up to experience 1. намотать на ус
There is no point in worrying about losing so much money - you'll just have to chalk it up to experience.
come up in the world 1. выйти в люди; идти в гору; преуспевать
Не has really come up in the world -he now owns a yacht.
dig up dirt on smb 1. копаться/рыться в грязном белье (искать компромат)
No effort is being spared to dig up dirt on the enemy.
get (oneself) worked up 1. «заводиться»
Don't get yourself worked up over his impudence!
get up smb's nose (informal) 1. действовать на нервы; раздражать
To be honest, I prefer not to have to deal with her. She gets up my nose. It's the way he follows me around everywhere - it gets right up my nose.
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