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Фразовые глаголы

add up (inf) 1. сойтись, совпасть,вязаться (по смыслу)
I'm not sure that all this testimony will add up. It all added up, I became aware that Holliday was the thief.
ante up (Am inf) 1. выложить денежки, расплатиться
"I guess I'd better ante up if I want to stay an active member of the Association," Max said. The government anted up $10,000 to send the children's theatre company on tour.
back smb up 1. поддерживать
I'd never complain to the boss unless I was sure my colleagues would back me up. Will you back me up when I tell the story to the police?
back up 1. дать назад/задний ход (въехать задом)
If you want to get your car in that tight space, you'll have to back it up some more. He told her to back up into the garage.
bang up (inf) 1. посадить в тюрьму
He was banged up for 16 years for a murder that he didn't commit.
be cut up (inf) 1. задетый, уязвленный, огорченный
She's really cut up about getting a D in Maths. John was badly cut up when Susie gave him back his ring.
be fed up with smb/smth (inf) 1. сыт по горло
I should think they are getting pretty fed up with him by now. He was fed up with her excuses.
be hung up (on) (inf) 1. зациклиться (помешаться, иметь навязчивую идею)
For years the FBI was hung up on communist spies. The girl is really hung up on that musician.
be keyed up 1. быть на взводе/на нервах/ взвинченным
We can't delay the race too long, the competitors are all keyed up. His anger surprised him: he was more keyed up than he had anticipated.
be laid up 1. свалиться, заболеть
We are working with a skeleton staff at the moment as most our employees are laid up with influenza. The gentleman had been laid up for five days with a bad cold.
be mixed up in smth 1. замешанный, впутанный, втянутый во ч-л
How many more people were mixed up in the shameful harbour matter? Are you going to get mixed up in this gang war the papers are talking about?
be stuck-up (inf) 1. задаваться, заносчиво держаться
Mary is very stuck-up, and will not speak to the poor children in her class.
be up 1. истечь (о времени)
We hired a boat for an hour and when the time was up, we returned it. Hand in your papers, your time is up.
be up against it 1. столкнуться с большими трудностями .
The Welsh rugby team will really be up against it when they take on France next week.
be up to smth 1. затевать, замышлять .
It's very quiet. I bet little Jimmy's up to some mischief again! Where are you going? Are you up to something?
be well up on/in smth 1. подкованный (хорошо знать предмет)
I'm not very well up on ancient Greek history. Ask Dr White, he's well up in children's diseases.
bear up 1. держаться (справляться с горем/трудностями)
How's Mrs Jones bearing up after her husband's tragic death? Jane found it hard to bear up the strain of her father's illness.
beef up (inf) 1. оживить, разбавить, сдобрить, приправить (сделать более интересным)
It's a good lecture, but I suggest you beef it up a bit with a few jokes, humorous comments, personal experiences, etc. They had beefed up the early evening news programme.
2. улучшить, укрепить
We need new young soldiers to beef up the army. The university beefed up the football coaching staff by adding several good men.
blow up (inf) 1. вспылить, взорваться, выйти из себя
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to blow up at you in that way. He blows up every time he sees me. Mother will blow up at you when she finds her best dishes broken.
2. раздувать (преувеличивать значимость)
Тоm has a tendency to blow up his own role in the affair. It was a small thing to happen but the newspapers had blown it up until it seemed important.
3. увеличить фотографию
He blew up the snapshot to a larger size.
bone up (on) (inf) 1. корпеть, зубрить
I'll have to bone up on my Spanish if I'm to pass the language requirements. Carl was boning up for an examination.
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