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Переводчик с транскрипцией.
Правила чтения в английском языке, словообразование. Перевод цифр на английский,с транскрипцией.
Составление русских и английских слов из букв онлайн.
Англо-русский словарь идиом с примерами употребления. Фразовые глаголы с примерами употребления.

Чтение текстов на английском языке со "словарём"

Чтение текстов помогает в изучении английского языка, позволяет расширить словарный запас.
При щелчке на любом слове текста будет показана соответствующая словарная статья, которая поможет в переводе слова.
Кроме этого словарь позволяет прослушать произношение слова и посмотреть его транскрипцию.
Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
орфографический словари русского языка, большие словари синонимов и антонимов русского языка онлайн. (написание и толкование слов; подбор синонимов и антонимов), словари пословиц и поговорок , словари крылатых выражений и фразеологизмов , подбор рифм к словам русского языка

История поиска

Англо-русский и русско-английский словари онлайн с транскрипцией и произношением слов, большим количеством примеров употребления.
Онлайн словарь предоставляет широкие возможности поиска слов с применением шаблонов и знаков подстановки. Кроме основного словаря поиск слов ведется в англо-русском словаре фразеологических и идиоматических выражений, словаре фразовых глаголов. Дается толкование слова по английскому толковому словарю и синонимические ряды из ‘The Oxford Thesaurus An A-Z Dictionary of Synonyms ‘. Приводятся примеры общеупотребительных слов английского языка, полезные для пополнения словарного запаса.

В словарях представлена словарная форма слова
(Существительные представлены в единственном числе
(без артикля для английских слов). Глаголы в форме инфинитива без частицы "to")

Поиск слов,начинающихся,заканчивающихся или содержащих
заданную букву(буквы)
.Для поиска таких слов воспользуйтесь символами
*- заменяет любое количество любых символов и ! - заменяет один любой символ.
Например: x* - все слова начинающиеся на 'x';*al - слова заканчивающиеся на 'al';
x*m - слова начинающиеся на 'x' и заканчивающиеся на 'm'; !!! - все слова из трех букв;
ho*me - слова начинающиеся на 'ho' и заканчиваюшиеся на 'me';
!o!e- слова из четырех букв вторая 'o' , заканчиваются на 'e';
e*u - слова начинающиеся на 'e' и заканчивающиеся на 'u' и т.д.
При нажатии на Например:открываются примеры употребления слова

Написание прописью цифр на английском языке
(с транскрипцией и произношением)

Транскрипция текста.Английские слова русскими буквами

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Список слов, входящих в топ 1000,2000,3000, наиболее употребляемых слов,
согласно Longman Communication 3000 ?,
в разговорном английском: 1-я тыс., 2-я тыс., 3-я тыс., полный список;
в письменном английском: 1-я тыс., 2-я тыс., 3-я тыс., полный список;

Список наиболее употребляемых слов в академических текстах
на английском языке "The Academic Word List"
? (1451 слово)

Список наиболее употребляемых слов в разговорном и письменном
английском языке согласно "New General Service List"
(2818 общеупотребительных слов)

The Oxford 3000 words list.?

Англо-русский синонимический словарь     Англо-русские, русско-английские тематические словари (кулинария,авиа,футбол,экономика,общий,...)

Русские и английские пословицы и поговорки

200 Words of Intermediate TOEFL iBT Vocabulary 1500 Words of Advanced TOEFL iBT Vocabulary

Michael Buckhoff’s TOEFL iBT Exam Vocabulary List.

1500 Words of Advanced TOEFL iBT Vocabulary

Формат статьи
Word, Part of Speech (слово, часть речи)
Word Definition (определение слова)
Sample Sentence (примеры употребления)
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ever present in all places

The Coconut Palm, considered to some as the Tree of Life, is a ubiquitous species to the Pacific Islands.

Ultra cold


marked by an extremely low temperature

To reduce the number of other effects that could create similar signals, physicists shield the detector and keep it ultra cold.



marked by an extremely high rate of speed

A hydroelectric dam is built in mountainous land, where the water will have a steep drop that will build up pressure to keep the turbines turning ultrafast.



situated beyond the visible spectrum at its violet end used of radiation having a wavelength shorter than wavelengths of visible light and longer than those of X rays

Some air pollutants have reduced the capacity of the atmosphere to filter out the sun ‘s harmful ultraviolet radiation.



shared as a view by all of the people concerned, with nobody disagreeing

Adams helped draft the Declaration of Independence, secured its unanimous adoption in Congress, and wrote his wife on July 3,1776, that "the most memorable Epoch in the History of America has begun."



shrubs, small trees, or other vegetation growing beneath the trees in a forest

If fires are always suppressed, dense underbrush soon becomes so abundant that a simple spark can start a fire within minutes.



a member of the freshman or sophomore class in a school or college

Juniors, too, may have their math grades substituted for their test scores, though underclassmen that did not pass will have to retake the exam.



to offer to sell at lower prices than or to work for lower wages than a competitor

Even computer maker Gateway has joined the fray. It undercut competitors last fall with its debut of a $3,000 42-inch plasma TV and promises to have a dozen other plasma, LCD and rear -projection models for sale later this year.



to participate in or partake of personally

Some patients suffering from chronic pain undergo hypnosis, a highly concentrated but relaxed awareness, in which the perception of pain is altered.



arising from or going to the root of the source

Contrary to what is popularly believed, the underlying cause of the Civil War was the issue of state rights.



support, substantiate

Laws forbidding homosexual sex, once universal, now are rare. Those on the books are rarely enforced but underpin other kinds of discrimination, lawyers for two Texas men had argued to the court.



to begin to do something or to set out on something

In 1770, Leopold and Wolfgang undertook a tour through Italy.



without definite or distinctive characteristics

Having undistinguished progeny, Abraham Lincoln was born of humble beginnings



having or causing to have a curved or sinuous form or surface

Sounds waves like other types of frequencies are often transmitted in an undulating manner.



not pleasingly suited to the wearer

Sweaters with stripes are unflattering to the wearer because they can make her look fatter than she actually is.



to be disclosed gradually

The details of the double murder unfolded during the three month trial.



a particular style or other feature that identifies somebody or something as a member of a certain group

The tiny seeds of this tree are well known for their uniformity and consistent weight.



having no earlier parallel or equivalent

Collectively, these frozen archives give scientists unprecedented views of global climate over the eons.



difficult to control, manage, discipline, or govern

Children with autism are not unruly kids who choose not to behave.



not capable of giving support or relief to

Misuse or depletion of the Earth ‘s treasures to meet those needs, for example unsustainable logging, poor farming practices, and overfishing, threatens human life and health around the world.



to make public

In celebration of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art ‘s 15th anniversary on the National Mall, the museum unveiled a major interior redesign of its entrance pavilion on October 3.



to raise the quality of

America ‘s Bicentennial gift from the people of West Germany, the Einstein Planetarium has been upgraded to include a first -of -its -kind, Sky Visiondual digital projection system and six -channel digital surround sound.



to keep from yielding or failing during stress or difficulty

The war had overthrown peace -time standards and ideals, and not even President Woodrow Wilson could uphold them.



relating to materials such as fabric, padding, and springs used to make a soft covering especially of a seat

A cross between fast -food and restaurant dining, the family restaurant, characterized by its soft lights, upholstered booths, and food prepared to order, is the fastest growing phenomenon in the food service industry today.



to raise the spirits of

Accentuating the positive uplifts a worker, which can increase the productivity of a workforce.



standing vertically or straight upward

According to legend, St Francis was observed standing upright in his tomb after his death. Zurbaran attempted to capture the fact that it is a corpse by painting a somewhat frightening face.



an act or instance of rising up, especially a usually localized act of popular violence in defiance usually of an established government: rebellion

In the office, however, a booming subwoofer may trigger an uprising among your coworkers.



overturned completely; to turn or cause to turn from a vertical or horizontal position

Due to the massive wind -driven waves, the ship was upturned, hence causing all on board the ship to drown.



in, to, or toward a higher place, level, or position

The eyes are staring upward and the lips are parted.



refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style

Mark Twain, known for his urbanity and his artistic integrity, developed a love for writing about the South.



to put into action or use

To best utilize a writing center tutor, a student should take a copy of the writing assignment and have a rough draft ready for review.