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Правила чтения в английском языке, словообразование. Перевод цифр на английский,с транскрипцией.
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Чтение текстов на английском языке со "словарём"

Чтение текстов помогает в изучении английского языка, позволяет расширить словарный запас.
При щелчке на любом слове текста будет показана соответствующая словарная статья, которая поможет в переводе слова.
Кроме этого словарь позволяет прослушать произношение слова и посмотреть его транскрипцию.
Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
орфографический словари русского языка, большие словари синонимов и антонимов русского языка онлайн. (написание и толкование слов; подбор синонимов и антонимов), словари пословиц и поговорок , словари крылатых выражений и фразеологизмов , подбор рифм к словам русского языка

История поиска

Англо-русский и русско-английский словари онлайн с транскрипцией и произношением слов, большим количеством примеров употребления.
Онлайн словарь предоставляет широкие возможности поиска слов с применением шаблонов и знаков подстановки. Кроме основного словаря поиск слов ведется в англо-русском словаре фразеологических и идиоматических выражений, словаре фразовых глаголов. Дается толкование слова по английскому толковому словарю и синонимические ряды из ‘The Oxford Thesaurus An A-Z Dictionary of Synonyms ‘. Приводятся примеры общеупотребительных слов английского языка, полезные для пополнения словарного запаса.

В словарях представлена словарная форма слова
(Существительные представлены в единственном числе
(без артикля для английских слов). Глаголы в форме инфинитива без частицы "to")

Поиск слов,начинающихся,заканчивающихся или содержащих
заданную букву(буквы)
.Для поиска таких слов воспользуйтесь символами
*- заменяет любое количество любых символов и ! - заменяет один любой символ.
Например: x* - все слова начинающиеся на 'x';*al - слова заканчивающиеся на 'al';
x*m - слова начинающиеся на 'x' и заканчивающиеся на 'm'; !!! - все слова из трех букв;
ho*me - слова начинающиеся на 'ho' и заканчиваюшиеся на 'me';
!o!e- слова из четырех букв вторая 'o' , заканчиваются на 'e';
e*u - слова начинающиеся на 'e' и заканчивающиеся на 'u' и т.д.
При нажатии на Например:открываются примеры употребления слова

Написание прописью цифр на английском языке
(с транскрипцией и произношением)

Транскрипция текста.Английские слова русскими буквами

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Список слов, входящих в топ 1000,2000,3000, наиболее употребляемых слов,
согласно Longman Communication 3000 ?,
в разговорном английском: 1-я тыс., 2-я тыс., 3-я тыс., полный список;
в письменном английском: 1-я тыс., 2-я тыс., 3-я тыс., полный список;

Список наиболее употребляемых слов в академических текстах
на английском языке "The Academic Word List"
? (1451 слово)

Список наиболее употребляемых слов в разговорном и письменном
английском языке согласно "New General Service List"
(2818 общеупотребительных слов)

The Oxford 3000 words list.?

Англо-русский синонимический словарь     Англо-русские, русско-английские тематические словари (кулинария,авиа,футбол,экономика,общий,...)

Русские и английские пословицы и поговорки

200 Words of Intermediate TOEFL iBT Vocabulary 1500 Words of Advanced TOEFL iBT Vocabulary

Michael Buckhoff’s TOEFL iBT Exam Vocabulary List.

200 Words of Intermediate TOEFL iBT Vocabulary

Формат статьи
Word, Part of Speech, Word Forms (слово, часть речи, словоформы)
Synonyms (синонимы)
Word Definition (определение слова)
Sample Sentence (примеры употребления)
A B [C] D E F G H I L M N O P R S T U V


noun (campaign, campaigning, campaigned)

For example, a campaign is a planned set of activities that people carry out over a period of time in order to achieve something such as social or political change. During his election campaign he promised to put the economy back on its feet. (verb) If someone campaigns for something, they carry out a planned set of activities over a period of time in order to achieve their aim. We are campaigning to improve the legal status of woman.


verb (competes, competing, competed, competition, competitive, competitively)

contend, contest, rival, vie, combat, fight, strive, oppose;

For example, when one firm or country competes with another, it tries to get people to buy its own goods in preference to those of the other firms or countries. You can also say that two firms or countries compete. The banks have long competed with American Express ‘s charge cards and various store cards. For example, if you compete with someone for something, you try to get it for yourself and stop the other person from getting it. You can also say that two people compete for something. Kangaroos compete with sheep and cattle for sparse supplies of food and water.


noun (coups)

overthrow, revolution, insurrection, revolt

For example, when there is a coup, a group of people seizes power in a country. Bolivia has experienced several military coups over the last few decades.


noun (candidates)

applicant, aspirant, hopeful, seeker

For example, a candidate is someone who is being considered for a position, for example someone who is running in an election or applying for a job. He is a candidate for the office of Governor.




For example, you use concrete to indicate that something is definite and specific. There were no concrete proposals on the table.


adjective (criticism, criticize, critique)

acute, climacteric, crucial, desperate, dire

For example, a critical time, factor, or situation is extremely important. The incident happened at a critical point in the campaign. For example, a critical situation is very serious and dangerous. The German authorities are considering an airlift if the situation becomes critical. He is in critical condition after the auto accident. For example, to be critical of someone or something means to criticize them. His report is highly critical of the trial judge.


adjective (capitalize, capitalism)

chief, dominant, main, major, number one, outstanding, predominant, principal

For example, a capital offense is one that is so serious that the person can be put to death. His assassinating the Senator of New York was a capital crime, which, if found guilty, will qualify him for the death penalty.


noun (condemnations)


For example, condemnation is the act of saying that something or someone is bad and unacceptable. There was widespread condemnation of Saturday ‘s killings.


Carry out

administer, administrate, execute, govern, render


For example, if you carry out a threat, task, or instruction, you do it or act according to it. Police say that they believe the attacks were carried out by nationalists. Commitments have been made with little intention of carrying them out.


noun (conferences)

colloquium, colloquy, palaver, rap session, seminar

For example, a conference is a meeting, often lasting a few days, which is organized on a particular subject or to bring together people who have a common interest. Henry, I am sorry to have kept you waiting. I just got back from the conference.



noun (cease-fires)

truce, armistice

For example, a cease-fire is an agreement in which countries or groups of people that are fighting each other agree to stop fighting. They have agreed to a cease -fire after three years of conflict.


noun (consequences, consequently)

aftermath, effect, price, repercussion, result

For example, the consequences of something are the results or effects of it. Her lawyer said she understood the consequence of her actions and was prepared to go to jail.




arduous, effortful, labored, laborious, strenuous, toilsome, uphill

For example, a challenging task or job requires great effort and determination. Mike found a challenging job as a computer programmer.


verb (conspires, conspiring, conspired)

plot, cogitate, collogue, collude, connive, contrive, devise, intrigue, machinate, scheme

For example, if two or more people or groups conspire to do something illegal of harmful, they make a secret agreement to do it. They ‘d conspired to overthrow the government.





For example, an official statement made by the police saying that someone is guilty of a crime. The charge against her was arson.


noun (constitutions)


The constitution of a country or organization is the system of laws which formally states the people's rights and duties. The Constitution of the United States was written in 1776.



noun (chores)

task, assignment, duty, job

For example, chores are tasks such as cleaning, washing, and ironing that have to be done regularly at home. My husband and I both go out to work, so we share the household chores.


noun (contenders)


For example, a contender is someone who takes part in a competition. Her trainer said yesterday that she would be a strong contender for a place in Britain ‘s Olympic squad.



verb (clarifies, clarifying, clarified)

clear, clear up, elucidate, explain, illuminate, illustrate, explain

For example, to clarify something means to make it easier to understand, usually by explaining it in more detail. (Formal) Thank you for writing and allowing me to clarify the present position.


noun (contracts, contracting, contracted)

agreement, bargain, bond, compact, convention, covenant, pact, transaction

For example, a contract is a legal agreement, usually between two companies or between an employer and employee which involves doing work for a stated sum of money. The company won a prestigious contract for work on Europe ‘s tallest building.



noun (committees)


For example, a committee is a group of people who meet to make decisions or plans for a large group or organization that they represent. Has the acquisition committee decided which precision cutting machines to buy?


verb (copes, coping, coped)

deal with, overcome

For example, if you cope with a problem or a task, you deal with it successfully. It was amazing how my mother coped with bringing up three children on less than three hundred dollars a week.