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Чтение текстов помогает в изучении английского языка, позволяет расширить словарный запас.
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Кроме этого словарь позволяет прослушать произношение слова и посмотреть его транскрипцию.
Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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if it comes to the push
1. в крайнем случае; в случае чего; если прижмет
We really need three people in order to do this job well, but we could do it with two It comes to the push.
in cahoots with smb
1. быть повязанным/заодно с к-л
In this city, many policemen are in cahoots with organized crime.
in one's heart of hearts
1. в глубине души
Although she tried to be hopeful, in her heart of hearts she knew her mother was dying.
in the flesh
1. собственной персоной
I couldn't believe it. but there she was, in the flesh.
in the thick
1. в гуще событий; в курсе дела
When you are in the thick of action, you don't always have time to think.
if push comes to shove
1. спи прижмет/припрет
Look if push comes to shove, we'll just have to sell the car.
in clover
1. как сыр в масле кататься; жить припеваючи
After they won the competition they were in clover for the rest of their lives. With the income from the family estate, she's in clover.
in one's prime
1. в расцвете сил/лет
I could work long hours when I was in my prime.
in the heat of the moment
1. под горячую руку
In the heat of the moment, he vowed revenge on his attackers, but later realized this would be unwise.
in the twinkling of an eye
1. в мгновение ока; мгновенно
I gave Bill $10 and, in the twinkling of an eye, he spent it.
if the worst comes to the worst
1. на худой конец; в худшем случае
If the worst comes to the worst and your business fails, you can always sell your house.
in cold blood (adv)
1. глазом не моргнув (хладнокровно, преднамеренно)
Не killed them in cold blood.
in one's right mind
1. в здравом уме; в своем уме
No one in his right mind would behave like that.
in the hot seat
1. под обстрелом (критики, прессы); в сложном/неприятном положении
The Prime Minister is really in the hot seat over this problem. When merger negotiations broke down, he was in the hot seat with the stockholders.
in the van (form)
1. в первых рядах
He has been in the van of medical progress for years.
in a bind/a jam
1. в пиковом положении; попасть в переплет/передрягу
This family is really in a jam; they are to be evicted and have nowhere to live. He's put us in a bind: we can't refuse, but at the same time we can't fill the order.
in dire straits
1. на мели; в стесненных обстоятельствах
After the financial meltdown, a lot of people were left in dire straits.
in one's second childhood (derog)
1. впасть в детство
He was acting very stupidly, as if he were in his second childhood. Grandpa needs full-lime care, now that he's in his second childhood.
in the know
1. в курсе (осведомленный)
People in the know tell me that she has got the job. The resort is considered by those who are in the know to have the best down hill skiing in Europe.
in the way
1. поперек дороги; мешать; заслонять (вид)
You're standing in the way; please move to one side. That truck is in our way. Just as the accident happened some people got in my way, so I didn't see it at all.
in a body (adv)
1. всем скопом; как один; все вместе; одновременно
The workers went in a body to see their employer. All the guests came in a body.
in full swing
1. в разгаре; полным ходом
The party was in full swing.
in (the) seventh heaven
1. на седьмом небе (от счастья)
When she won the prize she was in the seventh heaven.
in the lap of luxury
1. у Христа за пазухой
They live in the lap of luxury in a huge great house in the south of France.
in touch
1. в курсе; держать руку на пульсе событий
I try to stay in touch with what's going on in the arts world.
2. поддерживать связь/отношения
Are you still in touch with Caroline? Her family have kept in touch with me since her death.
in a flash (informal)
1. в мгновение ока
It happened in a flash. Suddenly my wallet was gone.
in high gear (Am)
1. в разгаре; полным ходом
We go skiing in the mountains each winter. Things get into high gear there in November.
in smb's bad/black books (Am)
1. в черном списке
Ever since he forgot about her birthday, he has been in her black books. Sir John was definitely in the Treasury's bad books for incorrect thinking on economic prospects.
in the limelight/spotlight
1. в центре внимания
Members of the Royal Family spent their whole lives in the limelight.
Indian summer
1. бабье лето
The Indian summer we had this year was an unexpected bonus for ice-cream manufacturers.
in a (flat) spin
1. в панике/смятении/замешательстве/волнении
She's in a spin over the arrangements for the party. News of the director's resignation had sent management into a spin.
in leaps and bounds
1. семимильными шагами; стремительно; не по дням, а по часам
Ashley's reading has come on in leaps and bounds since she's been at her new school.
in smb's pocket (informal)
1. в руках у к-л (контролировать, подчинять себе); во власти
John will do just what I tell him. I've got him and his brother in my pocket.
in the line of fire (informal)
1. на переднем крае; на линии огня; на передовой
As both Joe's sister and Bill's wife, she was right in the line of fire whenever the two men quarrelled.
Ingres' violin
1. «скрипка Энгра»; хобби
For Queen Elizabeth horse riding is her Ingres' violin.
in a jiffy
1. в мгновение ока; мигом
Just wait a minute. I'll be there in a jiffy.
in low water
1. на мели; без гроша
Не was in very low water when I saw him last week - he even asked if I could lend him some money to pay the rent.
in smb's shoes
1. в ч-л шкуре; на ч-л месте
I wouldn't like to be in your shoes when they find out what you've done! In your shoes I wouldn't accept the offer.
in the middle of nowhere
1. у черта на купичках/рогах; глухомань
We found a great little hotel, out in the middle of nowhere.
inside out (adv)
1. наизнанку
I always turn shirts inside out before washing them.
in a nutshell (inf adv)
1. в двух словах: вкратце
The book explains basic electronics in a nutshell.
2. короче говоря
Well, to put it in a nutshell, we're going to have to start again.
in mint condition
1. как новенький; с конвейера
My car is two years old, but it's still in mint condition.
in someone's good books
1. на хорошем счету
Matthias wants to stay in the management's good books, so he hasn't joined the strike.
in the nick of time
1. в последний момент We got there just in the nick of time A minute later and she'd have left
it doesn't take a rocket scientist (to do smth)
1. не надо быть семи пядей во лбу; и ежу понятно
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a rock record. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this computer program - you can learn it in an hour or two.
in a pickle
1. в пиковом положении
Ed has gotten himself into a pickle. He has two dates for the party.
in name alone/only
1. одно название; только говорится
They are married in name alone, since they have been living apart for years.
in the altogether (humor)
1. в чем мать родила
Не was just standing there in the altogether.
in the palm of one's hand
1. в руках у к-л (контролировать- подчинять себе); во власти
Не has the local press in the palm of his hand and is never criticized by any of them.
it'll all come out in the wash
1. перемелется - мука будет
It was the wrong thing to say, but don't get too upset, I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash eventually.
in a rut
1. заесть (о рутине); в привычной/ скучной колее
At forty my life was in a rut, so I gave up work and travelled to India.
in no time (inf adv)
1. в мгновение ока
It won't take long. It'll be finished in no time at all.
in the bag
1. дело в шляпе
Between you and me, laddie, it's in the bag. Unofficially, the job's yours.
in the pink (old-fash)
1. в прекрасной форме
I wasn't well last week, but I'm back in the pink, I'm pleased to say.
it's a pound to a penny
1. даю голову на отсечение
It's a pound to a penny that he'll lose his money if he invests it in the X- company.
in a tight corner/spot
1. в пиковом положении; попасть в переплет/передрягу
We'll be in a tight corner unless we can find another $1,000. Look, John, I'm in a tight spot. Can you lend me $20?
in one breath
1. на одном дыхании; не переводя дыхания
Jane was in a play, and she was so excited that she said her whole speech in one breath.
in the balance
1. в подвешенном состоянии (в состоянии неопределенности)
Не stood on the edge of the cliff, his life in the balance.
in the public eye
1. у всех на виду
I wouldn't want to be famous. You live your life in the public eye. You gel no privacy whatsoever. It would drive me mad.
it's curtains
1. крышка; конец
If the vole is yes. it's curtains for us.
in a trice
1. в мгновение ока; мигом
The punctured lyre was changed in a trice.
in one's birthday suit (facet)
1. в чем мать родила
We used to go down the river and swim in our birthday suits.
in the dark
1. в неведении
The press were kept in the dark about what had happened.
in the pudding club (old-fash)
1. «подзалететь» (забеременеть)
Tina says Karen's in the pudding club.
it's dollars to doughnuts (Am)
1. даю голову на отсечение; десять против одного
lt's dollars to doughnuts that the team will make the play offs.
in black and white
1. черным по белому
He promised me a film contract in Hollywood but I'll only believe it when I see it in black and white.
in one's cups (old-fash)
1. под мухой; навеселе
When he was in his cups he would recite lines of poetry in a loud voice.
in the dog house (informal)
1. в опале у к-л
That politician has been in the dog house since his removal from the office for accepting bribes.
in the same boat
1. друзья по несчастью; в одинаковом положении
We're all in the same boat as far as low wages are concerned.
in broad daylight
1. средь бела дня
She was accosted on her own street in broad daylight.
in one's element
1. как рыба в воде: в своей стихии
Не is in his element when he is organizing something. " You should have seen her when they asked her to sing; she was in her element.
in the family way (old-fash)
1. в интересном положении (беременная)
Have you heard that Jean's in the family way?
in the swim of things
1. в гуще событий; в курсе дела
I've been ill, but soon I'll be back in the swim of things.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.