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Кроме этого словарь позволяет прослушать произношение слова и посмотреть его транскрипцию.
Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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half-seas over
1. подвыпивший; море по колено
Look at Frank - half-seas over already, and the party's hardly begun.
hard on smb's heels
1. по пятам (идти следом)
Here comes Sally, and John is hard on her heels.
have a good nose for
1. иметь нюх/чутье на ч-л
Henry must have a good nose for antiques. When this table is polished up, it will be worth at least five times what he paid for it.
have been around (informal)
1. повидать жизнь; знать что почем
Ask Sally about how the government works. She's been around.
have nothing to do with
1. не иметь ничего общего: не иметь отношения к ч-л
That letter has nothing to do with you. Their visit has nothing to do with the holiday.
hammer smth home
1. вдолбить/вбить в голову (заставить понять)
I tried to hammer home to Ann the fact that she would have to get a job.
hard up (informal)
1. на мели; на бобах (без денег)
I'm a bit hard up at the moment.
have a gut feeling (Am)
1. чуять нутром
I have a gut feeling that they will never get married in spite of all they say.
have (got) both feet on the ground
1. не витать в облаках; твердо стоять на земле
I don't worry about her - she's got both feet on the ground and I know she won't do anything silly.
have one over the eight
1. слегка перебрать; выпить лишнего
When Jane has had one over the eight, she would tell her life story to a complete stranger.
hand smth to smb on a plate (informal)
1. на блюдечке (с голубой каемочкой) (достаться легко/без усилий)
His father was wealthy, and he had everything handed to him on a plate You can't expect everything to be handed to you on a plate - you've got to make a bit of effort.
hats off to smb
1. шапки долой; снять шляпу перед к-л
Hats off to her - it takes a lot of courage to go travelling on your own at that age.
have a hand in smth
1. приложить руку к ч-л; дело не обошлось без к-л
The colour scheme is excellent. Didn't Mike have a hand in the redecorating?
have butterflies (in one's stomach)
1. поджилки трясутся; колени дрожат
She had butterflies in her stomach as she walked out onto the stage.
have one's back to/against the wall
1. загнанный в угол; припертый к стенке
Не certainly has his back to the wall as he has lost his job and cannot find another one.
hand the reins over/hand over the reins
1. передать бразды правления
I built up the business, but I handed over the reins to my daughter.
haul smb over the coals (Am)
1. устроить разнос/выволочку; пропесочить
I heard later that Uncle Jim had been hauled over the coals for not letting anyone know where we were.
have a handle on smth (Am inf)
1. иметь четкое представление/ понимание
No one in the pressroom had a handle on Balkan history.
have (got) cold feet
1. струхнуть; до смерти испугаться; коленки дрожат
The planned burglary never took place. Fred's accomplice got cold feet and Fred couldn't do it on his own.
have one's eye on
1. положить глаз (присмотреть ч-л)
I have had my eyes on a dress in the shop across the road for some time. I've got my eye on a really nice sofa - I just hope we can afford it.
hand-me-down (n)
1. обноски; с чужого плеча
As а child I was always dressed in my sister's hand-me-downs and I longed for something new to wear.
have a bone to pick with smb
1. разобраться (объясниться) с к-л
I've a bone to pick with you about revealing information given in confidence.
have a run of luck
1. улыбнуться (об удаче)
The builders had a run of luck with day after day of good weather.
have (got) one's head in the clouds
1. витать в облаках
She walks around all day with her head in the clouds. She must be in love. He'll never be able to run the business - he's always got his head in the clouds.
have one's hands full
1. забот/хлопот полон рот
She must have her hands full with those four children to look after.
hang by a thread/hair
1. висеть на волоске
For three days Tom was so sick that his life hung by a thread. As Joe got ready to kick a field goal, the result of the game hung by a hair.
have a bun in the oven
1. в интересном положении (беременная)
Не had to get married because his girlfriend had a bun in the oven.
have a screw loose (informal)
1. винтика/шариков (в голове) не хватает
She must have a screw loose to go skiing at her age! Anyone who approves of that purchase must have a screw loose.
have designs on smb
1. иметь виды на к-л/ч-л
Не has designs on my job. She suspected that Helen had designs on her husband.
have one's head screwed on (the right way)
1. иметь голову на плечах
Robert has his head screwed on the right way - if he gets lost he'll ask someone for directions.
hang loose (Am inf)
1. расслабиться
Hang loose. Bob. Everything is going to be all right.
have a case/crush on smb (informal)
1. без ума от к-л (до смерти влюбиться)
Не has a crush on the new gym mistress. He's had a case on her for years.
have a soft spot for smb
1. питать нежные чувства; иметь слабость к к-л
He's always had a soft spot for his younger son.
have egg on one's face
1. сесть в лужу; вляпаться
Bob had egg on his face because he wore jeans to the party and everybody else wore formal clothes.
have one's wits about one
1. не терять головы; сохранять самообладание
Cycling is potentially very dangerous in London - you really need to have your wits about you.
hang one's head вешать нос/голову
1. We all hung our heads when our team was last in the competition.
have a drop too many
1. слегка перебрать; выпить лишнего
When Gitte has had a drop too many, she would tell her life story to a complete stranger.
have a way with words
1. язык хорошо подвешен
Dave has such a way with words that his staff does everything he tells them to do.
have eyes for smb
1. «свет в окошке»; свет клином сошелся
She has eyes only for her husband since their marriage.
have pull with smb (Am)
1. иметь блат/связи; «волосатая рука»
Let's ask Ann to help us. She has pull with the mayor. She had pull with several of the board members.
hanky-panky (n)
1. фокус-покус; мошенничество; махинации; жульничество
The kilometer reading on that car's clock is far loo low; I bet there's been some hanky-panky at the dealer's garage.
have a face like the back of a bus (Am inf)
1. страхолюд; рожа кирпича просит
Her husband has a face like the back of a bus.
have all one's buttons/marbles (sl)
1. в своем уме; с головой все в порядке
Mike acts sometimes as If he didn't have all his buttons. He's pretty old but he still has all his marbles, if that's what you mean.
have green fingers/have a green thumb (Am)
1. легкая рука (о садоводе)
I'm afraid I don't have green fingers. I've killed every plant I've owned. I was just admiring your beautiful plants, Helen. You must have a green thumb.
have seen better days
1. знавать лучшие дни (о старой вещи)
My coat has seen better days, but it is very warm.
happy-go-lucky (adj)
1. бесшабашный
He struck me as a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.
have a final/last fling
1. разгуляться напоследок; гульнуть на полную катушку
On the last night of the holiday they decided to have a final fling and visit the town's most expensive nightclub. He's planning to have one last fling before joining the army.
have an ace in the hole (Am)
1. иметь козырь (про запас)
Не doesn't usually risk that much unless he thinks he has an ace in the hole.
have had a bellyful of smth (informal)
1. сыт по горло
He's probably had a bellyful of your moaning. . I've had my bellyful of meetings.
have smb's number (Am inf)
1. раскусить к-л (понять)
I've got Tom's number. He's ambitious.
hard-and-fast (adj)
1. жесткий; строгий; неизменный (о правилах, законах)
There are no hard-and-fast rules about the use of hyphens in English. The rule isn't hard-and-fast but we expect you to obey it anyway.
have a finger in every pie
1. приложить руку к ч-л; лезть во все дела; каждой бочке затычка
Jim's on the board of three companies, chairman of the local planning committee, and a school governor. He makes sure he's got a finger in every pie.
have an eye/a good eye for smth
1. глаз-алмаз; глаз наметан
Kate's apartment is very attractive. She obviously has an eye for colour and furnishings.
have had enough
1. с меня хватит
I've had enough of work this morning. I think I'll go home early. I've had enough of their quarreling.
have smth at one's fingertips
1. знать как свои пять пальцев (предмет); собаку съесть
Не has the history of the firm at his fingertips.
hard cash
1. звонкая монета (наличные деньги)
We gave him half the money in hard cash and wrote a cheque for the rest.
have a fit
1. закатить скандал/истерику
If your mother sees you in that state, she'll have a fit!
have an inside track
1. быть в числе приближенных; владеть внутренней информацией
His relationship with Walter put him on the inside track with the company. I would probably get that job if I could get the inside track.
have it both ways
1. и волки сыты, и овцы цепы; и на елку влезть, и не уколоться
John wants the security of marriage and the freedom of being single. He wants to have it both ways.
have smth on the brain (informal)
1. зациклиться; только одно на уме
Не has football on the brain and talks about it all the time. John has nothing but girls on the brain.
hard lines
1. непруха; невезуха(неудача)
Hard lines! I'm afraid you haven't won this time.
have a fling
1. перебеситься; отгулять свое
Let him have his fling. He'll settle down, you'll see. Let him have his fling now white he's young.
have an itch for/itch to do smth
1. жаждать: страстно желать ч-л
Dean has an itch for excitement. Chris is itching to go around the world.
have itchy feet (informal)
1. чемоданное настроение; охота к перемене мест; не сидится дома
Why've you got all these travel brochures? Do you have itchy feet? Many 19th-century pioneers in North America travelled West 110! in order to find gold or riches, or even new farmland, but rather because they were suffering from itchy feet.
have the DTs
1. белая горячка
When she gets the DTs, she can't even hold a glass in her hand.
hard money
1. мелочь (монеты)
I need some hard money for a vending machine.
have a foot in each camp
1. служить двум господам
Many Eastern European countries feel they have a foot in each camp, historically attached to the former Soviet Union but increasingly looking to the USA for support and finance.
have an itching/itchy palm
1. нечистый на руку (брать взятки)
It cost us a lot of money to get papers to leave the country - we had to see a lot of officials and they all had itching palms.
have mixed feelings about smth
1. испытывать смешанные чувства
I had mixed feelings about leaving home. I was looking forward to going to university, but I would miss my family.
have the gift of the gab
1. язык хорошо подвешен
Politicians need to have the gift of the gab.
hard of hearing
1. тугой на ухо
He's a bit hard of hearing now.
have a good mind to do smth
1. твердо решить/намереваться
I've a good mind to stop my son's pocket money until he behaves himself.
have bats in the belfry (inf facet)
1. не в своем уме; не все дома
The eccentric old woman was generally considered to have bats in the belfry.
have money to burn
1. денег куры не клюют; денег как грязи
Anyone who spends $10.000 on a diamond collar for a poodle must have money to burn.
have the patience of a saint
1. иметь ангельское терпение
To train animals successfully, you have to have the patience of a saint.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.