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face the music (informal)
1. держать ответ(расплачиваться за свои действия)
When the missing money was noticed, he chose to disappear rather than face the music. George knew his mother would cry when he told her, but he decided to go home and face the music.
fancy oneself
1. задаваться; воображать
He fancies himself as an orator.
fight tooth and nail
1. биться/бороться не на жизнь, а на смерть
They fought tooth and nail to retain our share of the business
fly a kite
1. забросить удочку
Maria was keen on a dog so over dinner she flew a kite by mentioning that guard dogs often prevent burglaries.
for a rainy day
1. на черный день (о деньгах)
I don't spend my whole salary - I put some in the bank for a rainy day.
fair and square (adv)
1. прямо; честно; без обмана
I'll tell you fair and square the state of my finances.
far from it
1. куда там; отнюдь; совсем не так
It is not the most attractive pattern I have seen. Far from it!
filthy lucre
1. презренный металл (о деньгах)
Inside that safe - packets and packets of lovely, filthy lucre.
fly in the face/teeth of
1. бросать вызов; идти вразрез
She's the sort of woman who opposes everything on principle and loves to fly in the face of convention They went out without permission, flying in the teeth of house rules
for a song (informal)
1. по дешевке; за бесценок; за гроши
In Krakov I found a shop where antiques were going for a song
fair to middling
1. серединка на половинку; так себе
What's your French like?- Oh, fair to middling.
far-fetched (adj)
1. притянутый за уши
The theory is too far-fetched to be considered
find oneself out in the cold
1. остаться не удел/за бортом
Everybody made plans for Christmas Day and Mary found herself out in the cold.
fly off the handle
1. выйти из себя; вспылить; сорваться
He really flew off the handle when I suggested selling the house
four-eyes (n)
1. очкарик
Edward had worn spectacles since his early childhood and was used to the nickname of 'four-eyes'.
fall apart at the seams
1. трещать по всем швам; разваливаться
For a while it seemed that the whole Asian economy was just falling apart at the seams.
fat chance
1. как бы не так; держи карман шире; черта с два
Do you think your Dad'll drive us to the disco? Fat chance!
fingers itch (to do smth)
1. руки чешутся
I watched him mend the car knowing that he would not let me help, though my fingers itched to try.
fallow in smb's footsteps
1. пойти по стопам
My friend's daughter decided to follow in her father's footsteps and become a politician.
fourth estate
1. четвертая власть (пресса)
Victoria was an experienced journalist and enjoyed her career working for the so-called fourth estate.
fall flat on one's face
1. провалиться; не иметь успеха; сесть в лужу
The new scheme fell flat on its face in spite of all the financial support that was given. It's always amusing to see a newscaster fall flat on his face. I may fall flat on my face or it may be a glorious end to my career.
fate worse than death (humor)
1. «весепенькая» перспектива
When you're 16, an evening at home with your parents is a fate worse than death
fish for a compliment
1. напрашиваться/набиваться на комплимент
When she showed me her new dress, I could tell that she was fishing for a compliment.
fly the nest
1. улететь из родного гнезда; разлететься
fraught with danger
1. чреватый опасностью
The route across the bandit-infested mountains of Kashmir was fraught with danger.
fall from grace
1. попасть в немилость
The king's chief minister fell from grace and was given no further part in political affairs.
feather one's nest
1. набивать карман; греть руки на ч-л (наживаться)
fish in troubled/muddy waters
1. ловить рыбу в мутной воде (наживаться)
During the war, his company had been quietly fishing in troubled waters by selling electronic communication systems to both sides.
for all one is worth
1. что было силы/мочи
As the intruder crawled through the window, Myra hit him for all she was worth with a vase.
freebie/freebee (n)
1. на дармовщинку; задарма (часто бесплатный подарок от фирмы)
You don't have to pay for this T-shirt; it's one of our freebies.
fall head over heels in love
1. влюбиться пo уши
It was obvious that Alan had fallen head over heels in love with Veronica.
fed up to the back teeth (informal)
1. сыт по горло
I'm fed up to the back teeth with this routine work. I need a challenge.
five o'clock shadow
1. щетина (на лице к концу дня)
My beard grows faster than other men's. - How do you know that? -Because I always get a five o'clock shadow by two in the afternoon.
for all the tea in China
1. ни за какие коврижки; ни за что на свете
I wouldn't be married to that nasty man for all the tea in China!
free, gratis, and for nothing (humor)
1. даром (совершенно бесплатно); в придачу
Yours for free, gratis. and for nothing, this set of wooden spoons when you buy this bowl.
fall into place
1. встать на свои места (стать понятным)
Once we knew he had been in jail, his strange remarks and behaviour fell into place.
feed smb to the lions
1. бросить на произвол судьбы; отдать на растерзание
flat broke (informal)
1. без гроша; на мели
Rik is usually flat broke about five days after pay day.
for old times' sake
1. по старой памяти; ради старой дружбы
I spent my childhood in Worcester. I'd like to go back there one day - for old times 'sake. Do you want to have lunch together sometime, just for old limes 'sake?
free-for-all (Am inf)
1. свалка, неразбериха,потасовка (драка)
On the first day of the sale, a dispute between two customers over some half-price china ended in a free-for-all.
fall into smb's clutches
1. попасть в папы
He fell into the clutches of a nationalist terrorist group.
feel free
1. не стесняйтесь
Feel free to borrow the car whenever you need. Help yourself to the food! Feel free!
flat out (Am adv inf)
1. на бешеной скорости; в бешеном темпе
The Porsche was going flat out down the Autobahn.The decorators have been working flat out to get the job finished.
2. в лоб; без церемоний (прямо)
Не called up and flat out asked if I was having an affair with Bob.
for one's pains
1. за труды; в результате
She looked after him for years, but she got nothing for her pains. And all he got for his pains was a failing grade.
freeze (v)
1. зависнуть (о компьютере)
As the deadline approached, I feared that my computer would freeze and that I would be late with my story.
fall into smb's lap
1. свалиться с неба (о неожиданной удаче, приятной неожиданности); плыть в руки
You can't expect the ideal job to just fall into your lap - you've got to go out there and look for it. When Jane came to live in Colchester she had no trouble getting a job or a flat. Everything just fell into her lap.
feel no pain (Am inf)
1. под градусом (напиться)
After a few drinks, the man felt no pain and began to act foolishly.
fleece (v)
1. обобрать как липку
Unless you have expert knowledge, you can easily get fleeced by antique-dealers selling realistic imitations.
forbidden fruit (bibl)
1. запретный плод
Forbidden fruit is always sweetest and there are some people who enjoy sex more if they feel guilty.
fresh/new blood
1. свежая струя
He has brought vital new blood to the football team.
fall on deaf ears
1. пропустить мимо ушей; ноль внимания; остаться без внимания
His advice fell on deaf ears My complaints about the dirty sheets in our hotel room seem to have fallen on deaf ears so far.
feel one's way
1. прощупать обстановку
I won't ask her to marry me directly, I will feel my way.
flip one's lid (inf sl)
1. с цепи сорваться (от злости); кипятиться
She'll flip her lid when she finds out what's been going on.
2. спятить; быть не в своем уме
When he offered me three times the pay I was getting, I thought he had flipped his lid.
force smb's hand
1. вынудить (сделать ч-л)
I didn't want to sack him - but he forced my hand by always being late.
fret and fume
1. рвать и метать; кипятиться (возмущаться)
Не spent ten minutes at the phone while others fretted and fumed.
fall on one's feet
1. быть везунчиком; плыть в руки; отделаться легким испугом
Everything I want, she got: good marriage, good home, nice children. While I struggle through life, she falls on her feet, Don't worry about Joe's losing his job two years in a row - he always falls on his feet.
feel smth in one's bones
1. чуять нутром
Everything seemed to be going well, but I could feel It in my bones that something was wrong.
flog (v)
1. сбыть; сбагрить (продать при обретенное нечестным путем)
Не flogged a stolen car at a low price
forty winks (informal)
1. соснуть; вздремнуть (дневной сон)
Grandmother always likes to have forty winks after her dinner.
frogmarch v)
1. выволочь; пихнуть; втолкнуть (заломив руки за спину)
The unruly prisoner was frogmarched back to his cell by wardens.
fall on stony ground
1. не получить отклика; остаться без внимания
I warned the children not to go near the river but my words seemed to fall on stony ground. Dire warnings about the effects on public services fell on stony ground.
fetch and carry
1. быть на побегушках; на подхвате
The old lady wanted someone to fetch and carry for her, as she could no longer walk very well.
flourish like the green bay tree
1. процветать; цвести и пахнуть
The wicked, he thought, did in fact flourish like the green bay tree
fallow in smb's footsteps
1. пойти по стопам
My friend's daughter decided to follow in her father's footsteps and become a politician.
from A to Z
1. от А до Я; досконально
Не has studied the subject from A to Z.
fall over oneself
1. разбиться в лепешку; из кожи вон лезть
As soon as the film star appeared in the restaurant, all the waiters fell over themselves to see that she had everything she wanted
few and far between
1. по пальцам можно сосчитать; раз, два и обчелся
Get some gasoline now. Service stations on this highway are few and far between.
flump (v)
1. плюхнуться
On arriving homo from work, Helga would flump down into an armchair with a glass of sherry.
fellow one's nose
1. идти напрямик
прислушиваться к внутреннему голосу (решать по ходу дела, ходу дела, по ситуации)
from the horse's mouth
1. из первых рук/уст
I got that story straight from the horse's mouth.
fall short of
1. оказаться не на высоте; не оправдать надежд/ожидании
The movie fell short of expectations His skills fell short of the required standards.
fight a losing battle
1. вести неравный бой; играть заведомо проигрышную партию
The medical profession is still fighting a losing battle against cancer.
flunk (an exam)
1. завалить (экзамен)
The пит ber of students flunking Maths has increased dramatically.
footloose and fancy-free (Old-fash)
1. свободный как ветер/птица
Jane's planning to go to parties and clubs every night now that she's
from the top drawer
1. из высшего общества
Caroline liked to pretend that she came from the very top drawer of society.
full blast (inf adv)
1. на всю катушку; на полную мощность
I'd sit by myself in the middle of his living room floor with the stereo going full blast.
frozen to the bone/marrow
1. продрогший/промерзший до костей
I forgot my coat and came home frozen to the marrow. After skiing in the wind for five hours straight, I was frozen to the bone.
full of beans
1. бить через край (об энергии)
George is usually fairly slow and lethargic but today he's full of beans.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.