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cadge (Am v)
1. стрелять; клянчить; попрошайничать
The tramp was told by the barman to stop cadging drinks and cigarettes from guests.
carry one's cross (Am)
1. нести свой крест
Poor soul, she has a heavy cross to carry with those young children and her husband out of work.
catch smb napping
1. застать врасплох
The first heavy snowfall of the winter caught the roads department napping -they had no grit.
child's play
1. детские игрушки; пара пустяков
Climbing that hill is child's play to the experienced mountaineer.
cold comfort
1. слабое утешение
I could tell you that he is as miserable as you are. but that would be cold comfort.
calf love
1. первая/юношеская любовь
Before he met Anneliese, all the other girls had just been calf love.
carry the can
1. отдуваться (нести ответственность вместо к.-л.)
I always had to carry the can for my younger brother when he broke anything.
catch smb red-handed
1. застукать/застать на месте преступления
The police caught the thief red-handed.
chilled to the bone/marrow
1. продрогший/промерзший до костей
I forgot my coat and came home chilled to the marrow. After skiing in the wind for five hours straight, I was chilled to the bone.
cold turkey (informal)
1. ломка ,период после резкого отказа от приема наркотиков)
I knew I would have to go through cold turkey The nurses are there to encourage patients through cold turkey.
call a spade a spade
1. называть вещи своими именами; говорить начистоту
Let's call a spade a spade. The man is a liar. You know me, I call a spade a spade and when I see someone behaving like an idiot, I tell them.
carry the day
1. взять/брать верх
Her argument in favour of pay increases eventually carried the day.
catch smb with smb's fingers in the till
1. поймать с поличным; застукать (о воровстве на службе)
Senior officials who get caught with their fingers in the till must expect to be punished very severely.
chock-a-block (inf adj)
1. битком набит (до отказа)
London is chock-a-block with tourists at the moment.
Come a cropper
1. загреметь; рухнуть; свалиться
Supermodel Naomi Campbell came a cropper last week on the catwalk of a Paris fashion show.
2. провалиться; не повезти; потерпеть неудачу
Jane was out all night before her test. She reallу came a cropper. The former East German regime came a cropper because it couldn't trust its own people.
call it a day
1. закруглиться; закончить
I haven't finished this piece of work but I'm so tired that I'll have to call it a day.
carry weight
1. иметь вес
The assistant manager's opinions carry a lot of weight in this office.
caught in the cross-fire
1. между двух огней
Teachers they are caught in the cross-fire between the education establishment and the Government.
chop and change
1. шарахаться из стороны в сторону (резко менять)
I never know which doctor will be on duty when I phone because they're always chopping and changing. 'J After chopping and changing for the first year, Paul and Jamie have settled down to a stable system of management.
come apart at the seams
1. трещать по швам; провалиться (о деле)
When one of the gang was stopped by the police, their whole plan began to come apart at the seams and they eventually had abandon it.
call it quits (informal)
1. поставить точку; прекратить
This fight has been going on for years - why don't you two call it quits and be friends The relationship had been going from bad to worse and we just decided it was time to call it quits.
2. быть в расчете; квиты
You paid tor the theatre tickets so if I pay for dinner we can call it quits.
cast one's lot with smb
1. связать/разделить свою судьбу с к-л
Bill cast his lot with the new company.
caviar(e) to the general
1. «для тонкого слоя» (для избранных)
His poetry is appreciated by experts, but it is caviare to the general The writer considered that many of his books were just caviar to the general.
chopsticks (n)
1. собачий вальс; чижик-пыжик
Geff claimed he could play the piano but all that Christine remembered him performing was a poor version of 'chopsticks' at a Christmas party.
come away empty-handed (Am)
1. возвращаться несолоно хлебавши (ни с чем)
Go to the bank and ask for the loan again. This time don't come away empty-handed.
call on the carpet
1. вызывать на ковер (к начальству)
His boss called him on the carpet for arriving late at work.
cast-iron (adj)
1. стопроцентная гарантия/договоренность/уверенность
No new business comes with a cast-iron guarantee of success.
chalk and cheese
1. небо и земля; лед и пламень (полная противоположность)
Our relationship works because we are very aware of our differences.
clap smb in gaol/jail
1. посадить за решетку; бросить в тюрьму
Nowadays debtors are not just clapped immediately into jail/gaol.
come clean (informal)
1. выложить все начистоту/без утайки (говорить правду)
The minister was asked to come clean about the government's intention to increase taxes. The lawyer said, "I can help you only if you come clean with me."
call smb every name in the book
1. ругать на чем свет стоит
When Gloria realised that Derek had deliberately damaged her new Italian sports car, she used all sorts of terrible language and called him every name in the book.
cast the bait
1. забросить/закинуть удочку
Since she remembered the mystery surrounding Claire's past, she decided to cost the bait and see if Phoebe would take it.
chalk smth up to experience
1. намотать на ус
There is no point in worrying about losing so much money - you'll just have to chalk it up to experience.
claptrap (n)
1. чепуха на постном масле; чушь собачья
Aldogan's claim that his family are wealthy landowners in Anatolia is all claptrap.
come down/back to earth
1. спуститься с небес на землю
We came down to earth with a bump when we got back from our holidays to find we had a burst pipe. They were thrilled when the baby arrived but came back to earth when he cried all night.
call smb names
1. обзывать; поносить к-л
The new foreman is unpopular because he calls everyone names.
castles in the air/in Spain
1. воздушные замки; замки на песке
She tells me she's planned out her whole career; but as far as I can see it's all just castles in Spain. I really like to sit on the porch in the evening, just building castles in the air.
change hands
1. переходить из рук в руки (менять хозяина)
The masterpiece changed hands many a time.
clear the air
1. прояснить ситуацию; внести ясность
The quarrel had not solved any problems, but at least it had cleared the air.
come down in buckets
1. лить как из ведра
I саn't drive in this rain - it's coming down in buckets.
call the shots/the tune (informal)
1. командовать парадом; диктовать условия
Baxter's the big man right now, but he won't be calling the shots much longer if he loses the contract with the company.
catch hell
1. получить по мозгам; влететь
I'm late. If I don't get home soon, I'll catch hell.
change one's tune (Am)
1. запеть по-другому . The man said he was innocent, but when they found the stolen money in his pocket he changed the tune.
climb the wall(s) (informal)
1. на стенку лезть (от раздражения); не находить себе места; рвать и метать
I'd better get along home, or Dad'll be climbing the wall, wondering what's happened to me. / was practically climbing the walls at her stupidity.
come down on smb like a ton of bricks
1. обрушиться, накинуться (с критикой, руганью)
I just asked Diana if I could leave early tonight and she came down on me like a ton of bricks.
canard (n)
1. газетная «утка»
The article contained innumerable canards and falsehoods.
catch it
1. получать нагоняй; достаться
You'll catch it for breaking that cup if your mother finds out.
change the channel (Am)
1. сменить пластинку/тему .
Let's change the channel here before there is a fight.
close ranks
1. сомкнуть ряды
We can fight this menace only if we close ranks
come hell or high water
1. любой ценой; во что бы то ни стало; кровь из носу
I am going to get my autobiography published -come hell or high water!
can't hold a candle to smb
1. в подметки не годиться
She cannot hold a candle to her mother as far as cooking is concerned.
catch one with one's pants
1. down застукать; застать врасплох/на месте преступления
Did you hear that John took the camera ? The store owner caught him with his pants down
chase skirts
1. бегать за юбками
Не was given to much skirt-chasing in his day.
clock (v)
1. треснуть по башке
Be quiet or else I'll clock you.
come to grips (with) (Am)
1. справиться; одолеть; решительно взяться
Many students have a hard time coming to grips with algebra, Mr Blake's teaching helps students come to grips with the important ideas in the History lessons.
can't make head or tail of smth
1. концов не найти; не понять что к чему
We couldn't make head or tail of the film. We don't have any enemies we know of, yet we keep getting threatening telephone calls; we can't make head or tail of it.
catch one's breath
1. перехватить дыхание
He looked into her face and caught his breath. I caught my breath when I saw the scar on her face.
checks and balances
1. сдержки и противовесы
A system of checks and balances exists to ensure that our government is truly democratic.
clutch at straws
1. хвататься за соломинку
They hoped the operation might save the child's life although they knew they were clutching at straws.
come to one's senses
1. браться за ум
So you've finally realized what a mistake you're making. I wondered how long it would take you to come to your senses.
can't take/keep one's eyes off
1. глаз не оторвать
The painting is so beautiful. I can hardly take my eyes off it.I couldn't keep my eyes off her amazing hairdo.
catch one's eye
1. бросаться в глаза
The dress in the window caught her eye when she passed the store.
cheek by jowl
1. бок о бок (рядом)
Peace and war exist cheek by jowl in the world today.
cock-and-bull stories
1. охотничьи рассказы; враки; небылицы
The tramp told a cock-and-bull story about finding the money hidden in a bottle behind a tree in the park.
come to terms
1. примириться; свыкнуться
He managed to come to terms with his illness.
carry a thing too far
1. зайти слишком далеко; переборщить
Mrs Robins takes her son to the dentist's every two months. I think that's carrying things a bit too far, don't you?
catch smb cold
1. огорошить; застать врасплох
You caught me cold with this news. I didn't know anything about it.
chew the fat (informal)
1. точить лясы; чесать языки; трепаться; болтать
We used to meet after work, and chew the fat over coffee and doughnuts. We 'd been lounging around, chewing the fat for a couple of hours.
cock-eyed/cockeyed (adj)
1. сикось-накось; наперекосяк
You've hung the painting all cock eyed. My uncle is eccentric and has a cock-eyed view of the world.
come under the hammer
1. пойти с молотка; пустить с молотка
The Matisse still life came under the hammer yesterday.
carry coals to Newcastle
1. ехать в Тулу со своим самоваром
Taking her flowers is taking coals to Newcastle - her garden is full of flowers.
catch smb in the act
1. застукать
She's guilty . She was caught in the act. I was trying to clear up the mess on the carpet before anyone noticed it, but Isabel came in and caught me in the act
chicken feed (n)
1. крохи; копейки; гроши
Investments of $20,000 are chicken feed to massive companies like IBM.
cold cash (Am)
1. звонкая монета (наличные деньги)
We gave him half the money in cold cash and wrote a cheque for the rest.
come up in the world
1. выйти в люди; идти в гору; преуспевать
Не has really come up in the world -he now owns a yacht.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.