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1. задом наперед
You are wearing your T-shirt back-to-front.
be a mixed blessing
1. иметь свои «за» и «против»
My mother often looks after my children for me, but it's a mixed blessing, because she gives them too many sweets. Beauty can be a mixed blessing. It gets you a lot of attention but people are less likely to take you seriously.
be nuts about (sl)
1. быть без ума от к-л; помешаться на к-л/ч-л
Otto is nuts about boats. I'm nuts about her.
beat smb black-and-blue
1. отлупить как Сидорову козу; не оставить живого места (избить до синяков)
Не was beaten black-and-blue at boarding school.
bet one's boots (Am)
1. как пить дать; дать голову на отсечение
This horse will win. I would bet my boots on it. Jim said he would bet his boots that he would pass the examination.
back the wrong horse
1. поставить не на ту лошадку
Simon backed the wrong horse from the start. He favoured Hart but it was Robins who won the election.
be all in
1. как выжатый лимон; измочаленный (усталый)
I just walked all the way from town. I'm all in.
be one's bag (informal)
1. стихия; увлечение
Mary didn't like social work, but teaching has proved to be her bag.
beat smb hands down
1. победить запросто/в два счета
Last week our team played very badly and our opponents beat us hands down.
bet one's bottom dollar
1. как пить дать; дать голову на отсечение
I bet my bottom dollar you can't swim across the pool.
back to square one/the drawing board
1. начинать по новой/с нуля/от печки
If the experiment fails, we'll have to go back to square one. Tanya was pleased to get an interview after all her unsuccessful applications but when she was turned down for the new job, it was back to the drawing hoard.
be all over smb
1. носиться как с писаной торбой
His boss was all over him because he had won the new contract for our company.
be past one's sell-by date
1. выйти в тираж (устареть)
Most footballers are past their sell-by date at 35 but Bobby is still a brilliant player. There's plenty of time to have a baby, I'm not past my sell-by date yet.
beat smb to it (informal)
1. обскакать; опередить
She wanted to be the first to welcome him, but her sister had beaten her to it.
better than a slap in the eye/face
1. лучше чем ничего
Our wage increase doesn't keep up with inflation. - Yes, but it's better than a slap in the face.
backscratching/back scratching
1. ты - мне, я - тебе (взаимные услуги)
There is a great deal of back scratching involved in international politics.
be all smiles
1. просиять; светиться от радости
Не was all smiles when he heard the good news. She spent the whole of yesterday shouting at people and yet this morning she's all smiles.
be rushed off one's feet
1. сбиться с ног
Just before Christmas the staff in the shop are always rushed off their feet.
beat to the punch/draw (Am)
1. обскакать; опередить
John was going to apply for the job, but Ted beat him to the draw. Lois bought the dress before Mary could beat her to the punch.
between the devil and the deep blue sea
1. между Сциллой и Харибдой/ двух огней
Faced with a choice between starving to death and emigrating, they were between the devil and the deep blue sea.
bad blood
1. вражда; враждебность
There had been bad blood between them for so long that neither was willing to make the first friendly approaches.
be backed into a corner
1. загнанный в угол; припертый к стенке
I've been backed into a corner and I have no choice but to sign the contract.
be sitting pretty
1. хорошо устроиться; как у Христа за пазухой
These problems don't worry you-you're sitting pretty.
beat the band (informal)
1. побить все рекорды
My millionaire grandfather left all his money to research into proving that the pyramids in Egypt were built by visitors from outer space. That really beats the band.
between you, me and the lamp-post/gatepost
1. между нами (девочками) говоря
Between you me and the lamp- post, I think he has gone crazy.
badmouth (Am v)
1. «смешивать с грязью; говорить гадости; чертыхаться; проклинать
Не was her bitter enemy and never missed a chance to badmouth her. John badmouths his car constantly because it doesn't run.
be blowed if
1. провалиться на этом месте; разрази меня гром
Steve is just ungrateful and I'll be blowed if I help him again.
be staring smb in the face
1. пожать на поверхности; быть на виду; напрашиваться само собой
We spent ages wondering how we could make more space in the shop and the answer was staring us in in the face all the time.
beat the living daylights out of smb (informal)
1. избить до полусмерти
I'll beat the living daylights out of anyone who scratches my new car! Steve beat the daylights out of him with a hefty length of bike chain.
beyond one's depth
1. не по зубам
The conductor realized that playing the fugue at the right tempo was beyond their depth.
bag and baggage (informal)
1. со всеми пожитками/манатками/потрохами
She threw him out of the house bag and baggage.
be crossed in love
1. не везти в любви; любить безответно
The boy looks thoughtful and unhappy; perhaps he's been crossed in love.
be wild about (informal)
1. тащиться/балдеть от ч-л; сходить с ума
My baby is wild about pop music.
before you can say Jack Robinson
1. в мгновение ока
I'll finish this book before you can say Jack Robinson.
big bucks (Am)
1. бешеные деньги
A swimming pool - this means you're spending big bucks.
bald as a coot/a billiard ball (humor)
1. голый как колено; совершенно лысый
He's a good hairdresser, although he's as bald as a billiard hull himself. : Then he took off his hat and he was as bald as a
be cruising for a bruising
1. нарываться/напрашиваться на неприятности
If you really intend to pay him with that false check you are cruising for a bruising.
bear a grudge against smb
1. иметь зуб на к-л; держать/ затаить зло на к-л
Не still bears a grudge against her because she refused to go out with him years ago.
beggar description (form)
1. не поддаваться описанию
The sunset that evening was of a beauty to beggar all description.
big of smb (sl usu facet)
1. широкий жест
It was very big of him to offer us his car, especially as it's actually his mother's. How big of you to save the absolute worst seat for me.
bang goes (informal)
1. покрыться; лопнуть (о планах, шансах и т.д.)
Here's the money lot' the car repair and bang goes a week's salary. I've just been told I'm working late this evening. - Oh well, bang goes the cinema.
be dying to do smth
1. сгорать от нетерпения; страстно желать
My mother is dying to meet you in person.
bear fruit
1. Приносить плоды (давать резупьтат)
Our advertising campaign is starting to bear fruit. Sales have risen this month.
behind smb's back
1. за глаза (тайком)
I don't want to talk about it behind his back.
birds of a feather
1. два сапога пара; одного поля
bang one's head against a brick wall
1. биться головой об стену (безрезультатно добиваться ч-л)
I keep telling her that she should Change her job, but I'm just banging my head against a brick wall.
be for the high jump (informal)
1. влететь по первое число
She'll be for the high jump when her mother finds out she's been smoking.
bear one's cross
1. нести свой крест
Someone has to look after mother and because i live the closest it's a cross I have In bear.
behind the scenes (fig)
1. за кулисами
There was endless activity behind the scenes days before the visit of the royal couple.
bite off more than one can chew
1. взять на себя слишком много; переоценить свои силы
He's bitten off more than he can chew, trying to renovate his house.
bang-up (adj inf)
1. потрясный; шикарный: балдежный
John did a bang-up job painting the house. We had a bang-up time at your bash.
be from Missouri (Am)
1. не верить на слово; Фома неверующий
You'll have to prove it to me. I'm from Missouri.
beat a ban (informal)
1. обойти закон
By beating a ban and smuggling alcohol he achieved huge profit.
behind the times
1. отставать от времени (устареть)
We have made changes here - we don't want to be accused of being behind the times. Educationally, three schools are twenty years behind the times.
bite one's tongue
1. прикусить язык (промолчать)
I really wanted to tell her what I thought of him but I had to bite my tongue. I'm perfectly prepared to bite my tongue until I've learned what the system is all about. Then when I've got something to contribute, they will hear from me.
bare one's soul
1. излить/открыть душу
We all need someone we can bare our souls to, someone we can confide in.
be Greek to smb
1. темный лес (ничего не понимать); китайская грамота
The doctors were discussing my illness, but what they were saying was Greek to me. Soccer is, frankly, all Greek to me.
beat a (hasty) retreat
1. дать тягу/деру (поспешно удалиться)
The children beat a hasty retreat when they saw the headmaster.
bells and whistles
1. прибамбасы; навороты
Since there are so many computers on the market it is hardly surprising that manufacturers have fixed a few bells and whistles on their machines to get them noticed. Your computer software may have all the latest bells and whistles, but is it good value for money?
bite smb's head off
1. наброситься/напуститься на к-л; отругать.
We have a lovely supper for you, we ask a civil question, pass a remark about how nice your friend is, and get our heads bitten off. Keep away from Christine this morning. She's in a bad mood. - I know. She bit my head off for no reason when I arrived.
bare one's teeth
1. выпускать коготки; показать свое истинное лицо
The government soon showed its teeth to the rebels. Come on, let him know you 're angry - show your teeth!
be hard put
1. испытывать трудности/сложности; с трудом удаваться
You'd be hard put to find a better school for your kids. She'll be hard put to buy her own home on what she earns.
beat about/around the bush
1. ходить вокруг да около
Stop beating about the bush and tell me what you came for!
below par
1. не в форме
I was feeling a little below par this morning.
bite the bullet (Am inf or sl)
1. проглотить пилюлю; смириться .
He disliked being indebted to someone he despised, but he was obliged to bite the bullet. They decided to bite the bullet and pay the extra for the house they really wanted.
bark up the wrong tree
1. обратиться не по адресу
You're barking up the wrong tree if you think you will be able to influence the judge.
be lousy with
1. кишмя кишеть; наводнить
The village was lousy with tourists.
beat it (Am inf)
1. проваливать; убираться прочь
OK you kids, beat it!
bend double
1. согнуться в три погибели
Peasants work throughout the day either hoeing arid soil or bend double planting rice.
bite the hand that feeds you
1. отплатить черной неблагодарностью; рубить сук. на котором сидишь (наказать самого себя)
The man had worked for the company for several years. When he was caught stealing, his employer felt that he had bitten the hand that fed him. She felt that her protege had bitten the hand that fed him by making unkind remarks about her in public.
batty (adj)
1. чокнутый; тронутый
Such a shame about her son - he's a bit batty.
be more trouble than it’s worth
1. себе дороже стоить
In the 80s many company employees regarded new computer technology as difficult to understand and more trouble than it was worth.
beat one's brains (out sl)
1. ломать голову; мозги свернуть набекрень
I beat my brains out to solve the problem. Some students are lazy, but others beat their brains out and succeed.
bend over backward(s)
1. разбиться в лепешку; из кожи вон лезть
I bent over backwards to be nice to him because he was a stranger, but he wasn't at all grateful.
black economy
1. теневая экономика
Black economy implies work, which is paid for in cash, and therefore not declared for tax.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.