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Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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a (real) bargain
1. дешевка; даром; дешево и сердито (удачная покупка)
What did you pay for this picture ?- it was a real bargain! с He couldn't resist a bargain.
a shaggy dog story
1. тягомотина (затянутый анекдот, шутка с глупым концом)
My granddad insists on telling these shaggy dog stories which nobody finds funny except him.
a slow-coach/slowcoach (informal)
1. тормоз; тупица; копуша
Don't give Helen these letters to type -she's a slowcoach.
a spoof
1. пародия; пасквиль
The play is a spoof of the 18th-century monarchy.
a storm in a teacup
1. буря в стакане воды
We thought that they had decided not to get married but their quarrel was just a storm in a teacup.
a red herring
1. отвлекающий маневр
This is a total political red herring and an attempt to divert from the main issues in the campaign. Talking about the new plant is a red herring to keep us from learning about downsizing plans.
a shiner (Am)
1. фингал/фонарь под глазом (синяк)
Someone had obviously given him a couple of shiners.
a smarty pants (informal)
1. пижон; умник
Cindy, the little smarty pants, will be the first to tell us we went wrong.
a spread
1. пир горой
The retiring chairman was given a spread on his last day at the firm.
a stuffed shirt
1. спесивый/чопорный/самодовольный человек
I knew he was a banker and expensively educated so I was expecting him to be a stuffed shirt. He thinks that just because he's rich he's cleverer than everyone else. He's nothing but a stuffed shirt.
a red-letter day
1. памятный день
The day I won a prize on the football pools was a real red-letter day.
a shoot-out (Am inf)
1. разборка; перепалка; перестрелки
He was wounded during a shoot-out with the police.
a smash(ing) hit
1. оглушительный успех; пройти на ура (о спектакле)
This play was a smash hit in New York. She was a smash hit in the role of the governess.
a square (sl)
1. «ископаемое»; отсталый человек
Penny didn't like teenage parties, discos or pop music and was regarded even by her friends as a 'square'.
a stumbling block
1. камень преткновения (спорный/ трудный вопрос)
The scheme would be excellent, but its cost is the main stumbling block.
a rip-off (sl)
1. обдираловка
Did you hear how much the garage charged Ben for his car repairs? It was a rip-off!
a short cut
1. кратчайший путь; напрямик
I know a short cut to the station, which takes 10 minutes less than the usual route.
a smoke screen/smokescreen
1. дымовая завеса
The Association says that the government's review is a smokescreen to hide the need for extra funding.
a square peg (in a round hole)
1. но пришей, не пристегни; не пришей кобыле хвост (о человеке не на своем месте)
Bernard used to be a research scientist before his institute had to close down. He got a part-time job leaching, but he's a square peg. He can't handle the children and obviously can't adapt to school life. I never did understand what Paddy was doing in accounts -he was a square peg in a round hole.
a sugar-daddy (facet sl)
1. спонсор; богатый покровитель (обычно пожилой)
Betty Morgan got a mink coat from her sugar-daddy.
a road hog
1. лихач (опасный водитель)
I'm surprised he hasn't crashed his car-he's a thorough road hog.
a short memory
1. девичья память
Sometimes she doesn't remember handing in her work because she has such a short memory.
a smooth operator
1. «великий комбинатор» (обаятельный мошенник)
Don't agree to let Joe look after your finances. He's a smooth operator and you may not realize what his real intentions are until it's too late.
a squirt
1. ничтожество
I won't have that little squirt working here.
a sweeping statement
1. голословное утверждение
Aren't you making a rather sweeping statement when you claim that private doctors use the same methods as calculating businessmen?
a rough house/roughhouse (Am inf)
1. потасовка; скандал; свалка
I'm sure a referee is within his right to stop a game if he sees it degenerating into a roughhouse.
a shot in the dark
1. наобум; наугад
The detective admitted that his decision to check the factory had just been a shot in the dark.
a snake in the grass
1. змея подколодная
Beware of him - he's a real snake in the grass.
a stab in the back
1. нож/удар в спину
To have your brother t1ell the press about your private life! That must feel like a real stab in the back.
a sweet tooth
1. сладкоежка
My friend has a sweet tooth, so I always give her chocolates.
a rubber stamp
1. пешка (незначительная фигура)
The employer used his secretary as a rubber stamp and never listened to any of her own suggestions. : The committee is just a rubber stamp for the president's policies.
a shotgun marriage/wedding
1. брак вдогонку (вынужденный брак)
I think theirs was a shot-gun wedding - the bride was certainly pregnant at the time.
a snare and a delusion
1. западня; ловушка
The rocks were placed like a series of steps. This was a snare and a delusion. for each rock had been so cunningly placed that it was quite impossible to step from it to the next one.
a stag party/night
1. мальчишник
On Keith's stag night, his friends left him tied to a lamp-post in Trafalgar Square wearing only his underpants.
a swiz(z)/swizzle
1. облом (большое разочарование); обман: мошенничество
What a swiz! They've cancelled the concert I was going to tonight. Unfortunately, some charity collectors are really operating a swizzle.
a rubberneck (sl)
1. зевака
In London in summer you can't go anywhere without bumping into a crowd of rubbernecks.
a shoulder to cry on
1. тот, кому можно поплакаться в жилетку
My father had just died and I needed a shoulder to cry on. For a lot of new mums the health visitor becomes a real friend, full of sound advice and the perfect shoulder to cry on when it all gets too much.
a sob story
1. душещипательная история
Most rich people receive letters telling sob stories and asking for money.
a stalking horse
1. ширма; повод; предлог; прикрытие
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in August 1914 was the stalking horse which triggered the First World War.
a sword of Damocles (lit)
1. дамоклов меч
The newspaper reported that the army was very discontent and that this was a sword of Damocles hanging over the government.
a rule of thumb
1. неписаное правило; на глазок; метод «тыка» (приблизительный расчет)
As a rule of thumb, the bigger the company, the easier it is to buy and sell. A good rule of thumb is to cook two handfuls of rice per person. I usually work by rule of thumb.
a shrinking violet
1. святая невинность
I wouldn't exactly describe him as a shrinking violet.
a sofa spud (Am sl)
1. телеман; фанат «ящика» (смотреть телевизор, жуя и лежа на диване)
He's getting to be a real sofa spud.
a standing joke
1. дежурная шутка
Mary's "Denis who?" when her husband is mentioned is a standing joke around her.
a tell-tale
1. ябеда
Bullying often goes unreported because children don't want to be seen as tell-tales.
a safe pair of hands
1. надежные руки
He's what this troubled club needs, a good, solid manager, a safe pair of hands.
a shut-out/shutout (Am)
1. игра с «сухим» счетом
It was another shutout.
a soft spot
1. слабость; слабинка
I'm not surprised he married Maria. He's always had a soft spot for Italians.
a steal
1. дешевка; даром
This car wasn't exactly a steal at the price.
a tempest in a teacup/teapot (Am)
1. буря в стакане воды
This isn't a serious problem -just a tempest in a teapot.
a scapegoat
1. козел отпущения
The company director claimed that with his dismissal he had been made a scapegoat for the financial mismanagement of other members of the board.
a silver-tongued orator (lit)
1. златоуст
He was a silver-tongued orator who convinced many people to support him.
a soft touch
1. безотказный, уступчивый
The child is spoilt; he knows his mother is a soft touch.
a stick-in-the-mud
1. косный/отсталый человек; перестраховщик, консерватор
She's a stick-in-the-mud who won't learn word-processing. Mr Thomas is a stick-in-the-mud who plows with mules; he won't buy a tractor.
a thieves' kitchen
1. малина» (воровской притон)
He told me the story in a cafe in the Socco Chico, which is the thieves' kitchen of Tangier.
a sea dog
1. морской волк
I'm no sea dog, I always feel ill on boats.
a sitting duck
1. удобная мишень (для критики)
Не wants to criticize someone, and I'm afraid his secretary is a sitting duck.
a sore point/spot
1. Сольное место; больной вопрос
Gambling has been a sore point with him since he lost a fortune betting on horses.
a stickler for detail
1. дотошный человек; педант; буквоед
Miss Clark, the new administrator, soon became known as a real stickler for detail.
a think-tank
1. мозговой трест/центр
The pamphlet was published by the Adam Smith Institute, a right-wing think-tank.
a send-up
1. пародия; пасквиль
The play is a send-up of the 18th-century monarchy.
a sixth sense
1. шестое чувство (интуиция)
He couldn't hear or see anyone, but a sixth sense told him that he was being followed.
a soul mate
1. родственная душа/натура
He was a fellow spirit, a soul mate.
a stone's throw
1. рукой подать; в двух шагах
The beach is only a stone's throw from the hotel. They live only a stone's throw away from here.
a thorn in smb's flesh/side
1. кость в горле; бельмо на глазу (источник неприятностей, раздражения)
A relentless campaigner, he was a thorn in the government's side for years. His sister is a thorn In his flesh.
a second wind (fig)
1. второе дыхание
I've been awake for twenty hours, but I'm beginning to get my second wind, so I don't feel tired.
a skinflint
1. скупердяй; скряга; жадина; жмот
Charles Dickens' famous character Ebeneezer Scrooge is often seen as the original skinflint.
a specimen (informal)
1. типчик; фрукт; чудак
You're a useless specimen - you can't even wash up without breaking something.
a stooge
1. марионетка
At the conference, it was claimed that the presidents of several countries in Central America were stooges of the USA.
a tidy sum
1. кругленькая сумма
Have you seen what they've done to their house? That must have cost them о tidy sum.
a shady character
1. темная личность
He's certainly a shady character; don't have anything to do with him.
a slap-up meal
1. пир горой
The retiring chairman was given a slap-up meal on his last day at the firm.
a spoil-sport
1. кайфоломщик
It can't be time lo go home yet. Don't be a spoilsport and leave now.
a stool pigeon/stool-pigeon (Am fig)
1. подсадная утка
The police received information about the planned robbery from a stool-pigeon.
a tin ear (informal)
1. медведь на ухо наступил
Even to someone with a tin ear like mine, their singing sounded pretty awful.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.