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Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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a ladies' man
1. дамский угодник
Не was not much of a ladies' man, and preferred to be with his male friends.
a magic touch
1. колдовская/волшебная сила: дарование (стиль, мастерство)
The film's great success will no doubt please the 46-year director who was rumoured to have lost his magic touch.
a narrow escape
1. на волосок (от несчастья); чудом спастись/избежать ч-л
That was a narrow escape! I've been trying to avoid my neighbour all day, and I almost bumped into him in the lift.
a pack rat (Am)
1. плюшкин (старьевщик)
For me there could be nothing worse than living with a pack rat. Why are there so many things in this room?-It's my brother's room, and he is a pack rat; he is unable to throw stuff away.
a pinky
1. мизинчик
Wayne was keen on home repairs, but being clumsy, he often hit his pinky with the hammer.
a lady-killer
1. сердцеед
He thinks he's a lady-killer but most women find him boring.
a magic wand
1. волшебная палочка
Artiside has warned that he has no magic wand to provide food and work overnight.
a near miss
1. на волосок (от несчастья); чудом спастись/избежать ч-л
I managed to brake just in time but it was a near miss.
a pain in the neck (informal)
1. зануда; головная боль
My little sister won't leave me alone. She's a real pain in the neck. I'm on 24-hour call and find the night call-outs a pain in the neck.
a pipe dream
1. голубая мечта (несбыточная надежда)
Mr Peter Rees has a pipe dream that one day the British Royal family will be emperors of Europe.
a laughing-stock
1. посмешище
If I wear that hat, I'll be the laughing-stock of the village.
a man Friday
1. мальчик на побегушках
He is employed as a man Friday in a small boat-hire firm to keep the books, answer the telephone and do minor repairs to the boats.
a nest-egg/nest egg (Am)
1. заначка; сбережения на черный день
When Jules became unemployed, he had to break into his nest-egg to keep up his family's standard of living.
a paper chase (Am)
1. бумажная волокита
То receive even the smallest amount of financial aid from a college is a real paper chase.
a pipsqueak
1. козявка; букашка; мелочь пузатая
I won't have any pipsqueaks tolling me what to do!
a left-handed compliment
1. сомнительный комплимент
Phil said he had never seen anything quite like my paintings - a bit of a left-handed compliment, I thought.
a man-about-town
1. светский человек
Не has become quite a man-about-town Since he inherited his uncle's fortune.
a new lease of/on life
1. вторая молодость/жизнь
Dyeing my suede coat has given it a new lease of life.
a paper-pusher (Am inf)
1. канцелярская крыса
I don't want to talk to some paper-pusher, I want to talk to the boss.
a piss artist (informal)
1. шарлатан
Those so-called multi-media consultants were just a bunch of piss artists.
a leg man (informal)
1. мальчик на побегушках
Joe hired a leg man for the office.
a man-eater (informal)
1. вамп; роковая женщина
She had a reputation as a man-eater.
a night bird
1. гуляка
Steve was a well-known reveller in the city's late night bars, clubs and casinos and was regarded as a real night-bird.
a parting shot
1. под занавес (язвительная фраза на прощание)
His parting shot was, "I'm going to spend the evening with people who appreciate my company."
a poker face
1. каменное/непроницаемое лицо
Whenever Betty attended one of her children's performances, she managed to keep a poker face.
a live wire
1. живчик; непоседа
Не is very quiet but his sister is a real live wire.
a mark-up
1. накрутка (торговая наценка)
The cost is increased by the sales mark-up.
a nine-to-five job
1. работать от звонка до звонка
I wouldn't want a nine-to-five job. I like the freedom I have as my own boss.
a party-pooper
1. кайфоломщик
It can't be time to go home yet. Don't be a party-pooper and leave now.
a powder keg
1. пороховая бочка (взрывоопасная ситуация)
We left just before the revolution, realizing that we were sitting on a powder keg.
a load off one's mind
1. снять камень с души; гора с плеч свалилась
If you could do the accounts it would be a load off my mind, because I'm no good at figures, Good news about the baby took a load off my mind.
a memory like a sieve
1. дырявая/девичья память; память как решето
I'm so sorry. I've forgotten to bring you my dictionary again. I've got a memory like a sieve these days!
a nine days' wonder
1. однодневка (об успехе, новости)
This film star is a nine days' wonder.
a paw (informal)
1. лапа (рука)
Keep your paws off my property!
a problem child/kid (informal)
1. трудный ребенок
She is a problem kid.
a loaded question
1. провокационный вопрос
The police kept asking him loaded questions.
a millstone about/(a)round smb's neck
1. камень/хомут на шее
This huge and expensive house is a millstone about my neck. I'd rather not be in debt - I don't want that millstone around my neck.
a no-go area/district
1. закрытая зона
There is going to be no area in London which is no-go.
a peg (informal)
1. костыль (нога)
The footballer injured his left peg in training.
a prophet is without honour (in his own country) (bibl)
1. нет пророка в своем отечестве
Also on the programme are "If", who seem to be in the position of prophets without honour. Highly regarded in America, their musician-ship has yet to cut a lot of ice in this country.
a loony-bin/loony bin (informal)
1. психушка
The gunman was declared insane by the court and sent to a high-security loony bin.
a mine of information
1. кладезь знаний
He's a mine of information about insects.
a number (informal)
1. «сладкая парочка»
Maybe Marilyn will be a dish and you and she will be a number when I get back.
a pencil-pusher (Am inf)
1. канцелярская крыса
Look here, you pencil pusher, I want to talk to your boss.
a push-over (Am sl)
1. плевое дело; раз плюнуть: пара пустяков
Тhe thieves thought the robbery would be a push-over.
a loose cannon (fig)
1. мина замедленного действия
He's seen as a loose cannon by other team members. If anyone's going to get into a fight, it'll be Pete. We knew the army was out there, a sort of loose cannon in this region.
a mitt (informal)
1. лапа (рука)
Keep your mitts off my property!
a nut-case/nutcase
1. псих, шизик
Many leading specialists were thought to be nut-cases when they revealed their inventions.
a person Friday
1. мальчик на побегушках
The ad said, "Person Friday required for general office duties."
a put-up job
1. подстава
Don't you see? It was a put-up job to discredit me. I know nothing about the stolen money.
a lost cause
1. гиблое дело
Trying to book an airline seat to Florida from Chicago just before Christmas is usually a lost cause.
a Monday morning quarterback (Am)
1. задним умом крепок
Ethel was a Monday-morning quarterback about all the personnel changes in her department — she always claimed to have known what was going to happen.
a nut-house/nut house
1. психушка
The gunman was declared insane by the court and sent to a high-security nut house.
a pick-me-up
1. встряска (бодрящий напиток)
I needed a pick-me-up so I stopped at a bar on my way home.
a Pyrrhic victory
1. пиррова победа
So it looks as if the politicians have won. My only point is that it has been a Pyrrhic victory. Winning the case may well prove to be a Pyrrhic victory as the award will not even cover their legal fees.
a low blow
1. удар ниже пояса
When my roommate moved out without a word of warning, leaving me to pay the entire rent, that was a low blow.
a money-grabber
1. скопидом; жмот; жадина
Uncle James is a real money-grabber, for he didn't want to cover his only daughter's travelling expenses.
a nosey Parker/nosey parker
1. любопытная Варвара; лезть в душу; совать нос в чужие дела
I don't see why I should tell her all my plans - she's just an old nosey parker.
a pie in the sky
1. журавль в небе
He says he will get a well-paid job but I think it's just a pie in the sky.
a question mark
1. под большим вопросом
A question mark hangs over the future of the whole project.
a lukewarm reception
1. прохладный прием
His speech got a very lukewarm reception.
a month of Sundays
1. целая вечность
Torrential rain and jet-black skies can make each day seem like a month of Sundays.I haven't seen Barbara in a month of Sundays.
a one-armed bandit
1. «однорукий бандит» (игорный автомат)
How much have you lost on the one-armed bandits?
a piece of cake
1. пара пустяков; плевое дело; раз плюнуть
Winning the race was a piece of cake.
a rat fink (Am inf)
1. стукач
If I find the rat fink who informed on me, he won't live long enough to do it again.
a lump in one's throat
1. комок в горле
John's mother had a lump in her throat at his college graduation.
a museum piece
1. музейная редкость; редкий экспонат
When Clave and Craig moved into their new flat they soon realised that the crockery was so old that it looked like museum pieces.
a one-man show
1. театр одного актера
Anything Paul is involved in tends to become a one-man show, much to everyone else's annoyance.
a pig in a poke
1. кот в мешке
The new car we bought was a pig in a poke because we were unable to get a mechanic to check it before we paid for it.
a rat race
1. крысиные бега; сумасшедшая гонка
I'm looking forward to retirement. At last I'll be out of the rat race.
a magic carpet
1. ковер-самолет
Mr Smith's new car drove so smoothly it seemed like a magic carpet.
a namby-pamby
1. маменькин сынок; кисейная барышня; «неженка»
Most people think the army is no place for namby-pambies.
a pack of lies
1. сплошная ложь; сплошное вранье
Don't believe a word of it! The story's a pack of lies!
a pin-drop silence
1. мертвая/гробовая тишина
During the memorial service the congregation observed a pin-drop silence which lasted the traditional two minutes.
a ready wit/tongue
1. за словом в карман не лезть; острый на язык
I've always envied people with a ready wit who always know just what to say and when.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.