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Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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a dressing down (Am)
1. разнос; выволочка
His boss gave him a dressing down for being late so often.
a fly-by-night company
1. шарашкина контора (компания-однодневка)
It turned out to be a fly-by-night company and its manager went away without paying his debts.
a godsend
1. подарок судьбы
The extra twenty dollars a week was a godsend.
a handful
1. наказание; сущая беда (о ребенке); «подарочек»
This child can be a handful too.
a hotchpotch/hodge-podge (Am inf)
1. каша; путаница; смесь; мешанина
What do you think of my latest report? - To be honest it's a hotchpotch of ideas and opinions.
a drifter
1. перекати-поле
Don't think of employing him, he's an out-and-out drifter and you'll soon be looking for someone else.
a fly in the ointment
1. ложка дегтя в бочке меда
I enjoy my job - the fly in the ointment is that I start early in the morning.
a goggle box (Am inf)
1. «ящик»; телек; телевик
What's on a goggle box tonight?
a handout
1. подачка; милостыня
We said that we wouldn't be relying on handouts from anyone for our future.
a household word
1. у всех на устах; притча во языцех
Surely you've heard of Henry Wogan and his talk show! His name's a household word with British television viewers.
a drop in the bucket/ocean
1. капля в море
The work we can do in this area is. of course, just a drop in the bucket/ocean
a flying carpet
1. ковер-самолет
Mr Smith's new car drove so smoothly that it seemed like a flying carpet.
a gold mine/gold-mine
1. золотая жила; золотое дно
That clothes shop is an absolute gold-mine.
a happy accident
1. приятная неожиданность
We never planned to have a third child -it was a happy accident.
a hubby (informal)
1. муженек
What does hubby think of the idea?
a dry/dummy run
1. обкатка; прогон (пробное испытание)
The organizers of the procession made a dry run the week before to ensure that all would go smoothly on the day. Before putting the new magazine into circulation, we did dummy runs of two editions.
a fool through and through
1. круглый дурак, дурак набитый
Emlyn is a fool, through and through.
a good Samaritan (bibl)
1. добрый самаритянин
He's such a good Samaritan. He used to go shopping for my gran when she was ill.
a happy medium
1. золотая середина
You can surely find some happy medium between starving yourself and overeating.
a hue and cry
1. шум-гам (бурный протест)
Local people raised a terrible hue and cry about the plan to close the village school.
a dump
1. дыра, захолустье
The town is not worth a visit, it's a dump.
a fool's paradise
1. призрачный мир; счастливое неведение
James is living in a fool's paradise if he thinks things are always going to be this good.
a good trencherman
1. хороший едок; есть за двоих; не страдать отсутствием аппетита
Your wife is a good trencherman.
a hard nut to crack
1. крепкий орешек
Tom sure is a hard nut to crack. I can't figure him out.
a jalopy (humor)
1. колымага; драндулет (об автомобиле)
Do you think this old jalopy will keep going for the entire journey?
a fair-haired boy (Am)
1. любимчик (начальства)
Okay, okay. I won't do anything to hurt your fair-haired boy. And business is business We'll work together as we always have.
a frame of mind
1. расположение духа
Whether or not you enjoy the film may depend on your frame of mind.
a goody-goody
1. паинька
Sandra's a real goody-goody always doing extra homework and arriving early to lessons.
a has-been
1. бывший (человек, переживший свою славу)
Gorbachev, Thatcher, Reagan - they're all has-beens now.
a jinx (informal)
1. дурной глаз; сглаз
There seems to be a jinx on our team, because we can't seem to win.
a fall guy (Am)
1. козел отпущения
When the Savings and Loan Bank failed, due to embezzlement, the vice-president had to be the fall guy, saving the necks of the owners.
a free hand
1. карт-бланш (свобода действий)
He gave her a free hand with the servants.
a grain of truth
1. крупица правды
There's a grain of truth in what he says but it's greatly exaggerated.
a heart-to-heart talk
1. разговор по душам
Sheila's feeling very depressed at the moment. We had a heart-to-heart talk about her problems yesterday.
a Job's comforter
1. горе-утешитель
She's a real Job's comforter. She keeps telling me I'm going to die soon anyway so I shouldn't worry about anything.
a far cry from
1. как небо и земля (отличаться), диаметральная противоположность
This job is a far cry from the last one I had.
a freeloader/free-loader
1. халявщик; иждивенец
We want no free loaders in this house, so go out and earn your keep like everyone else!
a grand (informal)
1. штука; тонна; косяк (тысяча фунтов стерлингов или долларов)
That still leaves you with fifty grand.
a heavy mob
1. гоповорезы; крутые ребята
The owner of the tenement block hired a heavy mob to evict the remaining tenants.
a judgement of Solomon (bibl)
1. соломоново решение
A French judge divided custody of the child between the two parents. This judgement of Solomon was greeted by most French lawyers with incredulity.
a fare-dodger/fare dodger
1. заяц (безбилетный пассажир)
With the ticket prices rising what can you do about fare dodgers?
a friend at court/in high places (Am)
1. высокий покровитель; влиятельный друг; своя рука .
Of course she has a friend at court - her husband is the sales manager of the firm. He has plenty of friends in high places willing to support his political career.
a grass widow (humor)
1. соломенная вдова
I'm a grass widow at the moment - my husband is playing cricket in Australia.
a hen party/night
1. девичник
The restaurant doesn't allow men in on hen parties.
a kickback (Am inf)
1. «откат» (взятка за выгодный контракт)
Former Kremlin property manager Pavel Borodin stayed silent during questioning by Swiss authorities Monday over his alleged involvement in the laundering of some $30 million in kickbacks, his lawyer said.
a fat cat (Am sl)
1. денежный мешок
Breitenfeld is a fat cat who lives in Beverly Hills.
a frosty reception
1. ледяной/холодный прием
So, you've met Brian's parents at last! How did you get on? - Well, her mother gave me a fairly frosty reception at first, but I think she warmed to me.
a greasy spoon (informal)
1. забегаловка; захудалый ресторан/кафе
There's a greasy spoon on the corner of this street where he usually has breakfast.
a high-flyer/flier
1. высоко метить (о честолюбивом человеке); птица высокого полета
Their new managing director is a high-flier. A high-flier in the 80s, he was earning over $200,000 a year.
a kill-joy
1. кайфоломщик
It can't be time to go home yet. Don't be a kill-joy and leave now.
a fifth/third wheel (Am)
1. пятое колесо в телеге; пятая спица в колеснице, сбоку припека
I don't have a role in the office any more - I feel like a fifth wheel.
a fruit cake
1. псих; шизик
Many leading specialists were thought to be fruit cakes when they revealed their inventions.
a green-horn/greenhorn
1. желторотый птенец (неопытный, молодой)
Isobel was only sixteen and still a greenhorn when she arrived in San Francisco.
a high-roller (Am)
1. транжира; кутежник; азартный игрок
Не became known as a high-roller, and was invited to the biggest gambling tables in town.
a kissing cousin (old-fash)
1. седьмая вода на киселе (дальний родственник)
I didn't realize she knew Tony, but in fact, they're kissing cousins.
a fish out of water
1. не в своей тарелке
The middle-aged woman felt like a fish out of water at her daughter's party.
a fuddy-duddy
1. старомодный/старорежимный человек; «ископаемое»
My parents are fuddy-duddies.
a groaning board
1. стол ломится от яств
On church holidays and other celebrations the dining table in the Russian household was a real groaning board, loaded with all sorts of dishes and delicacies.
a home (away) from home
1. второй дом
You always stay in the same place when you go on holiday, don't you?- Yes. The same hotel in Venice every year. It's a real home from home for us. I visit Australia so often, it's become a home away from home for me.
a knock-down price
1. бросовая цена
Now that the spring has arrived, you can buy electric radiators at knock-down prices.
a flash in the pan
1. однодневка (об успехе, новости)
Тоm had hoped to be a singer, but his career was only a flash in the pan.
a fudge
1. туфта; «стряпня»
The report of the committee investigating the use of torture by police was declared a fudge by civil rights groups.
a guardian angel
1. ангел-хранитель
You thought you had a guardian angel. Well, you did, only you were looking for him in the wrong place.
a home truth
1. горькая правда/истина (неприятный факт)
It's time someone told that boy a few home truths about his behaviour.
a knock-on effect
1. принцип «домино» (цепная реакция)
We need to find a solution that doesn't have so many knock-on effects.
a flip-flop (Am)
1. поворот на 180° (резко изменить мнение, решение)
Without a warning, the government did a flip-flop on taxation. We expected Dad to do a flip-flap concerning our vacation plans.
a funny farm (humor)
1. дурдом (сумасшедший дом)
If things get much worse, they'll be carrying me off to the funny farm.
a guinea pig
1. подопытный кролик
We'd like to use you as a guinea pig to test some of our theories.
a horse of another/different colour
1. другой коленкор; совсем другое дело
You said you didn't like going to the movies, but if you don want to go because you're broke, that's a horse of another colour.
a knock-out/knockout
1. полный отпад
Our new caravan is a knockout. That singer is a knockout.
a flop house
1. ночлежка
The tramps spend the night in a flop house run by the Salvation Army.
a globe-trotter/globetrotter
1. лягушка-путешественница (бывалый путешественник)
He used to be a globetrotter, but since getting married he can't afford to travel so much.
a half-baked scheme (informal)
1. сырая/незрелая идея, план
It was just another half-baked scheme of his- it was never going to work.
a hot potato (informal)
1. закавыка (щекотливый вопрос); скользкая тема
Many school boards found segregation a hot potato in the 1960s. The abortion issue is a political hot potato in the United States.
a know-all a know-it-all (Am)
1. всезнайка
No one likes him because he's such a know-all.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.