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Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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Идиоматика- неотъемлемая часть любого языка.Она широко употребляется в устной речи , газетных статьях, художественной литературе, делая язык изложения более ярким и красочным. Нередко идиомы встречаются в названиях песен и кинофильмов.Без знания идиом невозможно понять юмор , так как именно в шутках и анекдотах часто обыгрывается многозначность идиоматических выражений. Словарь идиоматических выражений английского языка представляет собой опыт составления словаря фразеологических соответствий образных слов и выражений английского и русского языков.
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a back-handed compliment
1. сомнительный комплимент
He said he liked me a lot better than the last time he met me, which I thought was rather a back-handed compliment.
a bird/pea-brain
1. куриные мозги
She is a bird-brain.
a brain like a sieve
1. память как решето
He lost the key to his Ferrari but admitted that his brain was like a sieve.
a charmed life
1. Бог бережет (от опасной ситуации)
Не was in two airplane accidents but he had a charmed life.
a damp squib
1. провал; неудача; полное разочарование
Our first meeting to gather support for our ideas was rather a damp squib - only four people attended. Those pictures we were promised turned out to be a damp squib -I thought they would be much more exciting.
a backwater
1. «болото»
Our town is a cultural backwater.
a bird of passage (fig)
1. перелетная птица
Most of these emigrants were birds of passage who returned to Spain after a relatively short stay.
a brainwave
1. блестящая идея
While in the bath, Archimedes had a brainwave for calculating the volume of irregular-shaped solids.
a cheapskate
1. крохобор; скряга: мелкая душонка
I'm having nothing to do with a cheapskate like him!
a dark horse
1. темная лошадка
We knew how three of the four competitors would perform, but the fourth was a dark horse.
a bad patch
1. полоса невезения
He went through a very bad patch last year: he lost his job and his wife left him for another man.
a bird's eye view
1. вид с высоты птичьего полета
We had a bird's eye view of the old town from the lop of the city walls
a brat (derog)
1. щенок; сопляк; выродок
Mrs Estrupp's children are all brats.
a cheeky monkey
1. наглая тварь
You're a cheeky monkey!
a dead duck
1. дохлый номер
I'm afraid the African project is a dead duck -we can't afford it.
a bag of bones (informal)
1. кожа да кости
All the plumpness she'd acquired in middle age had gone. She was a bag of bones.
a blabbermouth
1. трепло; болтун
Tom's a blabbermouth so don't tell him anything about your love life!
a bread heel
1. горбушка хлеба
She saves bread heels for the birds.
a close call/shave
1. на волосок (от несчастья); чудом спастись/избежать ч-л
That was a close call! That van came speeding round the comer and didn't see me crossing the road! He's never had an accident but he's had several close shaves
a deadhead (sl)
1. зануда
You'll never get John to tell a joke - he's a deadhead.
a bag/bundle of nerves
1. комок нервов
Monica cannot work under pressure - she's just a bag/bundle of nerves.
a black Maria
1. черный ворон; воронок; «Маруся»
The bank robber was collared by the police and taken away in a black Maria.
a breath of fresh air
1. глоток свежего воздуха
After all the criticism, his positive comments came as a breath of fresh air.
a con-man/conman
1. кидала; проходимец; жулик
He's a bit of a conman. I'd have nothing to do with him if I were you! I suspect my business partner is a con-man so I want to stop dealing with him.
a dig (informal)
1. шпилька; камешек в чей-то огород
The politician's speech was full of sly digs at the Monarchy. The last remark was a dig at me.
a baker's dozen
1. чертова дюжина
"How many of the jelly doughnuts, Sir?" the salesclerk asked. "Oh, make it a baker's dozen."
a blind alley
1. тупиковый вариант
Тоm thinks the job of motor mechanic is a blind alley, as in ten years' time all cars may be electronic and computer-driven!
a bright spark (esp about children, pupils)
1. светлая голова; умница
At school I wasn't one of the bright sparks that went on to higher education.
a copy-cat
1. «обезьяна»
Billy is such a copycat. He bought a coat just like mine.
a dime a dozen
1. навалом, полным-полно
Mr Jones gives A's to only one or two students, but in Mr Smith's class. A's are a dime a dozen.
a ball and chain
1. путы, оковы
Our national debt is an economic bad and chain dragging us down, keeping longer-term interest rates high.
a blind date
1. свидание вслепую (встреча, организованная друзьями для незнакомых людей)
A blind date can be a huge success, or a big disappointment.
a bug
1. жучок (подслушивающее устройство)
Specialists were called in to clean the Embassy of bugs.
a couch potato/a couchpotato (informal)
1. фанат «ящика»; телеман (смотреть телевизор, жуя и лежа на диване)
Jane was in danger of turning into a couch potato when she was resting at home after her operation. Poor Ted has become such a couchpotato that we can't persuade him to do anything.
a dime-dropper (Am sl)
1. стукач
I think she's the dime-dropper who caused the roust.
a ball of fire (informal)
1. сгусток энергии.
Sally is a real ball of fire - she works late every night.
a block (informal)
1. башка
I bumped my block against the beam.
a buildup
1. «раскрутка» (реклама)
The new television series was given a terrific buildup by the popular press.
a country bumpkin (informal)
1. деревенщина
People who live in large cities often consider those who live in rural villages as unsophisticated and as 'country bumpkins'.
a dirt road
1. проселочная дорога (немощеная)
Their simple homes are often miles apart along dusty dirt roads.
a baptism of/by fire
1. боевое крещение
I was given a million-dollar project to manage in my first month. It was a real baptism of fire. Can you remember your first day in the classroom, Pat? - Yes, I had to teach maths to a class of 30 very difficult sixteen-year-olds. It was a baptism of fire, I can tell.
a blow-out (informal)
1. пирушка, кутеж
Have a blowout on your birthday!
a burning issue
1. злоба дня
Entry or non-entry into the European Common Market was one of the burning issues in British politics in the early 1970s.
a crock (humor)
1. колымага, драндулет (об автомобиле)
Do you think this old crock will keep going for the entire journey?
a dog in the manger
1. собака на сене
Don't be such a dog in the manger - you didn't went to play that record until I asked to borrow it from you!
a bash
1. тусовка
They would like to attend the New Year's Eve bash in Times Square . We were invited to the big bash for Marjory Strider's opening.
a blue movie
1. порнуха (порнофильм)
Blue movies should be shown late al night
a busybody
1. кумушка, сплетница; совать нос; лезть в чужие дела
Don't be a busybody! It's none of your business. Mr Heath said that Britain should not be an interfering busybody.
a cry-baby (informal)
1. нюня, плакса; рева; глаза на мокром месте
Don't be such a cry-baby - I hardly touched you.
a do-gooder
1. доброхот
The local vicar and his wife spent much of their time involved in charity work but were regarded by many in the town as interfering do-gooders.
a bear garden
1. базар (шумное сборище)
This office is a bear garden when the boss is away.
a blue-eyed boy/girl (derog)
1. любимчик (начальства)
Paula thinks she can do what she likes, just because she's the blue-eyed girl of the boss.
a can of worms (informal)
1. ящик Пандоры (источник бед/ несчастий)
Once you start making concessions to individual members of staff, you really open up a can of worms.
a crying need
1. острая необходимость/нужда
There is a crying need for more hospitals.
a domino effect (Am)
1. принцип «домино» (цепная реакция)
Young couples can't afford even the small houses, so the people in those houses can't move on to the bigger houses It's the domino effect
a bed of roses
1. райская жизнь; не жизнь, а малина, не жизнь, а масленица
Being the mayor of a small town is a bed of roses compared with being mayor of New York.
a bolt from the blue
1. гром среди ясною неба
His resignation was a bolt from the blue.
a carbon copy
1. точная копия
He's a carbon copy of his father.
a cushy job/life/number
1. теплое местечко; непыльная работа
You don't know of any cushy jobs in the Public Health Department, do you?
a doss house
1. ночлежка
The tramps spend the night in a doss house run by the Salvation Army.
a bee in one's bonnet
1. пунктик; причуда; идея фикс
She has a bee in her bonnet about going to America.Bill's got a bee in his bonnet about burglars; he's always imagining strange noises.
a bone of contention
1. камень преткновения (спорный/трудный вопрос); яблоко раздора
We've fought for so long that we've forgotten what the bone of contention is.
a cash cow
1. «дойная корова»
I guess we need a cash cow to start the business. Milking the cash cow is much easier than setting up a new business
a cut above
1. на голову выше
He's a cut above the average engineer.
a double-crosser/dealer
1. предатель; двуличный человек
Following the arrest, the underground resistance began to suspect that one of their own members had been a double-crosser.
a big cheese/shot (Am inf)
1. важная птица; большая шишка
Today we're being visited by some big shots from the head office. She loved being the big cheese of her company.
a boozer (informal)
1. алкаш
I used to be a boozer for years during the war.
a catch 22 (Am sl)
1. заколдованный круг
Homeless people often find themselves in a catch-22 situation: they can't afford lodgings, and employers won't hire them without a fixed abode.
a cut-throat price
1. бросовая цена
The poster on the window read: 45% reduction on alt refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Many other household appliances at cut-throat prices
a doubting Thomas
1. Фома неверующий
And I didn't believe in those flying saucers till I saw one with my own eyes. —You're a bit of a doubting Thomas, what?
a big fish
1. большая шишка; важная птица
Не works in the Ministry of Defence. and I think he's quite a big fish.
a bottleneck
1. узкое место (проблема)
The strike has created a bottleneck in the assembly department.
a chain smoker
1. заядлый курильщик
Mr Jones is a chain smoker.
a dab hand
1. дока; спец; мастак (знаток своего дела)
He's a dab hand at carpentry. She was an avid reader and a dab hand at solving difficult crossword puzzles.
a down and out/down-and-out
1. бездомный, бомж; клошар
The banks of the Seine in Paris used to be a favourite sleeping spot for down-and-outs. I just assumed he was a down and out, begging on the street corner.

Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.