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take after
1. поити в к-л; идти по стопам к-л
The boy takes after his father, he has the same red hair, big feet, and quick temper. Bill took after his uncle and began working as a volunteer for the Red Cross.
take up
1. заняться (проявить интерес), увлечься ч-л
Patsy has taken up sky-diving at the weekends. When did Jane first take up music?
2. взяться, приняться за дело/ работу; приступить к исполнению обязанностей
When does the Minister take up his office? I hope
tell on
1. настучать (донести)
The schoolyard bully warned, "If you tell on me, I'll make you pay for it." Marjorie said she'd tell on him if he pulled her hair again.
2. сказываться
His irregular eating and sleeping habits began to tell on him. All those late nights are beginning to tell on Jim's health.
touch off (Am inf)
1. повлечь за собой, навлечь, вызвать
The police action touched off another night of rioting. I His stupid remarks touched off a fight. J Careless political action can easily touch off a war.
2. быстро набросать; точно изобразить
The newspaper reports have really touched off the causes of the difficulty this time. He touched off Teddy Roosevelt as well as it's ever been done.
turn in (inf)
1. пойти на боковую (лечь спать)
Before turning in for the night he asked for an early morning call. I turned in early last night.
2. настучать, накапать (донести на к-л)
I saw the student cheating, and I thought it was unfair, but I wouldn't dare turn him in. He turned them in to the police for playing pranks that endangered the lives of others.
take apart
1. разобрать (на части)
It is much easier to take a clock apart than to put it together again. Their tasks include taking apart and reassembling large bits of furniture.
2. разнести в пух и прах, раскритиковать
The teacher embarrassed Тоm by taking his thesis apart in front of the class. Ted's latest book was taken apart by the newspapers.
3. разорвать в клочья/на части; оставить мокрое место
An experienced fighter like that should be able to take his young opponent apart in a few rounds. You'd better be careful; those boys will take you apart.
to take up my new duties as your chairman at the next meeting.
1. прервать, возразить
I took him up sharply when he mentioned the wrong date. I must take you up here, I cannot agree.
2. подхватить, продолжить (рассказ, пение и т.д.)
As soon as he stopped singing they took the song up. Г I'll take up the story where you left off.
think up
1. изобретать, придумывать, сочинять
Al's very good at thinking up excuses for not working. You can earn good money thinking up new ways to improve production in the firm.
touch on/upon
1. вскользь заметить, упомянуть; затронуть, касаться .
The President only touched on the issue of taxation in his speech. I The essay touched on the author's childhood.
turn on
1. открыть (кран); включить (свет)
Jack turned on the water. Who turned on the light?
2. пускать в ход (чары, обаяние)
She really turns on the charm when that new boy is around. She turned on a bright smile to fool her family.
3. наброситься, накинуться
The lion tamer was afraid the lions would turn on him. She turned on the men, "How can you treat your daughter like this!"
take back
1. взять (свои) слова назад/обратно
I called you an opportunist, and I take it all back I take back my unkind remarks, I see that they were not justified.
take up with
1. связаться с к-л; подружиться
Не has taken up with an undesirable crowd. She has taken up with some very strange people. For a little time after she took up with Mr Marvin, she went on singing in public.
throw at
1. запустить в к-л, бросить, швырнуть
Roger stopped, picked up a stone, aimed, and threw it at Henry. 2. бросить взгляд/замечание She threw nervous glances at him every now and then.
touch (smb) for
1. тягаться , сравниться
No competitor can touch us for speed of delivery. There is nothing to touch for mountain air for giving you an appetite. Nobody could touch him for impudence.
turn off
1. закрыть (воду); выключить (прибор)
Не turned the water off. Who turned the lights off?
2. свернуть (с дороги)
They turned off the main road.
take down (inf)
1. снять (сверху), убрать
She's going to take down those curtains and put up different ones. He was prosecuted for refusing to take the sign down.
2. сбить спесь, поставить на место
Bob thought he was a good wrestler, but Henry took him down.
3. записать (под диктовку)
I will tell you how to get to my place; you had better take it down. Please take down all these price quotations.
talk around/round
1. привлечь на свою сторону; убедить, уговорить
I talked him around to my point of view. He had a hard time talking them round, but they finally agreed to postpone the tournament.
throw off
1. избавиться; отделаться
Peter can't throw off his annoying habit of staring at people in buses. If we run fast we might be able to throw the police off. I wish I could throw off these newspaper reporters who are following me everywhere.
tough it out (Am inf)
1. не падать духом, крепиться, выдержать трудности
It looks like this snow will stop the supplies getting through and we shall be hungry for a time, but we've no choice but to tough it out. His boss has a terrible temper, but Joe is determined to tough it out.
turn out (inf)
1. оказаться, получиться, удаться
The cake didn't turn out very well. The noise turned out to be just the dog scratching at the door.
2. прибыть, собраться, прийти
A large number of voters turned out for the rally. I 50,000 people turned out during the bank holiday weekend to watch the air-show.
3. выпускать, производить, делать
They turn out three thousand cars a month. Sally can turn out a cake in no time.
4. вылезать из постели, вставать
Come on, children; time to turn out. At camp the boys had to turn out early and go to bed early too.
take for
1. принимать за к-л, считать к-л
Do you take me for a fool? At first sight you would take him for a football player, not a poet.
talk back
1. огрызаться
Don't talk back to me like that! I Mary talked back when her mother told her to stop watching television.
throw out
1. выдвинуть (идею, план), подать мысль
The professor threw out several plans for considering the course. After talking together, the group threw out several good ideas.
2. отбросить, отказаться, отвергнуть
New societies may be tempted to throw out the principles of democracy. We threw out her proposal.
toy with
1. подумывать о ч-л
I'm toying with the idea of writing a novel. Father often toys with the thought of going to live on a tropical island.
turn over
1. перетряхнуть все (при обыске)
The dissident said that his flat had been regularly turned over by the KGB. They turned room 37 over - it looked as if a tornado had hit it.
2. передать (ведение дел, ответственность)
Не has decided to turn over his business to his son. He refused to turn over funds that belonged to Potter.
take in (inf)
1. провести, одурачить, околпачить
That poor widow was taken in by the security salesman's smooth talk and gave him all her savings. Even after years of close acquaintance he could take you in.
2. взять к-л на постой, дать приют
Mrs Lawson is considering taking in students next year. Some of the local people take in students to add to their income.
3. забрать, ушить (об одежде)
This dress is too big at the waist. It needs taking in a little. J I've lost so much weight that I've had to take in all my clothes.
4. понять, разобраться, полностью осознать
I couldn't take in all that French dialogue in the movie. He took in the situation at a glance.
5. осмотреть (достопримечательности); посетить
We want to take in all the sights. We planned to take in Niagara Falls and Yellowstone Park on our trip.
talk smb into
1. уговорить, склонить
The salesman tried to talk me into buying a caravan. See if you can talk Father into lending us the car tomorrow.
throw smb out
1. сбить с мысли/с толку
The unexpected answer threw the speaker out for a moment. You interrupted me, and threw me out in my calculations.
track down
1. напасть на след; разыскать
One journalist succeeded in tracking the victims down and finding out what had happened to them. I've been trying to track down that book but haven't hud any luck. After many days, the hunters were able to track down the dangerous bear.
turn smb on (to)
1. заводить (возбуждать); интересовать, привлекать
Music really turned me on. I don't really turn you on, do I?
2. (за)интересовать, пробудить интерес к ч-л
His mother was the first to turn him on to classical music. Benjamin turned me on to transcendental meditation, and ever since I've been feeling great!
take (it) out of (inf)
1. измотать (физически)
A five- block walk in that heat could take it out of you. This construction job really takes it out of me. I find that people take so much out of me.
talk smb out of
1. отговорить, разубедить
I'd like to go camping, but my wife's trying to talk me out of it I Jim wants to give up his job - can't you talk him out of such a foolish idea!
tick off (Am inf)
1. отчитать, отругать; влететь
David had ticked her off for being late for work. You'll get ticked off for being late for work.
2. взбесить(ся), разозлить(ся), возмутить(ся)
That article ticked me off. Her rudeness really ticked me off.
3. поставить галочку
Tick off the names of the members as they vote. I Tick them off as each job is finished.
trade on
1. сыграть на ч-л (воспользоваться)
You'll always find somebody who's willing to trade on your generosity and never offer any help in return. He traded on her lack of experience and got all the advantages of the deal.
turn smb out
1. турнуть, выставить (выгнать, прогнать) .
Hush! You'll get us turned out of the library. Two members were turned out for failing to pay the money they owed.
take (it) out on smb (inf)
1. вымещать (злость, раздражение)
I know you're furious about the affair at the office, but you shouldn't take your anger out on your family. If you've had an annoying day at the office, there's no need to take it out on your wife when you get home.
talk up (Am inf)
1. превозносить до небес; расхваливать
I suppose Tom will use the chance of appearing on television to talk up his latest book. They were talking up their candidate all over the state.
2. прямо высказаться; не скрывать свое мнение
If you thought that wasn't fair, why didn't you talk up? George isn't afraid to talk up when he disagrees with the teacher.
tick over
1. потихоньку, полегоньку; жить- поживать; топтаться на месте
And how are you these days, Alex? - Well, just ticking over, thanks. After a good start, the organization is ticking over and is in need of fresh ideas.
trip up (inf)
1. сбить с толку, запутать
The teacher asked tricky questions in the test to trip up students who were not alert. The judge's questions tripped him up completely.
turn to
1. обратиться за помощью/советом
He had no one to turn to when he got into trouble. At a time like this, one turns to one's closest friend.
take off
1. снимать (одежду)
The boy took off his clothes and put on his pajamas.
2. сбросить (вес)
I took off three pounds last week! I'm so pleased that I've been able to take off all that weight and get into my good clothes again!
3. подражать, передразнивать, пародировать (ч-л речь и манеры)
Не had a way of taking off the governor that made us howl with laughter. He made a career of taking off famous people for nightclub audiences.
4. подняться (о самолете), взлететь
A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up or down The airplane took off on time.
5. снять(пьесу с репертуара)
The play was taken off after only three performances. "My Fair Lady" was taken off when it was at the peak of its success.
6. совершить неожиданный взлет; сделать стремительную карьеру
That actor's career has really taken off.
tangle with
1. связываться (вступать в борьбу, ссориться)
The minister for the Interior is a very powerful man, and you would be well-advised not to tangle with him. I wouldn't advise you to tangle with my brother, he's the strongest man in the village.
tide over
1. перебиться, дотянуть; помочь продержаться, поддержать в трудную минуту
Dinner will be served in 45 minutes. If you're too hungry to wait, have a bowl of soup to tide you over. He was taking odd jobs to tide himself over until he found something permanent. I'll lend you $20 to tide you over the rest of this week.
trump up
1. состряпать, сфабриковать (дело); придумать предлог/причину
The lawyer was able to prove that the charge against his client had been trumped up. I'm not guilty; someone has trumped up a charge. She had trumped up another excuse for not doing the work.
turn up
1. подвернуться
Apartments are scarce, but if I keep looking, something is bound to turn up. It no good waiting for something to turn up, you have to take action.
2. объявиться, появиться; нагрянуть.
He turned up with a friend of his. His name turns up in the newspaper now and then. Some old friends turned up unexpectedly.
3. стрястись, случиться
Something turned up so I couldn't go to the party.
4. усилить (звук, свет)
The TV was turned up loudly so that no one would hear them talking.
take on (inf)
1. брать/нанимать на работу
Is the supermarket taking on any more assistants? They took me on because I was a good mathematician.
2. потерять голову (от счастья или горя); горячиться, сердиться
At the news of her husband's death she took on like a madwoman. Don't take on so, he'll soon come back.
tank up (inf)
1. набраться, накачаться (выпивкой)
I saw your brother in the hotel, tanking up on beer with two of his friends. If he gets tanked up again, who will drive us home?
tie in with
1. вязаться (соответствовать)
His beliefs didn't seem to tie in at all with reality. His story does not tie in with the facts.
try on
1. прикинуть, примерить
The clerk told him to try the coat on. She tried on several pairs of shoes before she found the one she liked.
take out
1. вывести (удалить пятна и т.д.)
I need something that will take out these ink stains. There's a nasty mark on the tablecloth, and I don't think the usual washing powder will take it out.
2. повести, пригласить куда- нибудь
He's been taking out a different girl every night of the week. I I'd like to take you out to a meal on your birthday to give you a holiday from cooking.
3. снять (убить, уничтожить выстрелом)
Two snipers took out a whole platoon. Flying low, the plane took out the enemy bunker in one post.
taste of
1. отдавать чем-либо (о запахе, вкусе)
If you don't cover that dish, everything in the refrigerator will taste of cabbage. This root vegetable tastes slightly of lemon, isn't it nice!
tighten up (on)
1. закрутить гайки (ужесточить)
The police are tightening up on safety for the Queen's visit. Regulations on the testing of drugs are tightened up in the rich countries.
tuck away/in/into (inf)
1. уплетать за обе щеки; уписывать(еду)
What a delight to see hungry children tucking in like that! Mary put a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of Morris and he tucked in appreciatively.
take over
1. принимать дела, вступить в должность, взять на себя ответственность
After the manager has retired, John is likely to take over.
2. The airplane pilot fainted and his co-pilot had to take over. Who will take over the leadership of the party next time?
перенимать, заимствовать
3. The Japanese have taken over many European ways of life.
team up
1. быть в одной упряжке (объединиться для совместной работы); сработаться
It's a pleasure to team up with such excellent workers. It's strange that such a good producer and a great artist have not really teamed up well.
tip off (inf)
1. шепнуть на ушко (предупредить об опасности, выгоде и т. д.); поставить в известность
Somehow they were tipped off and left the country before the police could catch them. The class president tipped off the class that it was the superintendent's birthday.
tune in (to)
1. воспринимать, понимать, настроиться
It took me some time to tune in to that professor's way of talking about mathematics. Were you tuned in to what she was really trying to say? She's really tuned in to teenagers.
take smb aback
1. ошарашить (поразить, удивить)
The dreadful sight of the accident took me aback. His sudden change of opinion took us all aback.
tear into (inf)
1. напасть; устроить разнос; наброситься на еду
I've got a date just can't break. If I stand them up, they'll tear into me for sure. The famished man tore into the steak as though he hadn't eaten for a week.
tone down
1. смягчить (требования; тон письма, речи)
Tone down your remarks, or you'll offend a lot of people. You'd better tone down some of the opinions in your article.
turn against
1. ополчиться на к-л
They might at any time turn against their masters. Why do you turn against the party, which had given you your first chance in politics? I honestly don't know why you've turned against her, Ria, I really don't.
take smb up on smth
1. принять ч-л предложение, coгласиться
He's offered me a free ticket, but I'm not sure whether to take him up on it.
tear off
1. сорвать (одежду); разорвать, оторвать
In a matter of seconds, the passer-by tore off his coat and jumped into the lagoon to save the drowning child. L The child tore the wrapping off in his eagerness to find his birthday present.
2. рвануть (поспешно уйти, уехать), опрометью броситься
She tore off to the store because it was about to close. He jumps into the car and tears off like a race driver.
3. сварганить (плохо, наспех написать), настрочить
I'm afraid this article reads as if you tore it off in half an hour. I He tore off a poem a day for an entire month.
toss back/down/off
1. опрокинуть, пропустить (стаканчик), осушить одним глотком
Не tossed back another glass of wine. He tossed off the beer and headed for the door.
turn away
1. отпугнуть
The high prices turned away prospective buyers.
2. дать от ворот поворот, не пускать; прогнать
When the famous singer appeared at the theatre, crowds of people were turned away, for lack of room. I Clerical workers and secretaries were turned away by gangs of men when they arrived at work.
take to
1. пристраститься (приобрести привычку)
If a person once takes to gambling, it's difficult to stop. Recently I have taken to getting up earlier in the morning.
2. привязаться, полюбить
Our dog always takes to children quickly. I took to him immensely.
tell off
1. отчитать, отругать, пропесочить
Mr Black got angry and told off the boss. It's time someone told her off about her behaviour.
touch for (inf)
1. клянчить, попрошайничать; занять (деньги)
Do you think you can touch your father for the ticket money? An old man on the street touched me for $1 this morning.
turn down
1. приглушить, уменьшить (звук, свет)
Please, turn down the radio. It's too loud. They turned down the lights and began to dance.
2. отклонить, отвергнуть, отказать
They turned down his proposal. If she offers to help, I'll turn her down. His request for a raise was turned down.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.