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sack in/out (Am inf)
1. идти на боковую, укладываться, завалиться спать
We sacked out about midnight. When are you boys going to sack in?
see to
1. заняться, позаботиться о к-л; обслужить (клиента)
Will you see to that customer, please? While Donna bought the theatre tickets, I saw to the parking of the car.
2. починить, наладить
The man has come to see to the television set. The electrician's come to see to the faulty switches.
set up (for)
1. выдавать себя за к-л; претендовать
Не doesn't set himself up to be an experienced painter, but his work is pleasing to the eye. I don't set up for an aristocracy.
show off
1. пускать пыль в глаза; рисоваться
Не was afraid the others might think he was showing off or being superior. Joe hasn't missed a chance to show off his muscles since that pretty girl moved in next door.
size up
1. раскусить, составить мнение; оценить ситуацию
I can't quite size him up, he's a bit of a mystery to me. Give Joe an hour to size up the situation and he'll tell you what to do next.
saddle with
1. навязывать, навешивать (неприятные поручения)
I hate going to the airport to meet international clients but I always get saddled with it because I'm the one who can speak three foreign languages. Jim saddled Eddy with the most boring jobs so that he would leave.
seize on/upon
1. ухватиться (за мысль, идею, возможность)
This was one of the points that he seized upon with some force. He seized on any excuse, no matter how far-fetched.
settle down
1. остепениться
Harry is 40 already. I don't think he'll ever settle down. John will settle down after he gets a job and gets married.
2. обосноваться; удобно устроиться, расположиться
The Grants have lived in several parts of England, but they'd like to settle down in Norfolk. Father settled down with the newspaper.
3. взяться, приняться за ч-л
I've been trying to read this book all day, but somehow I can't settle down to it properly.
show smb up
1. ставить в неловкое положение
Pam's children showed her up in a restaurant by spilling fruit juice and food over the table. Please don't argue with me in front of our guests, it shows me up.
skate over/round
1. опускать, избегать; не касаться ч-л
Women prefer to skate over the issue of sexual preference. He concentrated on the main points of the contract and skated over the details.
sail into (Am sl)
1. наброситься (словесно); отчитать, выругать; «наехать» на к-л
I could hear Mother sailing into the children for bringing mud into the house. The speaker sailed into his opponents, showing the weakness of his, arguments in an unmistakable way
seize up
1. заклинить (о памяти); выйти из строя (о механизме)
At the job interview my mind just seized up and I couldn't even remember where I worked three years ago. My minivan just seized up, and we couldn't get it started again.
settle up
1. рассчитаться
I owe you some money for the drinks, so we'll settle up at lunch. I'd like to settle up with all the tradesmen before we leave town.
show up (Am inf)
1. явиться (прийти, прибыть)
Не promised to come on Tuesday but he never showed up. Only thirty members showed up for the yearly General Meeting.
2. оставить далеко позади; превзойти
John's high score on that Math test really showed up the rest of the class.
slam down
1. швырнуть (бросить)
She slammed down the phone when she heard who was speaking. He slammed down the letter and walked angrily out of the office.
schmaltz up (Am int)
1. выдавливать слезу, давить на жалость There is no need to schmaltz it up.
sell out
1. продаться (предать)
The officer was charged with selling out to the enemy. They thought of him as one who had sold out and was no longer to be regarded as a friend.
shack up with smb (sl)
1. сойтись с к-л, спутаться
She told me that her husband had left her and shacked up with some rich woman who calls herself an artist. I'll shack up with my boyfriend whether my parents like it or not - it's my own life.
shut out
1. отгонять мысли
After the move she couldn't shut out the thoughts of her former neighbourhood. How can I shut out such harmful thoughts?
2. обыграть «всухую»
The Dodgers shut out the Reds 5:0. The Orioles' pitcher shut the Red Fox out in a 7:0 victory.
slave away
1. вкалывать, пахать, батрачить (работать)
I'm sitting pretty in a nice house and you're left slaving away teaching a lot of nasty little children the ABC. Joseph slaved away at cutting the grass. Poor James was still slaving away at the chopping-block.
score off
1. осадить, посадить в галошу
It's not difficult to score off Jim in an argument, because he can never think of the right thing to say. Teachers could not refrain from scoring off some pupils.
send up (Am inf)
1. пародировать (карикатурно
2. He walked behind me so as to be able to send me up for the amusement of passers-by The students used to enjoy themselves by sending up the teacher's manner of speaking.
посадить в тюрьму
3. Did you know that Milton Shaefer was sent up for 15 years?- I'm the one who sent him up. 3 He was sent up for 3 years.
shake down (Am inf)
1. вытряхивать деньги (заниматься рэкетом)
The gangsters shook the store owner down every month. This looks like a good neighbourhood, we can shake down every small shopkeeper in the street for at least $100.
2. прочесать, обшарить, обыскать
They shook down all the passengers, looking for drugs. The police had to shake down every building in the street before they found the gunman.
shut up (inf)
1. заткнуться; замолчать
Everybody shuts up as soon as you mention it. Oh, shut up about yourself!
sleep on smth
1. утро вечера мудренее; откладывать решение (до утра)
Are you sure you don't want to sleep on it? You may have changed your mind by tomorrow. Don't worry about making a decision now; sleep on it, and let us know in the morning what you want to do.
scrape along/by
1. перебиваться (с хлеба на квас); едва сводить концы с концами
I can scrape along on a reduced income for a short time, but not for ever. We have to scrape along on our pensions. We scrape by, but we never have much fun.
set about smb (inf)
1. накинуться, наброситься
When I revealed the true facts, he set about me in order to make my story look ridiculous. The three men set about him with their boots and hands.
shake off
1. отвязаться, отделаться от к-л
I was never good at shaking off panhandlers who gave me a plausible story. When Helen gets me on the telephone, it's never easy to shake her off.
side with
1. встать на ч-л сторону; поддерживать
Why do you side with your mother? She was at fault, not me. The Armenians traditionally side with the Greeks against the Turks.
sleep through (Am)
1. проморгать, прослушать, прозевать
We all slept through the explanation and then had trouble getting the machine started.
scrape through
1. сдать экзамен на «государственную» оценку (на тройку); еле- еле сдать, чуть не завалить
I scraped through Chemistry. How did Edith do in Maths? - She only just scraped through. He was lucky to scrape through because he never did any work.
set about smth
1. приниматься, браться за ч-л; начинать, приступать к ч-л
As soon as she got home, she set about preparing lunch. I wanted to make a dress but I didn't know how to set about it. How do you set about building a boat?
shake up (inf)
1. потрясти (расстроить, огорчить)
Father's rather shaken up about the prospect of losing his pension. ? The bad news shook me up.
simmer down (inf)
1. остыть; успокоиться
Tom got mad, but soon simmered down. The others sat around, giving me time to simmer down; someone handed me a water-bottle.
slipup (inf)
1. ляпнуть (сказать невпопад), промахнуться (допустить ошибку)
I slipped up several times at the interview and didn't get the job. She's slipped up in the calculations.
scrape together/up
1. наскрести, накопить по мелочам
By working hard, the villagers scraped together enough money to send the boy to hospital. He scraped up the money to start his Hollywood restaurant.
set back
1. тормозить, задерживать
A war would inevitably set back the process of reform. This hold-up will set us back about three hours.
shape up (inf)
1. вырисовываться, складываться (об обстоятельствах)
The plan is beginning to shape up. The campaign is shaping up as one of the most intensive sales campaigns ever.
sing along
1. подпевать
When she switches to a Latin-rhythm version of "Sunshine Superman", Leroy sings along.
slouch about/around
1. слоняться без дела
Ever since he lost his job, he's done nothing but slouch unhappily around the house. She slouched about in a dressing gown.
screw up (inf Am sl)
1. напортачить, запороть ч-л; испортить; завалить
Don't tell me that John has screwed up his driving test yet again! I really screwed up this report.
set smb back (inf)
1. влететь в копеечку
That car of yours looks as if it set you back, Ted. The new house must have set him back a few thousand!
shell out (inf)
1. раскошелиться; отстегнуть (неохотно выложить деньги)
The traffic ticket turned out to be very expensive. I had to shell out $150. We had to shell out a lot of money to have the house insulated. Recruiters will shell out piles of cash to buy up young talents from Latin America.
sing out
1. выкрикнуть, завопить; прокричать . A voice at the back sang out that there were not enough members present for a vote. When you are ready to leave, just sing out.
slow down
1. сбросить газ, притормозить
I told him several times to slow down but he paid no attention. The road was slippery, so Mr Jones slowed down the car.
2. скинуть обороты (уменьшить нагрузку); стать менее активным
Gerald has slowed down considerably since his heart attack. The doctor advised Jim to slow down for a time, to give his heart a chance.
see about
1. заняться ч-л/к-л; присмотреть за ч-л/к-л; позаботиться
Will you see about putting the children to bed? Excuse me, I must go and see about dinner. I'll see about that boy as soon as I get back.
set in
1. наступить, установиться (о погоде, явлениях природы)
The see smb through winter has set in very early this year - snow in November. I'd like to get home before darkness sets in.
shine up to (Am)
1. заискивать, лебезить; рассыпаться мелким бесом (стараться угодить)
It won't do the student any good to shine up to the teacher like that, he will only get the marks he deserves. Smedley shines up to all the pretty girls.
sink in
1. укладываться в голове; дойти (понять, сообразить, осознать)
The fact that Ming was dead didn't sink in with his family until the next day. I When Frank heard that war had started, it didn't sink in for a long time until his father was drafted into the army.
smell out
1. вычислить; обнаружить; пронюхать
The detective smelled out the criminal's hiding place. Maggie could smell out evildoers and cast spells on them.
see off
1. проводить к-л (в аэропорту, на вокзале) .
They came to the airport to see us off. J All the parents were at the railway station seeing the children off to school.
set off/out
1. отправиться/тронуться в путь, поездку
Не set off on another of his European pleasure tours. She longed to set out for Europe, to see England, her father's country. The children were always excited to set out on a camping trip.
shoot at/for (Am)
1. метить, нацеливаться (стремиться к ч-л)
There's nо harm in shooting at the directorship, but I think you're too inexperienced for the job. We're shooting for higher production by spring.
sit back/by
1. сидеть сложа руки; оставаться в стороне; быть безучастны
He's the sort of person who never helps, just sits back and lets others work. I can't just sit by and let her get in trouble.
smoke out (Am inf)
1. выудить информацию; разузнать, разыскать
It took the reporter three weeks to smoke out the whole story. Reporters thrive on smoking out a scandal.
2. выкурить (выгнать, заставить уйти)
The few remaining enemy soldiers can easily be smoked out of their hiding place. The boys smoked a squirrel out of a hollow tree.
see smb out
1. проводить (до дверей)
I'll see you out, or you may get lost in the building. Don't trouble to see me out, I know the way.
set off
1. оттенять, подчеркивать
The dress sets off her figure. The black cloth sets off the jewels nicely.
2. вызвать, спровоцировать; привести к ч-л
Careless handling of international relations can set off a war. Don't mention the war or you'll set Grandma off reminiscing for hours.
shoot up (sl)
1. взлететь, подскочить (увеличиться, вырасти)
Prices have been shooting up even more quickly this year. Nancy began to run a fever, which eventually shot up to 40 degrees.
2. колоться (вводить наркотики внутривенно)
A heroine addict will shoot up as often as he can. The police caught him shooting up and arrested him.
sit on/upon
1. класть под сукно (откладывать рассмотрение)
The shop has been sitting on my complaint for more than a month. Are those people still sitting on your letter? It's time you had a reply!
smooth over
1. загладить, сгладить
Bill tried to smooth over his argument with Mary by making her laugh. Perhaps a gift of flowers will help to smooth your quarrel over.
see smth out/through
1. выдержать; досидеть до конца (фильма, представления)
It was a rotten film, but we decided to see it out because the tickets were so expensive. I'll see this film out now that I've started watching it.
2. довести до конца; завершить
Now that we've spent so much time planning the project, we'll have to see it through. We must see this thing through now that we've started it. Peter's assignment was hard but he saw it out to the end. The course is terrible, but I'll see it out now that I've paid for it.
set on/upon
1. наброситься, напасть
He was passing by the front door, when suddenly their dog set on him. The youth set on the old man and robbed him.
2. подстрекать
The older boys set on the younger ones to get in trouble. I refuse to have that child to the party, he always sets the others on to misbehave.
shout down
1. заткнуть рот к-л (криками заставить молчать); перекрикивать
The Labour candidate was shouted down by the angry crowd. Please, let me speak, don't shout me down without giving me a fair chance to express my opinion.
sit on smb (inf)
1. одернуть, поставить на место
That new assistant is very self-opinionated. If someone doesn't sit on him soon, I will!
snap at/up (inf)
1. ухватиться (за предложение, возможность); не упустить
I would snap at the chance of going to China for a year. There was a time when Morris would have snapped up a chance like this. Mr Hayes told Bob that he would take him skiing, and Bob snapped up the offer.
2. схватить, расхватать (быстро купить, не задумываясь)
This antique clock was a real bargain, so I snapped it up. Of course I snapped up the coat at that cheap price. All the bargains in the sale had been snapped up before we got there.
see through
1. видеть насквозь
I saw through the salesman's trick and refused to buy his goods. He's a poor liar; anyone can see through him.
set smb up
1. подставить (под удар)
I know nothing about the stolen money. Don't you see? I've been set up! The thief tried to set his companion up for punishment, but he too was caught and tried.
2. поставить на ноги; поправить здоровье; восстановить силы
You need a holiday to set you up again after all that hard work. This fine air sets me up.
shove off (sl)
1. отчаливать, сваливать (уходить)
Katya told him to shove off and stop bothering her. We can't stay any longer, we'll have to shove off.
sit out/through
1. пересидеть, пережидать (дождаться окончания); высидеть, досидеть до конца
We spent two more days there sitting out the bad weather. You can't expect small children to sit through a long movie. We didn't enjoy the play, but we sat it out. I decided to sit out the rest of the film although I wasn't especially enjoying it.
sneeze at (inf)
1. отмахнуться (отказаться, пренебречь)
A year's research in Silicon Valley! It's an opportunity not to be sneezed at! Is $1,000 anything to sneeze at?
see smb through
1. выручить; поддержать материально
Do you think two hundred pounds will see him through, or should I give him more? He was a great friend of mine and saw me through all the hard times.
set to (inf)
1. взяться/приниматься за дело; приступить
Find a spade and set to, there's a lot of work to do in the garden. I cleaned my room, then I set to help my parents.
2. сцепиться (в споре, драке)
The two brothers set to and fought bitterly. For a minute, it looked as if they'd set to, but things calmed down.
shovel down/in (inf)
1. наваливаться на еду, уминать, уплетать
It's rude to shovel your food down like that - try to eat more slowly and less noisily. Don't shovel your food in like that, it's rude to eat so quickly.
sit up (inf)
1. засиживаться (допоздна)
I sat up until midnight writing letters. Mother, please don't sit up for me. I don't like to think that you're worrying about me.
2. оживиться, встрепенуться, заинтересоваться Jane really sat up when I told the gossip about Tom. The unexpected news made him sit up.
snitch on smb (sl)
1. стучать (доносить на к-л)
I'm afraid John will snitch on me for my cutting classes. \ The children considered it a crime to snitch on one of their own group to the teacher.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.