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pack in
1. набить битком/до отказа
Safety laws limit the number of people who can occupy an auditorium. You can't just pack them in. No more supporters are allowed into the football ground: it's impossible to pack any more in.
pay off
1. откупиться (платить за молчание, услуги); подкупить
Do you think you can pay the criminals off? We had to pay off the man who got us the contract, with 5% of the profit.
2. рассчитать (уволить)
We've had to pay off ten employees because there's no work for them. L A hundred workers will be paid off when the factory closes next week.
3. отплатить той же монетой, отомстить
I'll pay him off for treating me like that. When Bob tripped Dick, Dick paid Bob off by punching him in the nose.
play down
1. умалять, преуменьшать (роль, значение, важность)
The doctors thought it kind to play down the serious nature of her illness. Because it was important, he wished to play it down.
pull down
1. снести, разрушить
Why did they pull all those houses down? The council said it would close the flats and pull them down.
put on
1. надевать одежду
He put on his coat and left the room.
2. притворяться, прикидываться; напускать/делать вид
Anka believed that his apology was insincere and that he was just putting it on. Mary isn't really ill; she's only putting on.
3. набирать, прибавлять (вес)
Mary was thin from sickness, and the doctor said she must put on ten pounds If I put on another inch, I shan't be able to wear this dress.
4. ставить (пьесу, спектакль)
The students usually put on a play at the end of the year. I hear they're putting on Shakespeare this summer.
pack smb in (inf)
1. дать отставку, бросить к-л
She's just packed her boyfriend in. He decided to pack him in.
pay smb back
1. отплатить, отомстить
I'll pay you back for this. We will pay them back for the trick they played on us.
play up
1. раздувать (придавать значение), поднимать шумиху, подчеркивать
If the press hadn't played it up so much, the affair would have been forgotten long ago. Newspaper reports play up the few accidents and injuries which do occur.
2. барахлить (о механизме)
My car's been playing up again. I Our phone is playing up.
3. проказничать, беситься
If the children start playing up, just send them out to the park. I hope the children don't start playing up when the guests arrive.
pull for
1. болеть за к-л
Whenever I watch a movie, I'm always pulling for the underdog. I can't be at the game to cheer for you, but you know I'm pulling for you.
put oneself out
1. напрягаться, не жалеть себя, брать на себя труд
Не is very selfish. Не wouldn't put himself out for anyone. Mother was always willing to put herself out to help people.
pack smb off
1. спровадить, избавиться
We decided to pay the reporter his wages and pack him off at once. The family were so ashamed of the youngest son that they packed him off to the United States.
peg away at (inf)
1. корпеть, вкалывать
If you peg away at cricket practice all your youth, there is some hope that you may be chosen for the team. We found that it didn't help much to peg away at the same passage.
play up to (inf)
1. выслужиться перед к-л; подыграть к-л
Did you think the professor's joke was really funny or did you laugh just to play up to him? I played up to his vanity.
pull in
1. прибыть, подойти (о поезде)
As the 4.30 to Newcastle pulled in, there was a mad scramble to get on.
put out
1. гасить, тушить (свет, пожар)
Please, put out the light when you leave the room. The firemen put out the blaze.
2. выпускать (издавать); производить (товар)
For years he had put out a weekly newspaper. The firm has put out an increased number of bicycles this month.
pack smth in (inf) , pack it in (Am)
1. завязать, бросить (перестать делать)
I've packed gambling in. I've been losing too much money. She didn't like her new job at all and was thinking of packing it in.
perk up
1. оживить(ся), приободрить(ся), встряхнуть(ся)
Mary perked up as soon as Jim's name was mentioned. Peter perked up. He rose from his chair. "Now that's a thought," Bruno said, perking up a bit. "
play with
1. подумывать о ч-л, прикидывать (в уме)
I played with the idea of going to work abroad, but I think I'd miss home too much. He had played with the idea of moving her to an apartment of her own.
pull off (inf)
1. провернуть (о сделке), удаваться
Much to our surprise, he pulled off the deal. I never thought we'd ever stage this play, but somehow we pulled it off.
put smb down
1. делать посмешище из к-л, незаслуженно критиковать, пренебрежительно отзываться
April never gives her boss credit for anything. She's always putting him down, although he's a very competent man. Why do you have to put me down in front of everyone like that?
pack up (inf)
1. забарахлить; выйти из строя (сломаться)
Halfway up the hill the engine packed up. The heating in the hall packed up. My car has actually packed up so I need to take the second car.
peter out
1. улетучиться, иссякнуть, уменьшиться
Their enthusiasm soon petered out. But as he thought of her, his anger slowly petered out.
plonk down
1. плюхнуть(ся)
She plonked down in an armchair and lit a cigarette. The workman plonked down his heavy bag of tools.
pull (oneself) together
1. взять себя в руки
Не had taken some minutes alone in his room to pull himself together. I'll be all right as soon as I can pull myself together.
put smb off (inf)
1. отвлекать, мешать
The baby's screams put me off and I couldn't finish my homework. Little Jeannie began to tell the guests some family secrets but Father was able to put her off.
2. отбить желание/охоту; отвращать; оттолкнуть
I wanted to see the new play at the Grand, but the newspaper review put me off. I was hungry, but the smell of the bad meat put me off, and I didn't want my food. What put me off him was the way he only talked about himself.
3. вызвать замешательство, обескуражить
I was rather put off by the shamelessness of his proposal. The man slovenliness put me off.
4. высадить (из транспорта)
Could you put me off at the hospital, please ? Here is a bus which'll put you off at the end of our street.
pad out
1. раздуть (объем написанного)
She had a habit of padding out her essays with a lot of long quotes. J The book was padded out with uninteresting descriptions.
pick on (inf)
1. цепляться, придираться; дразнить; приставать
You're always picking on me. She told Mom the boys were always picking on her.
plug away at (Am)
1. вкалывать, корпеть над ч-л
If you keep plugging away at your biology, you can't help but succeed. John kept plugging away at the trumpet until he became pretty good at it. If you keep plugging away at it, the painting will soon be done.
pull out
1. выйти из игры, дать задний ход
I don't like the latest developments in the plan, so I'm going to pull out before it's too late. A good business person senses when to jump into a deal and when to pull out.
2. тронуться, отойти (о поезде)
The Tyne-Tees express pulled out at 8.27 on the dot. Her parents were beaming approval as the train pulled out of the station.
put smb on (Am inf)
1. разыгрывать к-л, морочить голову, дурачить
In the USA, if someone doesn't believe you, they might say, "You're putting me on!" I don't believe you, you're just putting me on.
palm off
1. сбыть с рук, сбагрить, втюхать
I said he was an expert at palming things off. See what kind of cement those bloody crooks palmed off on me!
pick up
1. набраться, нахвататься (знаний, умений), освоить, научиться ч-л .
Where did you pick up your Russian? . You can always pick up new ideas if you keep your eyes open. There is no formal training for a job like this. You just pick it up as you go along.
2. идти на лад/на поправку; наладиться (о здоровье, погоде, бизнесе)
Dad's been quite ill, but he's picking up again now. Trade has been picking up again since the winter. When is the weather going to pick up?
3. поймать (радиостанцию)
This powerful radio can pick up stations from halfway round the world. It was easier to pick up Radio Luxembourg than Radio One.
4. забрать (зайти, заехать за к-л/ ч-л)
I'll pick you up from the tennis club at six. Please, will you pick up my parcels at the post office as you pass?
5. подцепить (познакомиться)
That's the girl Sam picked up at the disco. Some men go to dances just to see if they can pick up a girl for the night.
6. подцепить, подхватить (о болезни)
Influenza isn't as easy to pick up as most people tend to believe.
plug in (Am inf)
1. въехать, врубиться (понять)
I didn't plug in to what she was talking about.
pull through
1. выкарабкаться (выжить, остаться в живых)
The patient has very serious injuries, but we have hopes that he will pull through. Only after several weeks were they certain that she would pull through.
put smb out
1. обременять, утруждать, напрягать
Don't think you're putting her out in any way. She likes nothing better. Will it put you out if I borrow your pen?
2. вывести из себя, раздражать
His rudeness really put me out. Father was put out when Jane spilled grape juice on his new suit.
pan out
1. выгореть, получиться
I thought it was a good idea, but now I don't think it will pan out. Things didn't pan out too well.
pile up (inf)
1. врезаться, разбить(ся), столкнуться (о транспорте)
When the police arrived at least four cars had piled up. A bus and three cars piled up on the main road this morning.
2. накапливать(ся), скопиться
He piled up a huge fortune. The leaves piled up in the yard.
plump down
1. плюхнуться, рухнуть
On arriving home from work, Helga would plump down into an armchair with a glass of sherry. Clara plumped herself down on the bed.
pull up
1. подъехать и остановиться
The rain stopped as we pulled up to the hotel. Braun shifted forward and told the driver to pull up.
2. подтянуть(ся), улучшить
You'll have to pull up your English to a higher standard if you want to pass the examination.
3. пропесочить, отчитать (отругать)
The police pulled the driver up for breaking the speed limit.
put smb up to
1. надоумить, навести на мысль, науськать
Was it her own idea or did someone put her up to it? I think I know who put him up to cheating.
pass away
1. уйти в мир иной, скончаться
Her uncle passed away last week. When I pass away, I want to have lots of flowers and a big funeral.
pin down
1. вычислить, выяснить, установить причину
The firefighters finally were able to pin down the source of the odour. The police tried to pin down the blame for the fire in the school.
polish off (inf)
1. смести подчистую (съесть); закончить в два счета
Don't polish off all the food before we get there! It didn't take the children long to polish off the rest of the cream cake.
2. разделаться с к-л/ч-л, быстро расправиться
You have to polish off three experienced players before you can win the prize. If everyone helps, we can polish off this job today She polished off the rest of the typing in no time.
push off (inf or sl)
1. отчалить, отвалить, свалить (уйти, уехать)
It's time for us to push off. Push off at once! Well, I must be pushing off now; it's getting late.
put smth down to smth
1. приписать, объяснить, отнести на счет ч-л
I put his bad temper down to his recent illness. Li Jim puts his success down to hard work.
pass for
1. сойти за к-л ; быть принятым за к-л
Do you think he will pass for а cook wearing that hat? She could pass for a much younger woman.
pin on
1. возлагать (надежды)
I pin my faith on public opinion.
2. катить бочку, шить дело, обвинять, свалить вину
It amused Wilf to watch David trying to pin a crime on him he hadn't committed. They pinned the murder on the wrong man.
polish up
1. отточить, отшлифовать (улучшить)
The content of the essay is fine. Just polish up the style a bit. Ann was polishing up her classical Greek.
push smth on (to) smb
1. спихивать, наваливать, навязывать
They're pushing all the unpleasant, tiresome jobs on to the new clerk. It isn't fair. She's always pushing second helpings on her guests. He hated insurance salesmen trying to push an unwanted policy on him.
put up (at)
1. остановиться(переночевать)
He always puts up at the Crown Hotel when he's in town. The traveller put up at a motel.
pass off
1. проходить, утихнуть, постепенно исчезать (о боли, ощущениях)
Take this tablet and the pain should pass off within an hour. Fortunately, the effects of the gas passed off relatively quickly.
2. сбыть некачественный товар, сбагрить, всучить
The police caught him for passing off false money. The dishonest builder passed off a poorly built house by pretending it was well constructed.
pin smb down
1. поймать на слове, припереть к стенке, связать обещанием
The reporter pinned down the governor on the issue of conservation measures. I tried to pin Bob down to fix my bicycle tomorrow, but he wouldn't say he could.
pop in (inf)
1. заскочить, зайти по дороге .
Не popped in for a moment and then left. If you're passing by, you should pop in for a chat some time.
put across
1. донести (мысль, идею), объяснить
Try to put your explanation across as simply as possible, so that no one will have trouble with technical terminology. Good teachers are the ones who are able to put things across well.
put up with
1. выносить (терпеть), мириться с ч-л
The visitors could put up with any amount of boredom. How do you put up with that noise all day long?
pass smb/smth off as
1. выдать за к-л/ч-л; представить
Не passed his secretary off as his wife. J She passed the idea off as her own.
pine for
1. чахнуть, сохнуть, тосковать по к-л/ч-л
Helen pines for you. Although the boy had lived in his new country for three years, he was still pining for his homeland.
pop off (Am inf)
1. срываться, катить бочку, наорать на к-л
She's always popping off about her husband's relatives. Don't keep popping off at me. It's not my fault that he's not here.
2. сыграть в ящик (умереть)
No one expected her to pop off like that.
put away (inf)
1. откладывать, экономить (о деньгах)
Не puts a little away every week for his grandchildren. You may want to put something away for a rainy day.
2. умять, смолотить, заглотить; приговорить (съесть, выпить)
She put away three bars of chocolate and two cans of soda. I've put away more white wine than is good for my digestion.
pass out
1. вырубиться, потерять сознание, упасть в обморок
My head thumped solidly on a rock and I passed out. When the young man heard the news, he passed out with the shock.
pipe down (inf)
1. угомониться, успокоиться
Please, tell your son to pipe down; I can't hear the film! Pipe down, you boys at the back there, we can hardly hear ourselves think.
prey on (inf)
1. греть руки на к-л/ч-л, грабить
Gangsters preyed on business of many kinds while the sale of liquor was prohibited. The rich have been preying on the poor for centuries.
2. терзать, мучить, угнетать
Poor health had preyed on him for years. \ Business worries preyed on his mind.
put back
1. отложить, перенести; тормозить; тянуть с ч-л
The effect is to put back the date of opening of the third airport. These bills have to be put back to a day when there will be time.
pass over
1. пропустить мимо ушей, обходить молчанием; не обращать внимания
"You must've had а long engagement, "Loretta said, but Alice passed that over. The committee decided to pass over the small faults in your report as the general effect is very good.
2. уйти в мир иной, скончаться
I'm sorry to hear that your favourite uncle passed over last week.
pitch in (inf)
1. навалиться, налечь (на еду, работу)
If everybody pitches in, we'll soon have the job finished. As soon as the food was put on the table, all the children pitched in without waiting to be invited.
psych out (sl)
1. вычислить к-л, раскусить, разгадать
Sue sure has got Joe psyched out. He was trying to psych out her intentions. I psyched him out at once.
put down
1. подавить, усмирить, пресечь
The troops easily put down the rebellion. The police are attempting to put down violent crime in the city.
2. записать
Make sure you put down every word she says. All you have to do is put down exactly what we've just said. The policeman put down the names and addresses of the witnesses.
pass smb over (usu passive)
1. обойти (пo службе)
When raises were given, my secretary resented being passed over. Neither of us got the job. We were both passed over.
2. pass up
упускать (случай, возможность)
3. Don't pass up the opportunity to see the eclipse of the sun today. Never pass up a chance to improve your English.
patch up
4. уладить (ссору); наладить, залатать (отношения)
Many а village quarrel was patched up that morning. The director and the chairman seem to have patched up their differences of opinion.
plank down
1. раскошелиться, выложить деньги не раздумывая
Не planked down the money and called for drinks for everyone. Few people can afford to plank down the whole cost of a house.
puff up (inf)
1. приукрасить, расхвалить (незаслуженно)
I think the newspapers have puffed up her performance; she wasn't all that good.
put off (inf)
1. переносить, откладывать; медлить He had intended to put off seeing Daisy until after he had seen Gertrude. Don't put off going to the dentist's if you have toothache.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.