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Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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gang up on/against (inf)
1. ополчиться на к-л
They are ganging up against you. It is not fair for an entire group to gang up on one person.
get on to/onto smb
1. выйти на к-л, добраться до к-л
The police have finally got on to the man who was blackmailing the politician. He tricked people for years until the police got onto him.
2. связаться, наладить контакт
I complained to the shop about the faulty washing machine and they said they would get on to the manufacturers. I'll get on to her right away.
get through with
1. разделаться, закончить
As soon as I get through with this washing, I'll help you. I'll telephone you when I get through with this pile of papers.
go for (inf)
1. быть «за», одобрять; питать слабость, нравиться
I don't like his design, but I certainly go for (hat one. I don't go for his idea, I think it's dangerous. I really go for progressive jazz. Do you go lor tall men ? - I go for clever men, whatever they look like.
2. задаться целью (стать к-л, сделать ч-л)
Joanna is going for the tennis championship this year. Her son is going for a doctor! Isn't that splendid?
3. относиться, касаться к-л, распространяться на к-л
What I've said about Smith goes for you, too. You must arrive on time or be dismissed - that goes for all workers, not only those who've been late in the past.
4. наброситься, накинуться
Molly went for James about being late as soon as he got home. I We have to tie up our dog because he loves to go for letter carriers.
grow out of
1. проходить со временем/возрастом (о склонностях, симпатиях и т.д.)
As a child she used to stutter, but she grew out of it. Don't worry, he'll soon grow out of wanting to be a fireman.
get above oneself
1. задирать нос, важничать
She's got a bit above herself since she went to live in London. She's been getting above herself since she won the singing competition.
get on to smth
1. переходить, приступить (к спору, вопросу, теме)
When are we going to get on to something useful? . That's something we'll get on to in the future.
get to (Am inf)
1. подмазать, дать взятку, подкупить
Policemen in this country cannot be got to. The prisoners escaped after getting to the guards to leave the gate open.
2. запропаститься, пропасть, задеваться
Where did you get to? I've been looking for you everywhere. I don't know where my ring has got to.
3. взяться/приняться за дело
We must get to work at once. We got to reminiscing about college days.
4. доставать (действовать на нервы)
This loud music really gets to me. Mother's crying always gets to him.
go in for
1. увлекаться, интересоваться, заниматься ч-л
I don't go in for the dances. How long has Jim gone in for stamp collecting?
get along with
1. ладить, находить общий язык
The proprietor of that men's store gets along well with his employees. The two children are getting along very well.
2. продвигаться, делать успехи, преуспевать
Не is getting along very well with his English. How is Tom getting along with his new book ?
get on (with)
1. ладить, находить общий язык
It's funny how they don't get on, Mark and Cyril. You seem to be getting on well with the Chairman.
get up
1. наряжаться, облачаться
Several people were got up as frontiersmen. The children are got up as ghosts.
2. выучить, разучить
Bill is getting up his maths formulas for the test tomorrow. How quickly can you get up this piece for the concert?
go into
1. вдаваться в подробности
We haven't enough time to go into the history of the case. There was no time to go into the question of the rights and wrongs of the struggle.
get at smb (inf)
1. пилить (ругать, критиковать) доставать (надоедать)
She's always getting at her husband for not helping her with the housework You are always getting at me.
get out of (inf)
1. отвертеться (избежать ч-л); отлынивать, увиливать
I'll try and get out of my lesson tomorrow. He wished there were a way to get out of the final exam. Fred always gets out of doing the washing up by saying he's busy in the garden.
get up to
1. учудить, натворить
Tim brought a dead mouse home yesterday. - Good grief! Whatever will he get up to next? Whatever will the students get up to next?
go off
1. скиснуть, портиться (о продуктах)
This milk has gone off. I shall complain to the shop: this meat started going off the same day that I bought it.
2. удачно пройти (о мероприятии)
The party went off very well. They wanted all the arrangements to go off smoothly.
3. охладеть, разонравиться
I used to eat a lot offish but I've gone off it a bit recently J I'm not going to go off you after one argument!
get away
1. сбежать (часто с места преступления); вырваться (уехать)
We always try to get away from the noise and heat of the city for a month or two each summer. The bank robbers used a stolen car to get away.
get (smth) over
1. оклематься, оправиться (после ч-л трудного или неприятного)
I don't think he will ever get over the loss of his wife. I hope you soon get over your trouble.
2. разделаться, закончить
When I finally got the proofreading over, I was ready for a day off. I'm glad to get all that dental work over with.
give away
1. выдать (секрет, чувства, происхождение и т.д.)
Не pretended to be English, but his faint Greek accent gave him away.
2. заложить к-л; предать, выдать
Nobody knows I've done this, so please, don't give me away!
go on
1. стукнуть, исполниться (о возрасте)
My dog is going on eight. That's middle age by canine standards. I don't know her exact age, but she may be 41 going on 42.
get away with (inf)
1. сходить с рук Не might have bribed her and got away with it. I'm not going to allow Anne to get away with an offensive remark like that.
get smb down
1. давить на к-л (повергать в депрессию)
This miserable weather really gets me down. Don't let Mary's troubles get you down.
give in
1. сдаться, пойти на уступки, уступать (перестать сопротивляться)
They gave in to the strikers' demands. We mustn't give in to threats. At first he wouldn't let her drive the car but eventually he gave in.
go on at (inf)
1. пилить, цепляться, ругать; приставать с просьбами
My last English teacher was very hard to please. Every day he went on at me about something or other. She's always going on at the children for one thing or another She's been going on at me for a year to buy her a new coat.
get back at (inf)
1. отплатить, отомстить
John played a joke on Henry, and next day Henry got back at him. The elephant waited many years to get brick at the man who fed him red popper.
get smth across to smb
1. донести (ясно изложить)
A good speaker can get his idea across to his audience without much effort. I can't seem to got my message across.
give off
1. отдавать ч-л (пахнуть); источать (аромат); выделять (тепло, энергию)
The milk must be bad, it's giving off a nasty smell. Some flowers give off their richest fragrance at night. Certain chemical changes give off energy.
go out
1. сходить куда-нибудь, развлечься
She is pretty and goes out a lot. Let's go out tonight: there's a good film showing at the local cinema.
2. погаснуть
Suddenly the lights went out. Have you a match ? My cigarette has gone out.
3. выйти из моды
I hope plastic coats will soon go out. They're not very comfortable. Long skirts went out after a short season of popularity.
get back to smb
1. отзвонить, выйти на связь, связаться
I don't have the information you need just now, so I'll get back to you later. I'll take advice on this matter and get back to you later.
get round
1. облететь (распространиться)
The rumour soon got round the whole village. I Stories have been getting round concerning the government's secret intentions.
give out
1. истощиться, иссякнуть (о терпении, запасе)
His patience gave out and he slapped the child hard. The water supply at last gave out.
2. испустить, издать (о звуке)
Не gave out a low moan. Suddenly she gave out a loud scream and clutched at me.
3. выйти из строя, сломаться; отказывать
The motor gave out suddenly. Mother can't walk very far now, her legs quickly give out.
go over
1. пройтись (повторить, проверить) Let's go over the structures we studied last week. Let's go over this scene again until you're sure you know it.
get by
1. с трудом удаваться/справиться; проскочить
Yesterday I took the test and hope I got by . He took the bar exam and just barely got by.
get round smb
1. уломать (уговорить, убедить)
Jenny's trying to get round her father to buy her a horse! I think I cаn get round my father to lend us the car
give oneself over to
1. предаваться ч-л, отдаваться целиком
I gave myself over to dreams for a few minutes. He gave himself over to grief.
go through
1. пережить, вынести (потери, трудности)
Most families went through quite a lot during the war. After all he's been through, he still keeps so cheerful!
get by (with)
1. перебиваться; выживать
I get by with a little help from my friends. On such a small income it is impossible to get by.
get round smth
1. выйти из положения, найти вы ход, решить проблему
Нe couldn't pay his rent, but he got round it by borrowing some money. We could get round the lack of player, by removing the last piece of music from the concert programme.
give over (inf)
1. кончать, завязывать с ч-л; перестать, прекращать(ся)
It's time you gave over such childish behaviour. If you don't give over, I'll smack you. The rain is giving over. Let's start our journey.
go through with
1. довести до конца
He says he'll climb Mount Everest, but I doubt if he'll go through with it. The government is determined to go through with that legislation.
get down to
1. взяться, приняться за ч-л
Calculus isn't difficult at all, once you get down to it. It's time you got down to your studies or the other students will leave you behind.
get round to
1. взяться/приняться за ч-л, приступать
I haven't got round to read ing your essay yet, but I'll look at this evening. The committee will get round to your suggestion after they've dealt with urgent business
give up
1. завязать (бросить привычку), прекратить, перестать
I'll never be able to give up smoking. Sugar? - No, I gave it up long ago . They gave up the search.
2. признать поражение, сдаться
The war will be over when one of the countries gives up. I give up. What's the right answer ?
3. поставить крест на к-л (не верить в выздоровление)
Johnny was given up by the doctors after the accident, but he lived just the same. The doctors had given the patient up but he made a remarkable recovery.
go under
1. лопнуть, прогореть (о бизнесе)
The company was weak from the start, and it finally went under. Many small firms go under to strong competition from big business.
2. вырубиться, потерять сознание (под воздействием медикаментов)
Don't start the operation till you're sure she's gone under. Ether was the first anesthetic to make patients go under.
get in with smb (inf)
1. завязать отношения (к собственной выгоде); втереться в доверие
She's been trying to get in with the social leaders of the town for some time. It will be to your advantage to get well in with the leaders of the city council.
get smb off with smb (inf)
1. свести (познакомить с лицом противоположного пола)
Mark's always on his own. Can't his sister get him off with one of her girlfriends? Why don't you stop trying to get me off with your sister
go along with
1. пойти на ч-л, принять, согласиться
Suggest putting the child in a private school. Maybe the parents would see sense and go along with it.
go with
1. подходить; гармонировать (об одежде, характере и т.д.)
The shirt goes well with those trousers. She is a girl with the temperament that goes with being a red- head.
get off (Am)
1. отделаться (ограничиться ч-л)
Dick was lucky, he got off with a warning and a small fine of $50. Alex crashed his car, but luckily he got off with only a few scratches.
2. трогаться в путь, отправляться в поездку
We have to get off on our journey tomorrow. We got off at the crack of dawn.
3. отпустить (шутку), удачно пошутить
The governor got off several jokes at the beginning of his speech Carl always manages to get off a good one before he gets serious.
get smth off
1. вывести (удалить пятно/грязь)
There's a coffee stain on your shirt. - I know. I couldn't get it off. There's a dirty mark on the wall that I can't get off.
go (a)round
1. хватить (на всех)
So many people came that there were not enough sandwiches to go around There should be enough soup to go around the whole family.
gobble down/up (inf)
1. есть за обе щеки, уплетать, уминать, трескать (есть быстро и неопрятно)
Не had a huge sack of apples and he was gobbling them down. I've never seen anyone gobble up so much for breakfast.
get off on smth (sl)
1. тащиться (получать большое удовольствие); наслаждаться
Не gets off on loud music, but I don't. I really get off on Russian cuisine.
get smth over to smb
1. донести (мысль, идею)
Professor Wright knows his subject, but he's not very good at getting over his ideas to his students. How do I get it over to you?
go down (well/badly)
1. (не)прийтись по вкусу
My idea didn't go down very well. He gave a humorous account, which went down quite well, of how he had done it.
goof around/off (Am inf)
1. лодыря гонять, прохлаждаться, бездельничать, филонить, сачковать
You'll never get your studying done if you spend half your time goofing around. The supervisor told us to stop goofing around and get back to work again That stenographer is always goofing off in the company cafeteria instead of getting my letters typed. He was always flirting with all the waitresses and letting them goof off on the job.
get on
1. преуспевать, продвигаться, делать успехи .
He's getting on very well in his new job. How is your work getting on ? - It's getting on nicely, thank you.
get through
1. соединиться, дозвониться (по телефону)
I am trying to call London but I can't get through. I tried to telephone you but I couldn't get through, the wires were down in the snowstorm.
2. одолеть, справиться с ч-л (успешно закончить)
I got through the book in one evening. Jimmy got through a big plate of spaghetti and then asked for a second helping!
go down with
1. свалиться, слечь, заболеть
Most of my colleagues have gone down with flu. Our holiday was fine until Jim went down with a bad cold
grow on smb
1. понравиться, полюбить, оценим, (со временем)
I didn't like the song at first, but it grows on you the more you hear it. I wasn't sure about that painting when you brought it, but it's growing on me.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.