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Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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face up to
1. смотреть правде в глаза, трезво смотреть на вещи
She refuses to face up to reality and still believes the project will be a success. You're going to have to face up to the fact that you're not going to get that job
feel up to smth
1. быть в состоянии/силах (делать ч-л); по силам
After three weeks in hospital, I don't feel up to decorating the house. I Do you feel up to a three-mile run?
flake out (inf)
1. рухнуть, отрубиться, вырубиться, отключиться (уснуть в изнеможении)
When I got to the hotel room, I just flaked out on the bed. Tired out by their journey, the travellers flaked out as soon as they reached their hotel room.
fade away/out
1. замирать (о звуке), затихать. вдали
The band moved on and the music faded away. The sound of the chopper had faded out.
ferret out (inf)
1. выудить, разузнать, докопаться до ч-л
Sandy was a superb reporter, tireless in ferreting out whatever facts were needed for her story. Ferreting out the details of his colleagues' private lives was his hobby.
flip out (Am sl)
1. спятить, крыша поехала
It's impossible to talk to Joe today - he must have flipped out.
2. взорваться, выйти из себя
Не flipped out in a court, yelling and screaming about his rights.
3. прыгать до потолка (радоваться)
The kids really flipped out the first time they saw the new computer.
fag smb out (inf sl)
1. изматывать, изнурять, утомлять
That last game really fagged me out. I'm fagged out, let me rest a minute
fiddle around
1. околачиваться, болтаться без дела
Some of the lads had been fiddling around when they should have been working. I He should stop fiddling around and go out and get a job.
flop down
1. шлепнуться, плюхнуть(ся), рухнуть
Jimmy flopped down in the chair. The postman flopped his heavy bag down for a short rest.
fall about (inf)
1. покатываться со смеху, хохотать.
I told Mike about Sue's car breaking down again and he fell about at the news. When we complained they fell about laughing.
fight off
1. отбиться (от назойливого внимания)
The film star had a difficult job to fight off reporters as she was getting into the car. She was always having to fight off men who wanted to marry her.
flunk out (Am sl)
1. вылететь (быть исключенным из учебного заведения)
He flunked out of Harvard just after one year. Fred flunked out of college during his junior year.
2. провалиться, засыпаться (не справиться); завалить (предмет)
The camera ran out of film so we flunked out as photographers. Bill is about to flunk out Geometry.
fall away
1. отвернуться, отойти, отпасть
After the divorce, her friends slowly fell away. Some of our formerly loyal members have fallen away
figure on
1. рассчитывать на ч-л
We did not figure on having so many people at the picnic.
fob off (inf)
1. всучить, сбагрить, втюхать (навязать обманом)
Hе fobbed defective goods off on his customers. My sister fobs off her unwanted clothes on me.
fall back on
1. прибегнуть (к доводам, аргументам)
He fell back on the old argument that if you educate women they won't be such good wives and mothers.
2. опираться на к-л/ч-л
When his wife died, at the age of 32, he loll back on friends and family for support. Peter knew that even if his business venture in Tokyo was not successful he could always fall back on his English teaching skills.
fill in (for)
1. замещать (работать за к-л)
The teacher was sick and Mis Jones filled in for her. The Math's teacher is ill, so I'm filling in for a few weeks until she comes back
fold up
1. сворачивать, закрывать (дело, бизнес)
They had no choice but to fold up their offshore operations. She had known too many businessmen fold up through bad management.
2. сломаться (морально) When he told her about the dog's death, she folded up. When his wife left him, he simply folded up.
fall down on (inf)
1. провалиться, не справиться
It was disappointing to see him fall down on the job. 2 Jane did quite well in her piano examination, but toll down on music history.
fill smb in
1. ввести в курс дела, просветить (проинформировать)
The new boy didn't know the rules so Boh filled him in. Not having been to the conversation, my associate asked me to fill him in.
fool around (inf)
1. болтаться, слоняться без дела, валять дурака, бездельничать
Stop fooling around, we have serious work to do. If you go to college, you must work, not fool around.
2. крутить роман, ухаживать
Don't fool around with another man's wife. I'll bet you were fooling around with Miss Roach.
fall for (inf)
1. клюнуть на удочку, попасться на крючок (поверить)
It was a stupid trick and I fell for it. Falling tor his hard-luck story just proves how gullible you are. Don't fall lor empty promises.
2. увлечься, влюбиться
I was sure he'd fall for her. Dick fell lor baseball when he was a little hoy. Helen was a very pretty girl and people were not surprised that Bill fell for her.
finish with smb
1. порвать (отношения)
The butcher's overcharged me three times, so now I've finished with him . I'm glad that Alice has finished with that worthless young man.
fork out/over/up (inf)
1. раскошелиться, выложить денежки
We've done the work but the customer won't fork out. He had to fork over $50 to have the car repaired. His old man's forked up at last.
fall in with (inf)
1. сойтись (случайно познакомиться и подружиться)
On the cruise we fell in with a couple from Boston. He had the luck to fall in with the American humorist, Tom Lehrer.
2. поддерживать, принимать, соглашаться, присоединяться (к мнению), разделять (взгляды)
The whole committee at once fell in with the chairman's suggestion. I'm glad to see that you all fall in with me on this question.
fink on smb (Am sl)
1. стучать, донести (сообщить)
How did the police know? Someone must have finked on him
fritter away
1. транжирить, тратить впустую (время, деньги)
It's easy to fritter away a fortune if you're not careful. You've been frittering away the whole afternoon instead of working.
fall off
1. упасть, свалиться; оторваться, отвалиться
Henry fell off his bicycle. My top button has fallen off.
2. падать, снижаться, уменьшаться (о ценах, посещаемости и т.д.)
If the price of seats goes up much more, theatre attendance will begin to fall off. Economic growth will fall off only slightly.
fish for
1. напрашиваться (на комплимент, приглашение), набиваться
I was never invited, and I never fished for an invitation. I think he was just fishing for compliments.
2. выуживать (пытаться получить информацию)
I think he must be a policeman, he keeps fishing for information The lawyer was fishing for evidence.
frown on/upon
1. косо смотреть, не одобрять
Society frowns upon such behaviour. My Grandfather has always frowned on spending money needlessly.
fall out with (inf)
1. поссориться, повздорить
They fell out with each other over what type of car to buy When did you last fall out with your husband?
fish out
1. выудить, выловить, вытащить
The ball's fallen into the pond, can you fish it out? The police fished a body out of the river this morning.
fudge on (inf)
1. увиливать (от ответа)
The owner is fudging on the question of an increase in wages. The board of directors has been fudging on the question of pay increases for the workers.
fall over/be falling over oneself (inf)
1. разбиться в лепешку, лезть из кожи вон; делать наперебой
Governments were falling over each other to win these valuable contracts. The idiots were all falling over themselves to buy his second-hand cars.
fit in
1. поместиться, влезть, встать
The shelf is too small. The big hooks won't fit in. I don't think this is the box that this toy came in, it won't fit in.
fall through (inf)
1. провалиться (о планах)
Our plans for a big picnic fell through. My plans to go to Greece fell through because the journey turned out to be much more expensive than I had expected.
fit in with
1. подходить, гармонировать, сочетаться
That modern picture doesn't lit in with the antique furniture His ideas didn't quite fit in with our aims. New members must fit in with the rest of the committee.
fall to
1. навалиться, наброситься (на еду, работу, противника); начинать
Find a spade and fall to, there's a lot of the garden to be dug. The hungry boys fell to before everyone sat down They took out their swords and fell to.
fix smb up with smb (Am inf)
1. сводить к-л с к-л (устраивать свидание)
They fixed up John with my cousin Jane. Say Joe, can you possibly fix me up with someone this weekend? I'm so terribly lonesome!
fawn on smb
1. подлизываться, выслуживаться
He fawns on his rich uncle, hoping to gain some of his money. It's no good fawning on the teacher, you have to earn good marks.
fix up
1. уладить (спор, разногласия)
You'd think they could fix up these small difficulties.
2. чинить, ремонтировать
They are busy fixing up their house. He was fixing up the flat, ready to move in.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.