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Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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dash off (inf)
1. настрочить, накропать, черкнуть
I'll just dash off a few letters before lunch. She bombarded the market with letters dashing off several each week.
2. опрометью броситься; поспешить прочь
Hе dashed off as though he was being chased. Excuse me, please, if I dash off now, I have a class in 5 minutes.
do without
1. обойтись без ч-л
In his business he can't do without a car. if you don't have cigarettes, you must simply do without. I could do without your sarcastic comments.
drop off (inf)
1. вырубиться (уснуть)
I had just dropped off when the telephone rang. I was sitting in the armchair reading the newspaper when I dropped off.
dawn on/upon smb
1. осенить (понять), дойти до к-л
Richard couldn't find his bicycle, and after he had looked everywhere for it, it dawned on him that it had been stolen. Around noon it dawned upon me that I had never eaten breakfast.
dote on
1. души не чаять
This guy she's just married, he dotes on her. This foolish woman dotes on the young artist.
drop out (of)
1. бросить (школу, вуз, учебу); выбыть (из группы, команды, соревнования)
When Robert announced he was dropping out of college, his parents urged him to see a counselor. Many students have dropped out of our school on account of the economic depression. One of the runners has dropped out, so you'll be able to compete after all.
deal with smb (inf)
1. разобраться с к-л; наказать
Richard has caused us enough trouble. Just leave him to me - I'll deal with him. All those who opposed us have now been dealt with
double up
1. покатываться (со смеху), животики надорвать
His companion doubled up with laughter, holding his stomach. The play was so funny, we doubled up in our seats.
2. корчиться/согнуться от боли
Jim was hit by the baseball and doubled up with pain. We found Grandfather in his chair, doubled up with pain.
drop smb/smth off
1. высадить (из транспорта)
Ask the bus driver to drop you off at the racecourse. Drop me off at the corner, and I'll walk from there.
2. забросить (завезти по дороге, отдать)
Would you drop this dress off at the dry cleaner's for me? I can drop Daisy off on my way home. \ Bill dropped off the package at the office.
die away/down
1. замирать, затихать вдали, стихнуть(о звуке, ветре)
They waited till the sound of the guard's footsteps died away. She waited for the laughter to die down before continuing. The wind died down at last and all was quiet.
doze off
1. клевать носом, кемарить (вздремнуть, задремать)
I leant back against the sunny wall and dozed off. Did the Minister notice that I dozed off in the middle of his speech?
drum in/into
1. вбивать в голову, вдалбливать
Such expectations are drummed into every growing child. The speaker tried to drum in his point, but the crowd were not listening.
die for/be dying for smth/to do smth
1. гореть желанием, сгорать oт нетерпения
I'm dying for a drink They were all dying to go to Paris.
drag on/out
1. затягиваться, тянуться (до бесконечности), растягиваться (о времени)
The weeks dragged on, but no one ever came. The meeting dragged on all morning. The debate dragged out for two hours. The politician dragged his speech out for over an hour.
drum smb out (inf old-fash)
1. вышибить (выгнать, изгнать, исключить)
I shall have you drummed out of this school in utter disgrace They drummed him out of the club.
die out
1. перевестись, вывестись, вымереть, исчезнуть
The brontosaurus died out millions of years ago. Traditional grocers' shops are fast dying out.
drag up
1. ворошить (прошлое), вытаскивать на свет (вспоминать)
Many young Germans resent people continually dragging up their country's Nazi past. There was no need to drag up the time he spent in prison.
dry up
1. выдохнуться, иссякнуть, исчерпать себя
The new chairman attempted an important speech, but dried up immediately After two collections of short stories, his ability to write fiction dried up.
dig down (Am inf)
1. раскошелиться, платить из собственного кармана
Come on, you can afford to give us something, just dig down a little We've got to dig down deep to make the next payment
draw out
1. выудить, вытащить, вытянуть (информацию)
Johnny wouldn't tell us what really happened at school. We had to draw it out of him slowly. I was able to draw the story out of him by patient questioning.
2. растянуть (во времени)
Your speech is too short. Can't you draw it out a bit? This meal was drawn out over four hours.
3. расшевелить, разговорить
Mary is very quiet, try to draw her out at the party. The teacher was good at drawing out the children. Jimmy was bashful but Mrs Wilson drew him out by asking about baseball.
duck out
1. увильнуть, уклониться
Somehow or other Jack always manages to duck out of any hard work It's unlawful to try to duck out of paying taxes.
dig in/into (inf)
1. навалиться (на еду, работу); наброситься
John dug in and finished his homework very quickly When the bell rang, the kids all dug into their lunches. If we all dig in it'll be done before dark.
draw up
1. подъехать и остановиться; при тормозить
I sat drinking my coffee when there was a screaming of brakes and a lorry drew up sharply at the kerb. Г A big black car drew up in front of the house.
dummy up (Am)
1. ни гу-гу; словно воды в рот набрать (молчать)
I dummied up, and I believe the police approved of this.
dig up (inf)
1. вытащить на свет, откопать, раскопать
Where did you dig up that old gas mask? We dug up a lot of information about the town from the newspaper articles.
dredge up
1. откопать, раскопать, выкопать; докопаться (об информации), вытаскивать на свет
Please, don't dredge up the sad facts of his past. Let's not dredge up that old quarrel!
dwell on
1. распространяться, разглагольствовать
His speech was too long. He dwelt too much on the school's achievements. The teacher was always dwelling on the boy's failure.
dip into
1. залезть (в сбережения)
Не will be compelled to dip into capital to maintain his standard of living. I'll have to dip into my savings.
dress down
1. отчитать, отругать
The Foreign Minister was dressed down in public. The director dressed Jim down for being late again.
dish out, dish it out (inf)
1. лезть (с советами); выговаривать (ругать)
Aunt Mabel likes to dish out advice to young people, whether they want it or not. Jim likes to dish it out, but he hates to take it.
dress up
1. нарядить(ся), вырядиться, разодеться в пух и прах Mary was dressed up for the party. Billy hated being dressed up and took off his best suit as soon as he got home from church.
нарядить (украсить); оживить We shall dress the room up for Christmas. A fresh coat of paint will dress up the old bicycle very much.
do away with
1. упразднить, отменить, покончить с ч-л
The headmaster thinks school uniform should be done away with. You cannot do away with violence by using violence.
drink in
1. упиваться; жадно впитывать в себя (впечатления, информацию)
Не stood still, drinking in the beauty of the countryside. The tourists stood on the beach drinking in the wonderful Hawaiian sunset. The students sat round their teacher, drinking in his words of wisdom.
do for (inf)
1. пойти на ч-л, пригодиться
Don't throw that old shirt away. I'll cut it up and it will do for cleaning rags. A bicycle will do for getting around until we can afford a car.
2. присматривать, заботиться; вести хозяйство
They decided to hire a housekeeper to do for grandmother. Agnes did for us for thirteen years before retiring.
3. загубить, испортить; пришить, прикончить
I'm afraid these gloves are not worth repairing, they're done for. He swore he'd do for the cop when he got out of jail.
drive/be driving at
1. намекать, клонить к ч-л
I don't know what he was driving at, but it sounded rude. David doesn't explain things very well, but I think I know what he's driving at.
do in (very inf)
1. пришить, замочить, укокошить (убить)
They had decided to do their victim in. Be careful! The poor man was done in by two gangsters who ran away after the crime.
2. измотать(ся), измучить(ся)
Running errands all day did me in. The boys were done in after their long hike.
3. надуть, обмануть, провести
Mr Jones was done in by two men who claimed to be collecting money for orphans and widows. His so- called friends really did him in.
drone on
1. бубнить (говорить невнятно)
I remember him droning on about how important it was to study literature. The President droned on, not daring to look at the cameras.
do with (inf)
1. не помешало бы; не повредило бы (довольствоваться, ограничиваться ч-л)
I'm hot and tired. I could do with a nice cool drink. I think we could all do with a good night's sleep.
drop by/in/over/round
1. заскочить к к-л
Do drop by when you're in the area. We'd love to drop over but we haven't time on this trip.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.