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call by/in
1. забежать, заглянуть, заскочить (в гости)
Don't gо out. Jeffs calling by this evening. I'll call in at the video shop on the way to the post office. Please, call in any time you're in town. I'll be glad to see you. When you are next in town, do call by.
chat up (inf)
1. приставать, клеиться к к-л (пытаться познакомиться)
When I arrived at the disco, Julia was being chatted up by a man of at least forty. The last I saw of her she was being chatted up by this bloke.
club together
1. сброситься, скинуться (о деньгах)
We all clubbed together to buy her a present when she retired. The family clubbed together to buy the car.
come off/on , come off it! (inf)
1. перестать (хвастать, преувеличивать, шутить и т.д.), бросить
Come off, Bruce! You caught five fish, not fifty! Oh, come off it! You're no smarter than they are! Ask him to cook the meal. Come on, he can hardly boil an egg! Oh, come on Teresa, you made the same excuse last week!
cover (up) for (Am inf)
1. заменять, замещать
Mary was asked to cover for Joe while he was on jury duty Dr Johnson's partner agreed to cover for him during his vacation.
2. покрывать, прикрывать к-л; скрывать ч-л, утаивать, замалчивать
I covered up for my friend when her mother called to find out where she was. He alleged that the President knew about Watergate and tried to cover it up.
call off
1. отменить
If it rains the tennis match will have to be called off. When the ice became soft and sloppy, we had to call off the ice- skating party.
cheer up
1. приободрить(ся), подбодрить, поднять дух/настроение
Mary was depressed, so I took her to see a comic film and she soon cheered up. Her friend tried to cheer her up, telling her she wasn't missing much.
clue in (on) (inf)
1. ввести в курс дела; просветить (поставить в известность)
Could you clue me in on what happened at our last Board meeting? It's time somebody clued us in on what's happening.
come out
1. выйти наружу, обнаружиться (о правде, фактах), выясниться, оказаться
All the facts came out after his death. I It came out that the more money you make the less tax you are likely to pay.
cozy up (Am inf)
1. подлизываться
I saw you cozying up to the new student, is he friendly? John is cozying up to Henry so he can join the club.
call smb down (Am inf)
1. отчитать, пропесочить, устроить выволочку/разнос (отругать)
My supervisor called me down for being habitually late. The conductor called her down for playing out of tune.
chew out (Am inf)
1. отчитать, устроить разнос/головомойку, снять стружку
The director chewed Jim out for being late again. Dad will chew you out for taking the car without permission.
cluster around
1. сгрудиться/сбиться вокруг
He watched the happy parents cluster around their darling sons. The children clustered around the teacher to hear the story.
come round
1. заглянуть (в гости)
Would you like to come round tomorrow evening? I could come round this evening if you like.
crack up (inf)
1. надорваться; сломаться; тронуться (умом)
Peter cracked up and was unable to work for a year. He had kept too busy for years, and when failures came, he cracked up.
2. лопаться от смеха, животики надорвать
Mary cracked up when Jim walked in wearing his funny clothes. When I told her about everything that had happened, she just cracked up.
3. расписывать(преувеличивать достоинства)
His abilities are not what they were cracked up to be. In bad weather, a sailing cruise isn't what it's cracked up to be.
call up
1. призывать в армию
In countries where there is conscription men are called up at the age of 18. He was called up for active duty.
chew over
1. взвесить все «за» и «против»
I'll need some time to chew the matter over before I can give you an answer. In discussion we chew over problems and work out possible solutions.
cock smth up (sl very inf)
1. запороть (испортить)
Don't ask Jim to organize anything! He's had no experience and he'll cock it all up for you We don't want to cock the whole thing up.
come to/round
1. прийти в себя, очнуться
He came to when his friend threw a bucket of water over him. She fainted but quickly came to. That's about all I remember, until I came round in a lifeboat.
crawl with
1. кишмя кишеть; наводнить
The city center is crawling with armed police.
carry away
1. захватить, увлечь
The music carried her away. She was carried away by the man's charm.
chicken out
1. пойти на попятный, струсить; выйти из игры
Не didn't want to look as if he was chickening out. In the end I chickened out and took the easier route down the mountains.
coin it in (inf)
1. загребать, зашибать, зарабатывать (бешеные деньги)
Sheila has really been coining it in since she opened up her newspaper stand. Jim's working in the North Sea oil business, and he's coining it in.
come up
1. попасться, подвернуться (о работе)
Mary's been hoping to find work through the Job Centre, but nothing suitable has come up yet. When I applied here, I didn't know this post in Oxford would come up.
2. всплыть, возникнуть (о вопросе, имени, деле)
His name came up at a buffet lunch. Egyptian art came up as a topic. This question never came up.
3. стрястись, случиться, возникнуть
I'm sorry I couldn't go with you last night, but something came up. You can phone Steve if a problem comes up with your computer.
crop up (inf)
1. стрястись, случиться; появиться, возникнуть
I can come now, unless any other problems crop up. Serious trouble cropped up just when Martin thought the problem of his college education was solved.
carry off
1. справляться, удаваться
It was a daring attempt but he carried it off. It was a difficult situation, but he managed to carry it off gracefully.
chill out (Am inf)
1. оттянуться, расслабиться
After a hard day at the office Jennifer liked nothing better than to chill out at home in front of the TV. Don't let it bother you - just chill out.
come about
1. возникнуть, произойти, случиться
The company director admitted that he had no idea how the mistake came about. The discovery came about while scientists were working on a different project.
come up against
1. столкнуться, встретиться
When she started her career, she came up against racism and prejudice. The first time I did this I came up against an unforeseen problem.
cross up (Am inf)
1. надуть; предать, заложить, подставить
Jack crossed up his buddies and told the police they had broken in. You really crossed me up when you told Tom what I had said.
carry on (Am inf)
1. крутить роман
I She accused her friend of carrying on with her husband. The director and his secretary have been carrying on.
2. вести (разговор, дело)
The men were carrying on a conversation. The baker has carried on business here for years.
3. валять дурака, дурачиться, шумно веселиться
The boys carried on in the swimming pool until the lifeguard ordered them out. The children have been carrying on all day.
chime in
1. поддакнуть, согласиться
Bob chimed in to challenge my views on marriage. When Mary agreed, her sister chimed in that she'd join her. "I agree 100%," Martin chimed in.
come across
1. наткнуться
I came across several interesting facts about Mexico in that book. I came across my Grandfather's picture as I rummaged through an old trunk in the attic.
2. донести смысл/идею (быть понятным)
Her speech was carefully prepared, but it didn't come across very well. Do you think this idea came across in the play?
3. производить/создавать впечатление
He wasn't coming across as the idiot I had expected him to be. During the interview she came across as efficient and decisive.
conk out (inf)
1. вырубиться, выйти из строя (о механизме)
One of the plane's engines conked out over Lima. The washing machine has finally conked out.
2. отдать концы (умереть)
The caravan trail was littered with the bones of camels that had conked out. He's paranoid about conking out and he's only twenty!
cry (out) for
1. остро нуждаться, требовать(ся)
It has not rained for two weeks and the garden is crying for it. The school is crying out for good teachers.
carry out
1. выполнить; проводить(ся); осуществить
The gunmen carried out their threat and shot the man. Every possible test was carried out to decide the nature of her illness.
chip in on smth (Am)
1. сброситься, скинуться (о деньгах)
Could you chip in a dollar on the gift, please? Would you care to chip in on a gift for the teacher?
come around/round (inf)
1. изменить мнение или убеждение; согласиться с чужой точкой зрения
Тоm came round when Dick told him the whole story. Don't worry about the chairman, he'll soon come around to our opinion.
cook up (inf)
1. состряпать, наплести, придумать
I had to cook up an excuse for being late to work this morning. The boys cooked up an excuse to explain their absence from school.
cue in (on) (Am inf)
1. просветить, посвятить во ч-л
Let's not forget to cue in Joe on what has been happening. She said she'd cue us in on their summer plans.
cash in on smth (inf)
1. нагревать руки, наживаться; воспользоваться случаем
Cashing in on other people's inequality seems unfair and dishonest Mr Brown cashed in on people's great interest in camping and sold three hundred tents.
clam up
1. замкнуться, уйти в себя
We had a row, and I clammed up and said nothing for a complete half hour. Whenever she asks her teenager about his activities, he clams up.
come by
1. приобрести, заполучить
How did you come by that rare stamp? Good jobs were hard to come by.
cool off
1. остыть (о чувствах, энтузиазме); успокоиться, прийти в себя
Is Bob still in love with Jane? - No, he's cooled off a lot. He seems to have cooled off on the negotiation idea. Jeff's furious. Just give him a few minutes to cool off.
curl smb up (Am sl)
1. прикончить, убить
The sheriff said he'd curl up that outlaw.
catch on (inf)
1. уловить смысл, дойти до к-л, понять
They finally caught on to our game. Since she doesn't understand English well, she didn't catch on to any of the jokes we told.
2. привиться, распространиться, приобрести популярность
In the States, the idea of a lunch-break work-out at a fitness club soon caught on. Ballroom dancing caught on.
clamp down (on) (inf)
1. пресечь, положить конец
The company was clamping down on expenses like business lunches. The school clamped down on smoking.
come down to
1. сводиться к ч-л
The whole matter comes down to a power struggle between the trade union and the directors. It all comes down to a matter of who was first in line.
cotton on (to) (Am inf)
1. уловить (смысл), дойти (понять)
She didn't really cotton on to what I was saying. At long last he has cottoned on to the fact that I'm not interested in him!
cut down (on)
1. урезать(ограничить, сократить)
Jim has cut down his daily calorie intake by half. The doctor advised Father to cut down on smoking.
catch up on/with
1. наверстать, нагнать
It's a 14- hour flight, so it will give me a chance to catch up with my reading. After two months away from home, there's a lot of local news to catch up on.
clean out (inf)
1. оставить без копейки/без гроша
If I have to buy a new car, it will clean me out completely. I'm cleaned out after last night's heavy spending.
2. обчистить (ограбить)
I've got no more money - they cleaned me out. The thieves cleaned out the store. Thomas thought idly of cleaning out the cash register.
3. разобрать (выкинуть лишнее)
I want you to clean out that closet so that we can store these things here. It's time you cleaned out the drawers of your desk.
come down with
1. свалиться (заболеть)
She came down with pneumonia. The whole family came down with the flu.
cotton to
1. льнуть; ладить; понравиться
The children cottoned to each other as soon as they met. His dog doesn't cotton to strangers. The chairman didn't cotton to your suggestion; you'd better try your idea elsewhere.
cut in
1. перебить, вмешаться, прервать, встрять
We were talking quietly when she cut in. I was enjoying the dance until that rude man cut in.
catch up with smb
1. сказываться на к-л, давать о себе знать
Charles looks continually worn out. I think his hectic life-style is beginning to catch up with him. Smoking will catch up with him.
clean up
1. сорвать куш
We had fantastic luck at the races and really cleaned up. The brothers cleaned up a profit in the property market.
come from
1. происходить, быть родом из
Where do you come from? - India. What country do you come from?
cough up (sl)
1. отстегнуть, раскошелиться (неохотно выложить деньги)
It's your turn to buy the drinks - come on, cough up! Her husband coughed up the money for the party with a good deal of grumbling.
cut off
1. отключить, перекрыть (связь, газ и т.д.)
The Company has cut off our electricity supply because we haven't paid our bill. Their phone was cut off when they didn't pay the bill.
cave in (inf)
1. выбросить белый флаг, сдаться;
уступить давлению
2. The Transport Department has caved in to pressure from environmental groups and abandoned plans for the new motorway. The children begged their father to take them to the circus until he caved in. After the atomic bomb, Japan caved in and the war ceased.
clear out (inf)
1. сбежать от к-л, сматываться, смываться
Monica cleared out with the kids. She was fed up with Clive's violence. I woke one night around midnight and decided to clear out.
come in
1. входить в моду
Pleated skirts are coming in again this season. Swimming trunks for men came in after World War ; before that men used full swim suits.
2. играть роль (участвовать); касаться к-л
The plan sounded just fine, but where do I come in? This is where you come in. We want you to help us rob the bank.
count against smb
1. отразиться на к-л, отрицательно сказаться, быть минусом/не в пользу
His lack of practice counted against him in the tennis tournament. I hope it won't count against me.
cut out
1. бросить (делать ч-л), прекратить; отказаться от ч-л
I wish I could cut out smoking. I wish she would cut out that stupid behaviour. The doctor told my husband to cut out meat from his food.
chance upon/on
1. наткнуться (случайно увидеть, найти) .
Walking up a side street, I chanced upon this interesting antique shop. Andrew chanced on his karate teacher in the health-food store.
clear up
1. разгуляться (о погоде)
I'm going back till this weather clears up. After the storm, it cleared up very quickly.
come in for
1. навлекать на себя; заслуживать
The minister has come in for a lot of criticism over his handling of the affair. I Our department came in for particular praise in the report.
count in
1. включать (в список); присоединяться
Shall we count you in on the plan? When the city declares its population numbers, does it count in farmers in outer areas?
cut up (inf)
1. разнести в пух и прах (раскритиковать)
Her performance was badly cut up in the next day's newspapers. I don't trust a person who flatters people to their faces but cuts them up behind their backs.
2. беситься, дурачиться; паясничать
At the party Jim and Ron were cutting up and broke a chair. On the last night of camp the children usually cut up. John would always cut up if there were any girls watching.
chase up
1. разыскать
You'd better chase those addresses up tomorrow. Someone else is in charge of chasing up the missing books.
click with (inf)
1. дойти до к-л (понять, сообразить, осознать)
Her jokes clicked with us and we all laughed.
2. найти отклик
That film has really clicked with the young people - they're all going to see it.
come off
1. выгореть (удаваться)
I'm afraid that scheme of yours won't come off. It needs more capital than you have available I hope this business comes off all right.
2. оторваться, отвалиться
He tugged at the metal handle and it came off in his hand. This button has come off my coat.
count on smb/smth
1. полагаться, рассчитывать на к-л/ ч-л
We're counting on completing the research by Christmas. You can always count on Kent to be punctual.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.