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back down (on)
1. пойти на уступки, сдаться, отказаться
The speaker's forceful words persuaded his opponents to back down. Don't back down on what you asked at the beginning of the negotiations.
be down on smb/smth (inf)
1. разнести (раскритиковать); придираться, бранить
The critics are very down on Stevenson's new book, but I like it. J The teacher is always down on the slower students.
be up against it
1. столкнуться с большими трудностями .
The Welsh rugby team will really be up against it when they take on France next week.
blow up (inf)
1. вспылить, взорваться, выйти из себя
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to blow up at you in that way. He blows up every time he sees me. Mother will blow up at you when she finds her best dishes broken.
2. раздувать (преувеличивать значимость)
Тоm has a tendency to blow up his own role in the affair. It was a small thing to happen but the newspapers had blown it up until it seemed important.
3. увеличить фотографию
He blew up the snapshot to a larger size.
break off
1. порвать, разорвать (отношения)
Men seem to be more skilled at breaking off relationships with women. Mary broke off her engagement to Rob.
back out
1. выйти из игры, пойти на попятный , уклоняться
Не agreed to help but backed out when he found how difficult it was. At the last moment John backed out and refused to go with us. I've already signed a lease for my appointment, but I wish I could back out of it.
2. дать задний ход (выехать задом)
When wedged between two cars, it is difficult to back out. Bob slowly backed his car out of the garage.
be fed up with smb/smth (inf)
1. сыт по горло
I should think they are getting pretty fed up with him by now. He was fed up with her excuses.
be up to smth
1. затевать, замышлять .
It's very quiet. I bet little Jimmy's up to some mischief again! Where are you going? Are you up to something?
blurt out
1. ляпнуть, проболтаться, выболтать, выпалить
Peter blurted out the news before he considered its effect. Before his mother could make him shut up, little Bobby blurted out a family secret.
break out
1. вспыхнуть (начаться), разразиться (о войне, эпидемии, скандале и т.д.)
Fighting has broken out again on the border. Fire broke out in the hospital last night. This row broke out on the eve of the Congress.
2. сбежать (из заключения)
The police are looking for two men who broke out of prison last night. He broke out of prison but was soon apprehended.
back smb up
1. поддерживать
I'd never complain to the boss unless I was sure my colleagues would back me up. Will you back me up when I tell the story to the police?
be gone on smb/smth (sl)
1. помешаться, с ума сходить
She was rely gone on that man. Why are young people so gone on that loud pop music?
be well up on/in smth
1. подкованный (хорошо знать предмет)
I'm not very well up on ancient Greek history. Ask Dr White, he's well up in children's diseases.
bog down
1. увязнуть, застрять
The talks with the men bogged down on the question of working hours. The negotiations have bogged down again.
break through
1. совершить прорыв, добиться успеха
Scientists think they have broken through in their attempt to find the causes of many major diseases. Dr Salk failed many times but he finally broke through to find a successful polio vaccine.
back up
1. дать назад/задний ход (въехать задом)
If you want to get your car in that tight space, you'll have to back it up some more. He told her to back up into the garage.
be hung up (on) (inf)
1. зациклиться (помешаться, иметь навязчивую идею)
For years the FBI was hung up on communist spies. The girl is really hung up on that musician.
be with
1. понимать о чем речь, следовать за мыслью
"Are you still with me?" asked the chairman, half-way through his speech. - "I was with you as far as your last point, then I got confused." I Would you repeat that please? I'm not with you.
2. целиком и полностью «за», соглашаться; поддерживать
As for introducing flextime in our department, Mr Brown, I'm with you! We're all with you one hundred per cent!
boil down to smth
1. свести, сводиться к ч-л (упростить и сократить)
The whole issue boils down to the same old problem - how to fight inflation without lowering the standard of living. You can boil the long story down to a few sentences and it still has the same meaning.
break up (inf)
1. ломать, разрушать
Divorce breaks up a lot of families. Their marriage is breaking up.
2. закрыться на каникулы (об учебных заведениях)
When do we break up for the summer holidays? We're lucky, we break up quite early.
3. закончить(ся), прекратить(ся)
People started to leave at 11 o'clock and the party finally broke up at midnight. Some men kept interrupting the speakers, and finally broke up the meeting.
bang out (inf)
1. тарабанить, бренчать (на рояле); нашлепать (напечатать на машинке )
Не was banging out 'Au Clair de la Lune' for all he was worth. The accompanist banged out the melody on the piano. I managed to bang a few pages out last night.
be in for
1. надвигаться (о нежелательных событиях); несдобровать
It looks as if we're in for a storm. We saw Father looking angrily out of the broken window, and we knew we were in for it.
bear up
1. держаться (справляться с горем/трудностями)
How's Mrs Jones bearing up after her husband's tragic death? Jane found it hard to bear up the strain of her father's illness.
boil over (inf)
1. убегать (о жидкости)
The soup's boiling over. Take the milk off the heat before it boils over.
2. вскипеть, кипятиться, сердиться
The mere mention of a tax increase will make Kevin boil over. The trade union chief boiled over when the men voted against him.
break with
1. порвать с к-л
He broke completely with his son when he found out that he was taking drugs. When he became rich, he broke with his former friends.
bang up (inf)
1. посадить в тюрьму
He was banged up for 16 years for a murder that he didn't commit.
be in on (inf)
1. быть посвященным/в курсе; участвовать
Who's in on the plan apart from you and me? Is she in on our secret?
beaver away
1. пахать, вкалывать, корпеть
He beavers away, putting up one house after another. Lucy has been beavering away at her studies all afternoon.
bolt down
1. заглотить (о еде)
He bolted down his lunch and rushed off to the airport. If you bolt your dinner down like that you'll get indigestion!
breeze in
1. впорхнуть (легкой походкой)
She just breezed in, as if nothing had happened. She breezed in, two hours late.
bank on smb/smth
1. ставить (рассчитывать на к-л/ч-л)
Bill is banking on Jane to lend him the money he needs. L Green Cross is clearly banking on these advantages to outweigh the drawbacks.
be (well) in with smb (inf)
1. быть на «ты»/на короткой ноге с к-л; тесно связаны
Janet always makes sure she's in with the most influential people at the sailing club. I think the local police are in with the criminals.
beef up (inf)
1. оживить, разбавить, сдобрить, приправить (сделать более интересным)
It's a good lecture, but I suggest you beef it up a bit with a few jokes, humorous comments, personal experiences, etc. They had beefed up the early evening news programme.
2. улучшить, укрепить
We need new young soldiers to beef up the army. The university beefed up the football coaching staff by adding several good men.
bone up (on) (inf)
1. корпеть, зубрить
I'll have to bone up on my Spanish if I'm to pass the language requirements. Carl was boning up for an examination.
breeze out
1. выпорхнуть
She breezed out of the bathroom, whistling loudly.
bargain for/on
1. рассчитывать, ожидать
The strength of the opposition was rather more than she'd bargained for. When Sheila offered to look after the neighbour's four children, she got more than she had bargained for.
be keyed up
1. быть на взводе/на нервах/ взвинченным
We can't delay the race too long, the competitors are all keyed up. His anger surprised him: he was more keyed up than he had anticipated.
been around
1. повидать жизнь, знать что почем
This strategy won't fool Bill; he's been around. "You've been around, despite the schoolgirl get- up," he said. - "I've been around," Helen said.
bore into
1. сверлить (глазами), буравить (взглядом)
Vorster's eyes bored into me. He said, "We are at war. You cannot afford to refuse." He's got this cold stare that seems to bore into you.
bring about
1. причинить; вызвать, привести к ч-л
The accident was brought about by John's carelessness. The heavy spring rains brought about the flood. What brought about the quarrel?
barge in/into (inf)
1. перебивать, прерывать беседу, вмешиваться в разговор
I'm sorry for barging in while you two are having a discussion, but could you please tell me where the nearest exit is. Renate spoke stiffly to her when she barged into these conversations.
2. нагрянуть, ввалиться, заявиться (без приглашения)
I'm sorry for barging in like that, Sir, but my car broke down and there is no pay phone anywhere. I Most women would have come barging into the kitchen with ironic or unhelpful suggestions.
be laid up
1. свалиться, заболеть
We are working with a skeleton staff at the moment as most our employees are laid up with influenza. The gentleman had been laid up for five days with a bad cold.
belt out (Am inf)
1. распевать во все горло, драть глотку, наяривать (громко петь или играть)
She was belting out 'My Way' at the top of her voice. He belted out the national anthem before every game.
2. вырубить; избить; прикончить
The police officer was accused of belting out the teenager before taking him to the station. The hold-up man belted out the storekeeper and fled with the money.
boss smb around
1. командовать, распоряжаться, помыкать
David complained that his older sister was always bossing him around. "If you keep bossing me around, darling," Tom said to Jane, "the days of our relationship are surely numbered."
bring back
1. вернуть, возвратить
You can borrow my car if you promise to bring it back tomorrow. I brought the book back to the library yesterday.
bark out
1. рявкнуть (громко выкрикнуть)
Billy Fry stood on the bridge, barking out orders through a megaphone. The policeman barked out a warning as the gunmen appeared.
be mixed up in smth
1. замешанный, впутанный, втянутый во ч-л
How many more people were mixed up in the shameful harbour matter? Are you going to get mixed up in this gang war the papers are talking about?
black out
1. вырубиться (потерять сознание)
I was able, before blacking out, to note that he had a gun. I couldn't remember a single note of music; I blacked out completely.
bottle out
1. пойти на попятный, струсить
She'll bottle out when she sees the other competitors. She was going to do a parachute jump but bottled out at the last minute.
bring down (inf)
1. приводить в уныние, портить настроение
The funeral brought me down completely. Whatever he said seemed to bring Sally down.
2. осадить, поставить на место, одернуть
John brought Ted down very cleverly with his remarks.
3. свергнуть, вызвать крах, сместить
A national strike would bring the government down. I At the next vote, we must try to bring down the government.
4. снизить, сократить, уменьшить
Shopkeepers have been asked to bring down their prices. The government is trying to bring down inflation.
bawl out (inf)
1. пропесочить, отчихвостить, отчитать
Just for my benefit he bawled out a junior clerk. J Her teacher was always bawling out the class for not paying attention.
be put out
1. расстроенный, огорченный, подавленный
She was very put out when I said that her new summer dress didn't suit her. "So," asked von Amsburg, obviously put out by the general's answer.
blow away/off
1. унести, сорвать, сдуть (ветром)
I'm afraid the wind may blow away the tent. The sails were blown away. J The roof of the house was blown off during the storm. The wind blew my scarf off.
bottle up (inf)
1. сдерживать, скрывать, подавлять (чувства)
Tell him exactly how unjust you think it all is. Let him know your feelings. Don't bottle them up. Bottling up your anger leads to trouble.
bring forward
1. перенести (на более ранний срок)
Ask him to bring the meeting forward to eight о'clock. The election will be brought forward to June as so many people are on holiday.
2. выдвинуть (предложение, план)
The Government had invited us to bring forward proposals for the expansion of Stansted airport. A plan was brought forward to allow workers to share in the profits.
be after smth
1. метить, нацелиться на ч-л
Jack's after a promotion to head of department. Jim visits his old uncle every week. He may be after the old man's money.
be run down
1. измочаленный, измученный, изможденный; как выжатый лимон
After writing that report, I felt rather run down. In spite of my holiday in the sun, I've been run down recently.
blow down
1. повалить, свалить (ветром)
The wind blew down the fence. The hurricane blew down a tree.
bounce back
1. оклематься, оправиться от удара, прийти в норму, воспрянуть духом
Don't worry about Matthew. He's been bankrupt twice before and he always bounces back. Small children often catch diseases, but they soon bounce back.
bring off (inf)
1. провернуть (успешно завершить); справиться, удаваться
Jim's plan seemed hopeless but he brought it off. We managed to bring off a wonderful performance. The Ghost is the hardest thing to bring off in "Hamlet".
be at smb (inf)
1. цепляться, приставать; стараться убедить
Jill wants her husband to stop smoking. He says she's continually at him. She's always at the children for one thing or another.
be soaked through
1. промокнуть до костей/до ниточки/насквозь
The children came soaked through, so we put them in hot bath. She fell in the stream and was soaked through.
blow off (Am sl)
1. наплевать (не уделять внимания); игнорировать
"If you blow off your homework, you're bound to run into trouble at the exam. He would have been selected as a finalist if he hadn't blown off the interview.
break away
1. оторваться (от занятия), прекратить, перестать
Television has a hypnotic effect on him. Once he starts watching TV, he finds it hard to break away from it. \ She broke away from work long enough to go out for lunch.
2. вырваться
Two police officers tried to restrain him, but he broke away and ran into a nearby house.
bring on
1. вызвать, повлечь за собой, приводить к ч-л
I often get bad headaches. I think it's concentrated reading over long periods that brings them on. The journey had already brought on a severe attack of angina.
be cut up (inf)
1. задетый, уязвленный, огорченный
She's really cut up about getting a D in Maths. John was badly cut up when Susie gave him back his ring.
be stuck-up (inf)
1. задаваться, заносчиво держаться
Mary is very stuck-up, and will not speak to the poor children in her class.
blow off (steam)
1. разрядиться, дать выход чувствам; снять стресс .
Joan's shouting did not mean she was angry with you; she was just blowing off. After spending the day on very exacting work, Tom blew off steam by going for a long run.
break down
1. сломать(ся) (морально); сломить
He was afraid he was going to break down and cry. The police tried to break down the prisoner's opposition.
2. взломать, сломать
They broke down the door and entered the room. The old cars were broken down for their metal and parts.
bring out
1. выпускать (о продукции); ставить (пьесу); издавать (книги)
Most of the automobile companies bring out new models of their cars each year. I The makers are bringing out a new kind of soap. He brought out a new play. Tom has brought out another new book.
be done for
1. конец, крышка
If his battery fails, he's done for. The nation is done for now that this party is in power.
be up
1. истечь (о времени)
We hired a boat for an hour and when the time was up, we returned it. Hand in your papers, your time is up.
blow out
1. сесть, спустить (о шине)
On our trip to Florida one of our tires blew out. This tire is about to blow out.
break in
1. разносить (обувь); обкатать (машину); объезжать (лошадь)
These new shoes are hurting me. I'll be glad when they are broken in. It's better to break in a new car slowly by driving at moderate speeds for the first 500 miles.
2. вломиться, ворваться, проникнуть
The thieves broke in through the back door. The alarm went off as soon as they tried to break into the house.
3. встревать в разговор, прерывать к-л
At the meetings Ray always breaks in with some trivial matter and holds up the proceedings. "Tom," Maggi broke in anxiously. "Do we have to leave tomorrow?"
bring round/to
1. привести в чувство/в себя
A passenger fainted but the stewardess brought him round. This medicine will surely bring him to.
2. навести на разговор/тему
She managed to bring him round to the question of price. I gently tried to bring the discussion round to the subject of his divorce.
Сокращения используемые в таблице
adj adjective Am American derog derogatory fig figuratively Fr French inf informal
n noun smb sumebody v verb
adv adverb attr attributive esp especially folk folksy humor humorously Lat Latin old-fash old-fashioned smth something к-л кто-либо, кого-либо. кому-либо
affect affectionalel bibl biblical
facet facetiously form formal imper imperative lit literary
sl slang usu usually ч-л что либо, чего-либо, чему-либо
Шитова Л.Ф.,Брускина Т.Л. English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.Англо-русский словарь идиом и фразовых глаголов -3-е издание. 2005.-256с.