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Сейчас представлены тексты на тему «Сказки»(Fairy tales), например такие известные как
Cinderilla; or, the little glass slipper, Little red riding-hood, Rapunzel и много других.
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Native American folktales

Native American folktales Back when the first explorers visited the lands of present US, they found large tribal communities of native peoples. The Native Americans have their own unique perception of our world and how and why things came to be. The collection of Native American folktales consists of three books with 71 folktales.

The Indian Fairy Book

Notes:From the Original Legends
Contains 26 Native American folktales
Author: Cornelius Mathews
Published: 1869
Publisher: Allen Brothers, New York

1. The Celestial Sisters
2. The Boy who Set a Snare for the Sun
3. Strong Desire and the Red Sorcerer
4. The Wonderful Exploits of Grasshopper
5. The Two Jeebi
6. Osseo, the Son of the Evening Star
7. Gray Eagle and his Five Brothers
8. The Toad-Woman
9. The Origin of the Robin
10. White Feather and the Six Giants
11. Sheem, the Forsaken Boy
12. The Magic Bundle
13. The Red Swan
14. The Man with his Leg Tied Up
15. The Little Spirit or Boy-Man
16. The Enchanted Moccasins
17. He of the Little Shell
18. Manabozho, the Mischief-Maker
19. Leelinau, the Lost Daughte
20. The Winter Spirit and his Visitor
21. The Fire-Plume
22. Weendigoes and the Bone-Dwarf
23. The Bird Lover
24. Bokwewa the Humpback
25. The Crane that Crossed the River
26. Wunzh, the Father of Indian Corn

A Treasury of Eskimo Tales

Notes: Contains 31 folktales gathered from the Eskimo living in North America.
Author: Clara Kern Bayliss
Published: 1922
Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, USA

0. Preface

1. The Baby Eskimo

2. Kiviung

3. The Giant

4. Kalopaling

5. The Woman Magician

6. The Bird Wife

7. The Spirit of the Singing House

8. The Tornit

9. The Flight to the Moon

10. What the Man in the Moon Did

11. The Guest

12. The Origin of the Narwhal

13. What the Eskimo Believes

14. The First Man

15. The First Woman

16. Other Men

17. Man's First Grief

18. Up to the Top of the Sky, and Down to the Bottom of the Sea

19. Taking Away the Sun

20. The Dwarf People

21. What Happened to the Lone Woman of St. Michael

22. Why the Moon Waxes and Wanes

23. Chunks of Daylight

24. The Red Bear

25. The Last of the Thunderbirds

26. Raven Makes an Ocean Voyage

27. The Red Skeleton

28. The Marmot and the Raven

29. Origin of the Winds

30. Raven and the Geese

31. Even a Grass Plant Can Become Someone if it Tries

Old Indian legends
Notes: Contains 14 Native American folktales
Author: Zitkala-Sa
Published: 1901
Publisher: Ginn and Company, Boston, London

1. Iktomi and the ducks

2. Iktomi's blanket

3. Iktomi and the muskrat

4. Iktomi and the coyote

5. Iktomi and the fawn

6. The badger and the bear

7. The tree-bound

8. Shooting of the red eagle

9. Iktomi and the turtle

10. Dance in a buffalo skull

11. The toad and the boy

12. Iya, the camp-eater

13. Manstin, the rabbit

14. The warlike seven